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    It was one of the most dangerous places within Myokang, famous for its roughness. Not only was it infested with poisonous insects and predators than anywhere else, but the heavy rain and scorching heat that fell when bored took the lives of those who entered the forest. Therefore, it was called the Bloody Forest, formed from the blood of those that died there. But to survive in such a forest for seven days without any weapon!

    Baek Kap thought to himself.

    'Mr. Former Clan Leader, I've heard rumors, but you were really insane!'

    On the one hand, those who had endured the training looked proud. The quick-witted Baek Kap was aware of the identity of janitor Mr. Shim and the construction worker Mr. Ji.

    "That's because..."

    Kang Hyuk patted his chin.

    "My teacher trained me like that, so I thought I had to do it like that."


    At the words, Baek Kap laughed in vain.

    'Now that I see it, Former Clan Leader's teacher was a lunatic!'

    Byuk Aerin, who was standing next to them at that time, turned their conversation around.

    "Teacher, why did you call Shim Gu here?"

    Kang Hyuk clapped his hands at the question.

    "Ah! Almost forgot. There was an important matter."

    Kang Hyuk turned his head toward Shim Gu and said to Ji Chulmook sitting next to him.

    "But why did you come all the way here, Chulmook?"

    Ji Chulmook smiled in response.

    "I've been bored lately. So I went to this Gu's house and he just happened to be here."

    "So you came here saying 'The chance is now!'?"

    "That's it! Hahaha."

    Kang Hyuk sighed.

    "Well, it doesn't really matter if you're here. Do you know T.Y.C. among the clubs in the Academy? I remember reading a few reports about it in the past..."

    Shim Gu, Ji Chulmook, and Byuk Aerin nodded.

    "Isn't the club quite famous?"

    "I remember that club."

    "Does the Club still exist?"

    At the words of Byuk Aerin, Shim Gu and Ji Chulmook looked back at her.

    "It wasn't there when I was in the Academy," said Ji Chulmook, pinching his finger.

    "Let's see. The time after Aerin graduated from the Academy was sixty..."

    At that moment, a small dagger flew towards Ji Chulmook. He quickly dodged it to avoid it.

    "Aerin! What the hell was that!? My heart almost dropped."

    "It didn't, so it's fine."

    It was Byuk Aerin who threw the dagger. She spoke with a cold face.

    "Brother, if you don't want to get hurt, put that hand down and shut up."

    "Whew. You used to be cute when you were younger."

    "Do you want another dagger?"

    "Oh. No."

    "Then shut up."

    "Gosh, I'm just trying to see how old T.Y.C. is, but why are you so cranky? Is it that day?"

    "It's been a long time since the menopause! I'm just annoyed to hear that I've been out of Academy for over 60 years."

    "Why is that?"

    "Do you like to hear that you're old? That you've been out of school for over 60 years already? Do you feel good when you say, 'You've lived a long time'?"


    "It feels like I'm being asked, why are you still alive?"


    "And I'm still a student in my heart."

    "That's right, I suppose."

    "Then shut up."


    Ji Chulmook chewed at Byuk Aerin's momentum. If it was a real big fight, Ji Chulmook would win, but against her, probably not since Byuk Aerin's real specialty was not an all-out war anyway.


    Kang Hyuk coughed in between them.

    "Guys, you're in high spirits in front of me these days."

    Shim Gu, Ji Chulmook, and Byuk Aerin quickly bowed their heads at the words.


    "So, the Club was there when you were in the Academy?"


    Byuk Aerin answered immediately.

    "It's a club full of proud kids, and it's a club that's admired by the students of that age. To join the club, you have to take certain actions during the spring camp."

    "What kind of behavior?"

    "It's not fixed, but it's definitely not good behavior. The members of T.Y.C. set that behavior every year and inform the students in the second year of their qualification."

    "Why are they only revealing that to second years?"

    Asked by Shim Gu, Byuk Aerin shook her head and said, "Well, maybe they think it's a sort of initiation for the membership beginning the second year. Anyways, Teacher, why do you ask that?"

    Kang Hyuk sighed at the question.

    "We've got information that they're targeting Yeonkyo Garden."


    "But the problem is that I don't know why they're after Yeonkyo Garden."

    Shim Gu nodded at the remark.

    "You called me because you needed that information? When should I give you that information?"

    "After dinner tonight, if possible."