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    Kang Hyuk was sitting in Yeonkyo Garden's gazebo. In front of it was Ji Chulmook sitting and drinking tea.

    "It's great sitting here and drinking tea."

    "Hahaha! Right?"

    "Yes, but there's one thing missing."

    Ji Chulmook said, shining his eyes.

    "Don't you need a pond?"

    Kang Hyuk patted his chin as he answered.

    "I'm trying to dig a pond, now that you speak. Why? Will you dig one for me?"

    Ji Chulmook jumped up to Kang Hyuk's question.

    "Y-Yes, I will!"

    Ji Chulmook was excited. Kang Hyuk threw chance at him, who was wondering how to stay next to Kang Hyuk. It wasn't Ji Chulmook who would miss this chance.

    "It's a gardening training ground so you must have some aquatic plants! I will create a perfectly beautiful pond. Leave it to me, Big Brother!"

    Shim Ku patted on his chest, and Kang Hyuk readily allowed.


    "Thank you!"

    Ji Chulmook's reaction to Kang Hyuk, who dislikes troublesome work, was not a dislike.

    "Big Brother!"

    That's when Shim Gu came up to them.

    "How did it go?"

    Asked by Kang Hyuk, Shim Ku answered.

    "I found out. Tonight and tomorrow night, those who wish to join T.Y.C will be given two chances. And the test is to steal one of the Big Brother's spiritual herbs in Yeonkyo Garden and hang it on a tree."

    "Spiritial Herbs?"


    Kang Hyuk looked around Yeonkyo Garden and nodded.

    "That's why Superintendent said they were aiming for this Yeonkyo Garden in T.Y.C."

    Kang Hyuk's corner of mouth went up. Something felt repugnant.

    "I don't know why they're after me, but if it's some mischievous prank, I'm willing to go along with it. That kind of prank is worth a try, and you'll get a good deal out of it. But stealing Spiritual Herbs? That's a crime."

    He couldn't let his students commit a crime.

    'What should I do?'

    Kang Hyuk gave a thought for a second and looked up and looked around Yeonkyo Garden.


    "Yes, Big Brother!"

    "What do you do when you catch a thief?"

    "Either lure the thief or prepare-...."

    "I'll have to install a Cell Trap."

    "What? Cell Trap? What Cell Trap do you want?"

    "I won't stop the Students from coming in. But if they steal Spiritual Herbs, we need a Cell Trap that won't let them get out easily."

    Shim Ku tilted his head at Kang Hyuk's explanation.

    "But isn't that too much? Aren't you telling me to lock the Students in Cell Trap and screw them?"

    "Yes, but even if it's immature pranks, crime is a crime. There is a saying that a needle thief becomes a cow thief. These thieves are the ones who will lead the future Murim!"


    "To be honest, I don't mean to force the teachers who will live Murim to do things with ethics and dignity. But should we should still try to be human."

    In the end, Shim Gu nodded.

    "Okay, but what if there is a Jegal Family among them?"

    Jegal Family was so smart that they had a nickname Jegal-Genius. And their main strength were Cell Trap.

    "They're smart, so they won't go along with these immature pranks. Even if they do happen to join, Is the Cell Trap you set up a Cell Trap that will be pierced by such young men? You the Cell Trap Master recognized by the Jegal Family?"

    "I was over concerned."

    "Then get to work."


    "By the way, Big Brother, are you just letting go of the Students who broke into this place?"

    When asked by Ji Chulmook, Kang Hyuk shook his head and smiled.



    "Don't you need Students to help for your pond work?"

    The night has come. By the time the roll call was over, the Students were fast asleep. There was only one sheet of rag on the cold ground floor, but it failed to stop the tiredness of the students who had been taking classes all day from falling asleep. Besides, they were so young that they fall asleep so easily and won't know if they are being carried out.

    Then some got up from their seats and looked around. They were Second Year Student who wanted to join T.Y.C. and Third Year Student in charge of selecting new members.

    "There's no watcher!"

    "Now is the time!"

    They quickly left the camp. Their goal was Yeonkyo Garden next to the campground. Avoiding Teacher's eyes, they had to steal a single Spirit Herbs from Yeonkyo Garden and hang it on a tree at the entrance of the campsite.


    It was a fairly well-known club within the Student's ranks. The fact that one is a member of the Club alone has given him a considerable edge among his peers. And the Students couldn't ignore either.

    Students had to be careful of the roads at night if they crossed a line against a member of T.Y.C. It was because they could be lynched. But there was no evidence to bring it up to the Academy. Furthermore, avoiding the eyes of the Teachers, T.Y.C snuck out of Academy in the middle of the night, drank on the brothel, and looked for women. So T.Y.C. was a group of aspirants enjoying true youth but they were pain in the butt for teachers.

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