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    "How's the food?"

    "It's delicious, sir."

    "What's your sister's name?"

    Ha Gojun immediately became teary-eyed at the question.

    "It's Ha Goyeon, sir."

    "It means flying swallow. Quite a good name. Do you know anything regarding the whereabouts of your sister?"

    "I don't know anything, sir."

    That was the obvious answer.

    "I see. Moving that aside, why don't we talk about the payment for your loss?"

    "Payment, sir?"

    Kang Hyuk nodded at Ha Gojun's question before continuing to speak.

    "Those who were locked up back there were given payments for their losses. You're the only one left that hasn't obtained their payment."

    "T-that is not necessary, sir. As long as I find my sister, that's enough payment for me."


    Kang Hyuk then glared intently at Ha Gojun, with the latter whimpering without realizing

    "Just receive it when I say I'll give it to you. Don't make things more complicated, okay?"

    "Yes, sir."

    "I'm not sure if you've heard it already, but the payment method has already been decided. Everyone will take an equal portion of whatever they like from that building."

    "How big is the portion?"

    Kang Hyuk started gesturing with his hands as he answered the question.

    "It's about this big about two feet from each side, so I guess about this much?"

    "So do I have to go back there?"

    "That would've most likely been the case, but we already cleaned up the place, so I brought what I can here."

    Kang Hyuk then placed a white porcelain vase on the table.


    At once, Ha Gojun's eyes could not help but widen from shock

    "W-why is this here?"

    Ha Gojun reached over and carefully placed his hands on the white porcelain vase, which had no design on it.

    "What is it?"

    Ha Gojun then answered Kang Hyuk's question with a trembling voice.

    "This is my family treasure."

    "Is it?"

    Kang Hyuk pretended as if he did not know, but he already knew that the vase was the Munyun Ha family treasure.

    'There's no way I won't recognize that. Ha Dukyung bragged on and on about that damn vase!'

    This was a treasure that was given to Ha Dukyung by the Emperor himself.

    "If you look at the bottom here, there's the word 'Munyun' engraved on it. My grandfather was superbly trusted by his majesty, the Emperor. His majesty asked my grandfather about his concerns while he was studying, replying that the noise from the surroundings was the biggest problem for him."

    Ha Gojun further added.

    "Hearing that, his majesty gave my grandfather this vase, telling him that when this vase starts to show its special ability, the problem will disappear. And just like that, our family treasure was given to us."

    Kang Hyuk heard this story tens of times already, so he almost memorized it. At the very least, this white vase proved to be the key clue to many questions regarding this incident.

    'I was wondering why the noise from the gladiator ring could not be heard there's our answer.'

    This vase was an object that suppressed outside noise, activating when a flower was put into the vase.

    'But then they went so far to even create an office in the middle of the ring. Was it to put down that vase in that location?'

    This possibly meant that Yeom Jung specifically went for the vase, destroying the Munyun Ha Family in the process. The first time could be a coincidence, but if it happened the second time, it was surely not a coincidence.

    'Damn bastard.'

    Knowing more of it made Kang Hyuk seething with rage. At that moment, he decided to not kill the man too easily. Kang Hyuk remembered that through Byuk Aerin's questioning, they found out that Yeom Jung loved money. He ultimately started the gladiator business to earn more money.

    'He loves money to that extent, huh?'

    If so, then there was a method of punishment truly befitting in Kang Hyuk's mind. But first, he had to help this poor guy out of his misery. Kang Hyuk reached into his pocket and pulled out gold and silver nugget, giving it to Ha Gojun.

    "I figured that just that vase wouldn't be enough, so I brought these nuggets along."

    "I don't need any more payment, sir."

    "But you will need them if you want to find your sister."

    "I can just sell this vase to get some money."


    At that point, Kang Hyuk confirmed that this boy was set on his goal of finding his sister, not thinking about what he would do after that. Which meant

    'He's going to kill himself after he finds his sister.'

    There was no way Kang Hyuk would allow that. He promised Ha Gojun's grandfather to look after his family so that they will not falter.

    'It feels like I'm losing here, but I would rather help him than see Ha Dukyung haunt me in my dreams.'

    Kang Hyuk forced Ha Gojun's hands open to receive the gold and silver nuggets before talking to him.

    "Nevertheless, you still need to look into the future."

    Ha Gojun then held onto the nuggets and replied in a small voice.

    "Thank you, sir."

    Only after Ha Gojun replied did someone approach from outside the room.

    "Can we go in now?"

    "You can come in."

    The door opened and Shim Gu and Ji Myung entered. Ha Gojun became nervous at their appearance, while Ji Myung grinned as he looked at Ha Gojun.

    "Oh? Look who this is! Blood Ghost!"


    Ha Gojun's face instantly turned pale. Kang Hyuk sighed and turned to look at Ji Myung.

    "Mister, his name is not Blood Ghost. His name is Ha Gojun."

    Kang Hyuk looked like in his twenties, while Shim Gu and Ji Myung looked like they were in their eighties. That was the reason why Kang Hyuk politely spoke to them, but of course, he did not speak like that in his telepathic message.

    -If you ever call him by that nickname again, I'll whoop your ass.

    -S-sorry! Amidabuddha.

    Ji Myung however, turned to look at Ha Gojun with a confused look.

    -Hmm? Why are you looking at him like that?

    Ji Myung rubbed his bald head at Kang Hyuk's question and answered.

    -He looks somewhat familiar. I'm sure I saw him somewhere

    He then asked Kang Hyuk.

    -What was his name again?

    -It's Ha Gojun. The eldest son of Munyun Ha Family.

    -That's somewhat familiar too! Hmm Ha Gojun where did I


    Ji Myung then shouted out in exclamation.

    "Ha Goyeon! Ha Goyeon of Munyun Ha Family!"

    At once, Ha Gojun's eyes widened in surprise.

    "Bhante, do you know my sister?"

    "So Ha Goyeon was your sister? That little rascal is quite a bold"

    Ji Myung was about to blurt out what he thought but had to stop thanks to Kang Hyuk's glare.


    He then began explaining what had happened until now.