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    The room was dark. However, the spectacles of the person sitting at the top of the table were visible even in the dark. A person who feels a sense of oppression just by looking at him. He was the Blood Royal Clan Master, who is currently integrating the dark's way forces.

    The table broke at his fist. The man standing in front of him was hit on the forehead by the shrapnel, but he did not dare to wipe the blood.

    "Tell me again. What about what?"

    The man standing in front of the horse shuddered, barely brooding.

    "The Taechang Dealer branch that was installed in Nakyang was burnt down by a mysterious fire."

    "And the culprit?"

    "We don't know."

    "What about the work that was going on?"

    "Everything was destroyed by the fire so...."

    "Then you are useless."

    Blood Royal Clan Master looked up to five warriors each on left and right, standing beside him.

    And beckoned one of them. A warrior pulled the sword out of the gesture, and without hesitation he lowered it against the man. The blade penetrated the man's heart.


    The man died with his blood up.

    "No Name."

    At the call the Black man who had just thrown the sword was disemboweled.

    "Find out who it was. And when you do find out... report and kill him."

    "Yes, boss!"

    No Name knew that the work on the Taechang Dealer Nakyang branch had been done by Blood Royal Clan Master with considerable effort. It was a possible operation because it was a Hwachun Academy infested with aspirations for success. Blinded by success, one may not realize that taking the Busa Powder is the way to hell. So, they decided to turn the Students into Busa Powder addicts and control them here. The Blood Royal Clan Master's task was more than half complete if he earns control of the training center of those who would join the Hwachun Clan in future. If things were not going to work, it still had some result if addicted students were to go enraged.

    Murim Unification and Murim's absolute ruler.

    Blood Royal Clan Master was a man who could do anything for the position. But No Name couldn't understand why Blood Royal Clan Master was so obsessed with Academy when he could be aiming elsewhere.

    'I don't need any understanding. I only obey orders.'

    Upon arriving at Nakyang, No Name looked at the site where Taechang Dealer's branch was located. It turned to complete ashes. No Name questioned. Even with a huge fire, it usually left a trace of something. For example, a little book, a piece of burnt wood. But there was nothing.

    Even the grain he had piled up to turn it into a gran store burned perfectly. No one couldn't have burned it so neatly without someone's determination.

    This narrowed the criminal down. The only way to burn a place down completely like this was to use martial art.

    Three Flower Flame.

    It was highly skilled art. Without considerable control, it was impossible to burn down the building without damaging the buildings on both sides. He put a small cart in front of the grain store and started selling jewelry. The women who saw fancy but inexpensive ornaments approached, and he could get information against them.

    After a while, No Name learned no one knew even though the Taechang Dealer building was being burned until it was found in ashes. They didn't know the building was gone until they woke up in the morning.

    So a barrier was formed to cut down noise or smoke?'

    Then the criminal was at least Superior Master Stage-class figure.

    'Is it the Clan Leader or someone else?'

    He asked for one piece of information from the Nakyang branch of Blood Royal Clan. It was a recent list of whereabouts of Superior Master Stage-class warriors.

    It was just in case.

    Blood Royal Clan's intelligence department had a formidable pool of information. Those who give up their own lives if they give up either life or information. No Name was able to get the information he wanted.

    'Shim Gu, Ji Chulmook, and Ji Myung are in this Nakyang, out of their own seclusion? Holy shit!'

    Upon receiving the information, he was irritated and scratched his head. His level was Super Master Stage. He was trained to assassinate, so he could somehow kill a Superior Master Stage warrior if he sacrifice himself. But more than that, it was too much.

    'Let's look into it again. Maybe it's not one of them.'

    No Name began to look into it again, and heard strange rumors. It was that Shim Gu had appeared in the Hwachun Academy, something similar to the finest armor made by Ji Myung headed to the Hwachun Academy, and that Ji Myung, who recently arrived in Nakyang, stopped by the Hwachun Academy.

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