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    "You should've grabbed her hair or something instead."

    "Teacher Tang..."

    "There's something you shouldn't do as a human being, and you did exactly that. I can't even imagine you did something so cruel! You will have to pay for it. Of course, you're also fired from the Academy."



    Tang Euna sighed.

    "The woman you are talking aboutit was Kang Hyuk's cook, right?"


    "I'll advise you because you were once my assistant. If you're lucky to get out alive, you'd better never touch Kang Hyuk or the people around him unless you want to know what real hell is."

    "What do you mean...?"

    Tang Euna did not answer her.

    "It's a cell, but make yourself at home while you can."

    With that, Tang Euna left the prison while Yu Aeah bit her lips. She knew a little bit of what Tang Euna had meant. Byuk Aerin's eyes told her that.

    'But what makes a future figure of the Sachun Tang Family claim such a thing about them?'

    She pondered over it but could not get to a conclusion.

    "Ah-! This is boring! I can't wait to get out of here!"

    Yu Aeah shouted. She was still in a cell because her trial was not held yet.

    "Ah! Really! What are Father and Mother doing? Your daughter's locked up in a place like this! Take care of things quickly and let me out!"

    "That won't happen."

    Yu Aeah was startled by the sudden voice.

    "Who, who's there?!"

    She looked back and was surprised again. It was because a man was standing inside the cell alone. It was Kang Hyuk wearing a blue robe.

    "T-teacher Kang?"

    "So you know who I am."

    Thanks to the torch, the cell was not too dark, so Yu Aeah could tell who the man was.

    "How did you enter here?"

    "That's none of your business."

    Kang Hyuk said coldly.

    "Are you hoping to get out of here? I'm sorry, but you won't be able to get out easily."

    "And how can you guarantee that?"

    "Do I have to answer?"

    Kang Hyuk stretched out his hand and grabbed Yu Aeah's neck.


    Kang Hyuk forced her mouth open and put a piece of Moon Venom Fruit, which had just been taken from Toh Ong's garden, into her mouth. And with it being shoved into her mouth, she swallowed the fruit.

    "What did you make me eat just now!?"

    "Even if you happen to go out of prison alive, you won't be able to stand tall in the sun for the next ten years. This is your punishment for touching my people."


    "Also, you won't remember I was here."

    Kang Hyuk's figure suddenly disappeared as Yu Aeah collapsed on the floor.


    After about half an hour, she came to her senses and couldn't tell why she fell on the ground.

    "What happened?"

    But she felt that she was quite tired. She then fell asleep as she was.

    The next morning.

    Yu Aeah woke up. She realized that something was wrong when she woke up from her cell.

    "What's going on?"

    The problem was her arm. She had red rashes on her clear white skin.

    "Wha- rashes!?"

    She looked at her body just in case. There was an awful lot of rashes all over her body.


    The guard came in and put the meal in the cell. Then, he glanced over her and shook his head.

    Feeling uneasy about the guard's behavior, she saw her reflection in the water bowl.


    Her face was also covered with rashes. She used beauty as her weapon, and it was her pride and joy. What happened to her was a nightmare wherein she would rather die.

    "No no! NOOO!!"

    Kang Hyuk blinked at the unexpected guest who came early in the morning.

    "Is it too early in the morning?"

    The guest was Tang Euna. Kang Hyuk shook his head at her question.

    "No. It's all right. Come in. Do you want to eat some breakfast with me?"

    Tang Euna smiled softly at the remark.

    "I had some porridge."

    "You had porridge for breakfast?"

    "I always have it for breakfast. Actually, I came here because I have a favor to ask."

    She responded with a sigh.

    "Assistant Teacher Yu Aeah who was arrested yesterday used to work for me."

    "I know."

    "So I want to apologize to the Demon Destroying Monk. It was the Assistant Teacher who did it, but she worked for me, and I am responsible for not keeping her in check."

    She spoke with difficulty.

    "But I heard you were with him yesterday. So I'm here to ask you if you can come with me to go see the Elder."

    She was asking Kang Hyuk to accompany her because it was scary for her to meet Ji Myung alone. It was likely for her to be beaten badly for failing to properly educate her Assistant Teacher.

    'No, it's more than likely. I can't have him beat up the innocent Teacher Tang.'

    Ji Myung never cared if the person's age or gender when it came down to beating someone up. So, Kang Hyuk readily agreed.


    "Oh! Thank you! What should I bring for a gift? Do you know what the Demon Destroying Monk likes?"

    Kang Hyuk laughed at the remark.

    "Just liquor will do."

    "What? But isn't he a monk?"

    "He's a monk but he loves drinking as much as he loves his religion so that will make him feel better. Don't prepare just a bottle, but a jug of it."


    "By the way. Are your previous injuries now fine?"

    Tang Yuna nodded at Kang Hyuk's question.

    "I was healed, thanks to your concern."

    She said so, but there were still scars on her hands, face, and back.

    "That's good to hear. I was very concerned."

    "Thank you very much for saving me then."

    "Don't mention it."


    Tang Euna pulled a small pouch out of her sleeve.

    "This Grey Energy Ring. It was you who gave it to me back then, right?"