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    She went to Hwachun Clan today as a witness to Yu Aeah's trial.

    Originally, Ji Myung and Ha Goyun should have attended the meeting, but they did not announce their attendance because they were sure that the trial would be ruined if Ji Myung attended, while Ha Goyun was too young and did not recommend them to attend as a consideration.

    "So...what happened?"

    "Thanks to my testimony and the evidence from Shim Gu's brother, the trial went off without a hitch."

    Byuk Aerin grinned.

    "Yu Aeah and her collaborators were sentenced to 100 lashings and five years in prison for kidnapping and attempted murder. And in Yu Aeah's case, she was accused of trying to bribe the official, so she had fifty lashings added."

    "A hundred and fifty..."

    Next to him, Chun Haekwang said, sighing, "She's guilty of kidnapping, attempted murder, and bribery, and only obtained hundred and fifty lashings?! Aren't they being too lenient?"

    Baek Kap then said to Chun Haekwang.

    "Hey. You never saw those tools that they use for lashing yet, haven't you?"

    "Huh? I've never seen it, but I've seen those big poles being used in government offices. Isn't that what it is?"

    Baek Kap shook his head at the question.

    "It's a punishment against Martial Artists. We can't use a normal stick."

    "That would be so. Then, how is it different?"

    To the questioning Chun Hakwang, Baek Kap briefly stepped into the office and came out with a book.

    "I thought it would be faster to see it through a book than to explain it in words."

    While dinner was being served, Chun Haekwang read the book given by Baek Kap, and soon said, covering the book.

    "I would rather be put to death than to take this."

    The next morning. Kang Hyuk headed to the conference room half an hour earlier than usual, as Chun Haekwang said.


    As soon as he entered the conference room, Eun Myungmyung, who sat at the seat, welcomed him.

    "Good morning, sir."

    "Good morning."

    Next to Eun Myungmyung stood Ok Haemi. Kang Hyuk also greeted her.

    "Sit down. Would you like some tea?"

    "Yes. Tea would be fine."

    With that remark, Ok Haemi left the conference room and quickly came in with two cups of tea and put it in front of them. Eun Myungmyung then looked at Kang Hyuk.

    "Why I asked to see you this early morning, is because of Yeonkyo Garden."

    "What's wrong with Yeonkyo Garden?"

    Kang Hyuk unknowingly exuded hostile aura. It was because it was a story about Yeonkyo Garden, which he worked hard on.

    "Oh, No-no! There's no problem with the Garden!"

    Eun Myungmyung shook his hand quickly, surprised by the energy. Eventually, Kang Hyuk calmed himself down.

    "I see. What is it then?"

    "We expect students to act defiantly during this three-day camp."

    Eun Myungmyung shook his head.

    "Why on earth are they so impatient to do something so defiant?"

    He continued to talk.

    "Anyways, at every camp, the teachers ask for the cooperation of the Assistant Teachers and faculty members to prevent them from defiant behavior in advance....but it's not really stopping all the defiances of the students."

    In that remark, Kang Hyuk uttered his guess.

    "Are you saying the place where that defiance is expected to happen this time is likely at Yeonkyo Garden?"

    Eun Myungmyung nodded at the question.

    "That's accurate. Have you ever heard of T.Y.C?"


    "True Youths Club. They call themselves that, but in our view, they're just a bunch of immature problems. That club is not an official club."

    "A club, eh?"

    At Hwachun Academy, there were many clubs for the students. For example, composition clubs, painting clubs, or archery clubs were such examples. Such clubs were registered on the Academy as an official club, with a small fee for club activities and a teacher being assigned.

    Some clubs weren't authorized. It was because the purpose of the Club was not educational.

    "T.Y.C is aiming at Yeonkyo Garden this time."

    By evening, the Students headed one by one to the campground. Each of them had their personal belongings, one of which was a pipe and a small dagger. This was the only thing they were allowed to carry during the camp. It was Murim, where you don't know when or what situation will happen. The camp's purpose was to train the ability to cope with unforeseen situations, so they limit their belongings to a minimum. Kang Hyuk stood in front of Yeonkyo Garden and saw the students heading to the campground. The fence of the garden was only shoulder-high, so the campground was visible.

    "The kids are going to have a hard time."

    Ji Chulmook was sitting next to him.

    Ji Chulmook, a worker in charge of the construction portion for the Academy, was proudly moving in and out of the Academy.

    "Well, isn't it better for them to put such hardships in advance so that they will suffer a little less later?"

    "That's true as well."

    Shim Gu, who was standing next to Ji Chulmook and Chun Haekwang, spoke.

    "But isn't that much more comfortable than the training Big Brother gave us?"

    "That's right."

    Ji Chulmook agreed.

    "We went into Bloody Forest once, without any weapon. We had to survive for seven days."

    "Oh! I really thought I was going to die then."

    "Thanks to that, all the training afterward felt like a night picnic."

    "And yet! To drive us into that Bloody Forest?"

    The words frightened Baek Kap, who was hanging a flower bed next to him.

    'Hee-! Well, if it's Bloody Forest!'