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    "Those old bags. Why are they taking interest in Academy all of the sudden?'

    At the moment he remembered something he had missed. It was an incident related to a recent attempt to exterminate those who left the field trip using a spy from Silver Bloods.

    The work was handled through Black Snake Clan, but the results were really bad.

    The Students returned safely. So Wujae, a spy from Silver Bloods, was caught and so was its sympathizer Hong Bae. They made Hong Bae blew himself up to deal a blow to the Hwachun Clan, but the damage was only a slight break in the building.

    And... ...

    'Black Snake Clan suddenly disappeared overnight. That's why getting the spirit being's core took a setback..'

    There was a reason why Black Snake Clan's work failed. Some Elders, masters of Superior Master Stage, were showing interest in Academy, so they couldn't have not noticed the strange thing going on.

    'But they're not just simply giving an interest in academy. There is something weird going on here. There must be something that made the Elders interested! In the meantime, it would be more reasonable to know what happened to Black Snake Clan naturally.'

    He clung tenaciously to this job, and eventually found something in common. It was Hwachun Academy's young Horticulture Teacher. The name Kang Hyuk made him flinch. Because it was the same name as Former Clan Leader who was nicknamed Invincible Martial God. But he was relieved after the man looked like in his early twenties.

    'It would simply be the same name.'

    Former Clan Leader Kang Hyuk was the most feared figure by his master, Blood Royal Clan Master. It was because of the former clan leader that his master was taking slow, but then Blood Royal Clan would begin immediately if Former Clan Leader died.

    Anyway, No Name was thought it to be the help of heaven. It was because Hwachun Academy was busy with an event called Spring Camp. He was going to take advantage of the bustle and infiltrate Academy. Others may find it hard, but he was a master of intelligence and assassination.

    That was nothing.

    It was night.

    He sneaked into Academy. Then he looked at the road he had patrolled in advance to break into. The main gate was too guarded, so he planned to invade through the mountain behind Yeonkyo Garden and the campground. The place he needed to look at was Yeonkyo Garden and Kang Hyuk's Residence, so it was just the right route. The mountain behind the camp was also guarded by a security guard, but the guard could not notice No Name. Soon after he arrived at Yeonkyo Garden, he crossed the fence with his sleek bodywork.

    The sound of his feet touching the floor was not heard. Rather, he felt something soft.

    'Is it because it's grass?'

    But even before he could finish thinking about it, he felt a bite from his ankle.

    'Uh-oh! What, what? What's going on?'

    The pain was not once. The constant pain rolled him out of the place.

    'Is that an ambush weapon?'

    He looked over his body and found something like a cat tooth mark.


    But seeing that whatever it was wasn't coming after him, it seemed as if all he had to do was get out of there. With his sleek bodywork, he headed to the warehouse where a weapon made by Ji Chulmook was supposedly stored in, which was the first destination he would infiltrate.

    At that moment, he felt a little vibration. He noticed it was the vibration when the Cell Trap was activated, but he was not sure. It was because he thought Cell Trap didn't make sense for Yeonkyo Garden, which was also used by the Student.


    There was something that caught his eye heading for Yeonkyo Garden's warehouse.

    It was a white flower planted in the flower bed.

    'N-no way? That white flower! Is that Ten Hundred Flower?'

    It was certain. Ten Hundred Flower said that eating the fruit increases the internal energy.

    And the red flower next to it was Ten Thousand Years Rose.

    'No way? Is Yeonkyo Garden where they raise Spiritual Herbs? Raising Spiritual Herbs! Even Sachun Tang Family failed to do so, but they are doing it here?'

    The more he looked, the more beautiful Ten Hundred Flower and Ten Thousand Years Rose were. It was because of the more mysterious glow on the moon night.

    'I should bring one Ten Thousand Years Rose to Master.'

    He reached out and beat Ten Thousand Years Rose. At that moment, Ten Thousand Years Rose in his hand faded away like smoke.

    'Hey, what's going on here?

    He was surprised but tried hard to stay calm.

    'It's probably because I carelessly handled Ten Thousand Years Rose, one of the Spiritual Herbs. Too bad.'

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