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    'He can't lock them all up in Yeonkyo Garden, so he'll have to turn off Cell Trap and I'll go after it.'

    Even if he had to take a detour, he could still secretly take Spirit Herbs and hang them on a tree the next night to pass the test.

    "Then shall I sleep in the meantime?'

    He laid on the floor. But this was a Cell Trap to lecture these Student who entered Yeonkyo Garden with rude intentions from the outset. Cell Trap didn't let him relax.

    Cell Trap is starting to change. In an instant the flames began to soar from all sides.

    "What is it? It's fire!"

    But Huangbo Songbek thought little. Because he knew that fire was also fake, because he was in Cell Trap.

    "That's a pretty good Cell Trap. It's so hot like a real thing!"

    Then the fire caught on to Huangbo Songbek's clothes.

    "What, what!"

    He was frightened out of his wits. He thought the fire was fake, but the fire began burning his real clothes.

    "It-it's real fire? It's hot! Aargh!"

    He rolled over the floor to put out the fire. But the fire didn't go out easily. When he thought he was so burned to death, a huge wave of ocean came at him from somewhere.

    "Waaargh- Nnrrrgh!"

    The waves put out the flames on his body, but he ran into other difficulties.

    'It's too deep!'

    With the waves, all sides turned into the sea. Songbek rolled his feet toward the floor, but there was nothing touching.

    "I'll drown if I don't do anything!"

    He struggled to survive.


    But gradually his strength drained away, and in the end he sank into the sea. He knew that Kang Hyuk would not really let his students die but he still fet like he was going to die anyway. Everything seemed so real.

    "Arrest him now!"

    Then there was a frosty voice heard out of no where.


    Huangbo Songbek jumped up from his seat.

    "Huh? Huh? Until just now, I was at the sea what?"

    At that moment, warriors of Hwachun Clan, who came running tied Huangbo Songbek tightly with a red string.

    "Father! Mother!"

    "Noo!! Songwu! Songha! Songbek!"

    And a familiar voice was heard. He looked around and could quickly tell where he was.

    Huangbo Family

    It was his home. But his house looked miserable. Furnitures and household items were in disarray, and the gate was smashed. Father, mother, and brothers were also tied up like himself.

    "Take them to the clan!"

    "Yes, sir!"

    The scene changed again.

    He was sitting in the carriage. The carriage was for escorting the criminal, and there were bars everywhere.

    "Well, that's the Huangbo Family's trouble maker, isn't he?"

    The people who came to see him being transported chattered.

    "That fool brought doom to the Huangbo Family!"

    "How could such a rascal be in Huangbo Family... tsk tsk."

    "I heard it's from Academy days, he joined that T.Y.C or something and went all wrong."

    "Bah-! FOOL!"

    "I am ashamed of myself to feel I have to see a fool like that carrying Huangbo Family's name!"

    For some reason Huangbo Songbek could not raise his head in their denunciation.

    "Did I cause you to do this? Really because of me?"

    It was then. Lightning struck from the sky out of nowhere, and the lightning struck down toward the carriage on which Huangbo Songbek was riding.


    He felt a great deal of pain to the point where the strength of the whole body is loosened, and whether one has his soul or not is confused.


    Huangbo Songbek questioned the touch of touching his cheek.

    'I'm dead, am I? Wasn't I killed by lightning?'

    Thinking for a moment Huangbo Songbek came up with the idea that he was trapped in Cell Trap.

    'W-wait. The Cell Trap?'

    The feeling of touching him again sprang him up.


    "Did you wake up?"


    He saw a man standing before him, and was surprised. Wearing Blue Robe, he was Kang Hyuk.

    "You're awake."

    "T-teacher Kang Hyuk."

    "Yes, I hope you had a good time."


    Huangbo Songbek saw the students kneeling with their hands raised in front of Kang Hyuk. They were all those who took the entrance exam together this time, which targeted Yeonkyo Garden.

    "You too, raise your hands and kneel down."

    At Kang Hyuk's words Huangbo Songbek asked back rebelliously.

    "Why-why should I listen to you?"

    "Will you get on your knees on your own or do you want me to make you?"

    "Tell me why I need to do that."

    "You know why, don't you? I'll tell you why if you want to know. But I think it's better to crawl on your own before that."

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