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    The students were gathered in twos and threes in the campground. However, it was not an arbitrary gathering. They were in the zone set in line with the four living quarters. The people to camp together were one who used the same room. So to put it simply, they were a group of four people.

    Second Year Students Huangbo Songbek saw the same Second Year Students Meng Churgi.

    Meng Churgi was the camping groupmate for this camp. And Lu Churi, Third Year Student, and Namkung Suk, Fourth Year Student, were in the same group.

    "Nice to see you all."

    The oldest, Namkung Suk, spoke first.

    "Not everyone's first camp, is it?"


    The three students nodded.

    "I hope you guys finish the camp well without any accidents. Among the various activity scores, the camp score is quite big. I'm sure everyone is, but I'm also a trying for highest score."

    He spoke in a small voice.

    "Obviously, if you do something that damages the camp, you'll make your Academy life less enjoyable until I graduate, so be on alert."

    "Y-Yes, sir!"

    They quickly posed straight, and Namkung Suk smiled and waved his hand.

    "I'm kidding, kidding. You don't have to salute."

    Then, Ok Haemi's voice was heard from the headquarters in the middle of the campsite.

    "The leaders of each group, please gather at headquarters! I have a message!"

    Namkung Suk got up from his seat.

    "Then I'll be right back."

    He walked towards the headquarters.

    'I warned them enough...'

    There was a reason why he warned them so much. That's because it was Spring Camp, where the most problems are now. He sighed.

    'Let's hope they're not stupid.'

    He left his seat, and not long after, Third Year Students Lu Churi grumbled.

    "What is it, that bastard?"


    At that change of attitude, the two Second Year Students opened their eyes wide in shock.

    "Don't worry, I'll make sure this Spring Camp doesn't become a boring one."

    He spoke to Meng Churgi.

    "Do you happen to know T.Y.C?"

    Meng Churgi nodded at the question.

    "Yes, I know there's such a club, but I don't know the details."

    "T.Y.C. is a club to quit Academy's boring classes and enjoy real youth."

    "What do you mean by true youth?"

    "Well, you know what they say, young men should suffer, right? We hate that word the most in our Club. Our Club loves the saying, let's enjoy our youth."


    "Yes, we are the Club that will be a breath of fresh air in this tight, stuffy Academy."

    Although he didn't hear what the true youth was supposed to mean, Meng Churgi was so into Lu Churi's words that Lu Churi jabbed excitedly at the sight.

    "Tonight and tomorrow night. There are only two chances. T.Y.C. will sort out talented individuals by conducting test."

    "That means... is it an entrance examination?"

    "Smart! That's the word. Songbek here also agreed take the entrance exam tonight."

    Huangbo Songbek nodded.

    "Are you interested?"

    Meng Churgi, who was briefly troubled by Lu Churi's question, soon nodded.

    "Yes, it seems like fun."

    "Secret must be kept. If the secret is revealed, we will punish you for that crime."

    "Of course!"

    "Then listen carefully. Because I have to tell you before that Fourth Year idiot comes back."

    He gave Huangbo Songbek and Meng Churgi information about the T.Y.C. admission test.

    After a while

    It was dinner time. Dinner ingredients were distributed from the cafeteria. Food wasn't all that great as there were two living rabbits and two small birds. Those who had already experienced the camp knew that the food would get worse and worse as day go on. Members like Namkung Suk prepared the rabbits and birds they had been given. In the meantime Huangbo Songbek was frightened, while others rushed to drain the blood of rabbits and birds. It was Fourth Year Student indeed. Namkung Suk groomed the ingredients with skilled hands. Rabbits and birds, which had been put on a skewered by a bonfire, began to be cooked.


    Then Meng Churgi got up from his seat.

    "I'll be back after a while."


    Meng Churgi hurried into the woods behind the campground with a clumsy gait. After a while Meng Churgi's sloppy steps quickened. He ran to a tree in the woods with a body so fast that it wouldn't look like Second Year Studs, and then he stuck himself to the tree. Then he whispered in a small voice.

    "If you combine the World Peace and the World Peace, it's the World World Peace Peace."

    At such foolish wordplay, someone's voice was heard in the tree.

    "What did you find?"

    "Scheduled for tonight and tomorrow night. The entrance test is to steal a single Spirit Herb from Yeonkyo Garden and hang it on a tree."

    "Okay. Keep an eye on it."



    He finished the call with that remark. Meng Churgi grinned. He was ostensibly perfect Huachun Academy's Student's, but that wasn't his true identity. He was a member of the intelligence, Grey Drake Corp, who excelled in shapeshifting skill and was given the job. And Grey Drake Corp.'s information activity was separate from Academy's. However, they used to give information when seeking cooperation, but it was all part of the information. Grey Drake Corp's information was for the Clan Leader.

    'Students are so cute.'

    He wore the mask of Second Year Students Meng Churgi again.

    "Then shall we go back to the campsite?'