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    The Students moved quickly.

    They were divided into two groups. First of all, one team proudly entered the entrance, and the other was over the fence.

    And Huangbo Songbek chose to cross the fence.

    "You're really going over the fence?"

    When asked by Students in the same year, he nodded and said proudly.

    "We might get caught on the way to the main gate."

    "Oh- Uh, I see."

    "I wish you success anyway."

    Huangbo Songbek stood beside Yeonkyo Garden's fence.

    "Okay! Shall we go?"

    The moment he crossed this fence, he was going an irreversible path. Because his actions were such a disgrace to Huangbo Family's name. But in fact, he hated his father and his brothers. No, he hated the family itself.

    Huangbo Family

    A prestigious family specializing in fist martial art in which members with great physique and good musculature are born with excellent physical conditions to learn the art. They were a fair and courteous family. Songbek couldn't understand his father and his brothers trying to keep that reputation.

    You can just live as you want, why you can't live as you want?

    'And force the idea on me. I'll do what I want to do! Fairness? Good manners? Bullshit.'

    He raised his hand on Yeonkyo Garden's fence. Crossing the shoulder-high fence was a piece of cake. Eventually he crossed the fence. At the moment Huangbo Songbek felt a prick in his ankle.


    Almost screaming in shock, he quickly closed his mouth with his hands. It was dark and he couldn't see well, but what was certain was that someone bit his ankle. The problem was that biting was getting harder and harder. He hurried out of there.


    As he got out of the shade of the fence and stood under the moonlight, he could see himself. There were tooth marks and bloodstains everywhere that seemed to bite of a cat.

    'A cat?'

    But he felt strange because he didn't hear the cat cry. He recalled the words of Student's in the same annual class of horticulture at Kang Hyuk.

    "What? You have to steal Spiritual Herbs from Yeonkyo Garden in Kang Hyuk Teacher? Are you mad?"

    "Why are you worked up so much?"

    "I am warning you. You should rather ask Teacher Kang for a piece of Spiritual Herbs. But never steal!"

    "That's right! You could put yourself into a terrible nightmare!"

    Come to think of it, none the Second Year Student taking Kang Hyuk's horticulture class volunteered to take the test. At this point, it felt something was strange and had to give up, but Huangbo Songbek didn't give up. Eventually he took another step forward.

    That moment, he felt a weak tremor and there was a thick fog around Huangbo Songbek.

    'Uh, fog? What kind of fog is so thick like this?'

    He walked a little further through the mist, and only then could he see Yeonkyo Garden. Then thick fog disappeared in second. Yeonkyo Garden was quiet. Besides himself, there must be many other students who came to Yeonkyo Garden, but they were not seen at all.

    'What's happened to them? Did they all get caught?'

    If they were, then he had to hurry before teachers or Kang Hyuk came. He quickly picked a flower that looked like Spiritual Herbs.


    A strange thing happened at the moment. It was because the flower he had picked had faded away as smoke as if it hadn't been there from the beginning. Huangbo Songbek picked another flower. But the flower also disappeared like the first one to be picked. Surprised, he picked some flowers, but all the flowers he picked disappeared like smoke and left nothing in his hand.

    "What the hell is going on?"

    Only then did he concluded something was wrong. All he could think of was getting out of Yeonkyo Garden. He had gotten a hunch that if he do not get out of the garden fast, then he was going to be in bad situation.

    'Which way?''

    He found Yeonkyo Garden's fence, but strangely the fence was invisible.

    'Now that I've come this way, the fence is that way!'

    He ran towards the fence. But no matter how hard he ran, he couldn't get to the fence.

    'Wait come to think of it!'

    He realized that he felt he pass through the same trees and flower beds one after another. He walked slowly again, and finally realized he had been trapped in Cell Trap.

    "No way!"

    He had been tricked by the owner of Yeonkyo Garden from the start. He went down on his knees. He failed, and he had no choice but to wait until morning. In the morning, the students who take horticulture classes was going to come to Yeonkyo Garden to take care of their own plants.

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