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    "I-I admit it!"

    She didn't want to die yet. Although she would be dismissed from being an Assistant Teacher and put into the cell, it didn't matter to her. Even if she went into the cell, she could be released quickly if she bribed someone. After that, all she needed to do was to go somewhere other than Nakyang, meet the right man, marry him, and stay quiet for a few years so that no one will remember her crimes. No man could not give in to her beauty.

    "I kidnapped that girl."

    The work after that proceeded quickly. Shim Gu immediately called the warriors of Hwachun Clan, and soon, they captured Yu Aeah, the big warrior who collaborated with her, and the pickpocket. Kang Hyuk saw Yu Aeah letting out a sigh of relief as she was captured. As far as she knew, kidnapping, as well as attempted murder, was a felony and was severely punished. Probably hundreds of flogging and years of incarceration in a prison cell.

    'The question is whether she can survive hundreds of flogging.'

    Still, Yu Aeah was relieved, not worried about what was coming.

    'This is not even funny.'

    Kang Hyuk was no ordinary teacher. As a former Quickstorm Regiment Leader, he'd been through all sorts of messes, and as a former Clan Leader of Hwachun Clan, he'd been through all sorts of schemes. He couldn't have missed Yu Aeah's ulterior motives.

    'I'll have to go to the second storage room.'

    Before that, he had to console Ha Goyun, who went through a rough ordeal today and encourage Byuk Aerin, who was discouraged over this incident. Kang Hyuk grinned as he spoke.

    "Let's get Rice Soup for dinner tonight."



    Byuk Aerin and Ha Goyun's eyes widened at his words.

    "We're going to eat Rice Soup today."

    "That's great."

    It was night.

    After dinner, Ji Myung and the group returned to the uptown mansion, Chewsung Manor, with Kang Hyuk returning to the residence with a bag. At the entrance to the residence, Kang Hyuk told them.

    "Go in and rest. I'm going to Yeonkyo Garden."


    Byuk Aerin answered, and Baek Kap and Chun Haekwang also nodded. Kang Hyuk then headed for Yeonkyo Garden. It was really quiet there. There was a faint sound of some bugs and the sound of leaves passing through the wind. There was a reason why Kang Hyuk came to Yeonkyo Garden in the middle of the night. It was to open the storage. He took a silver key out of his sleeve and poked it into the air. Soon, the sound of a door opening was heard, and Kang Hyuk soon went into the second storage room.

    The second storage. It was also called the garden of Toh Ong. Toh Ong was an old man who always had various Spiritual Herbs. This place was always in optimal condition without any need for maintenance.

    "Where is it?"

    What Kang Hyuk was looking for was a special Spiritual Herb. Kang Hyuk, who was walking through Toh Ong's garden, soon found the Spiritual Herb he was looking for. The Spiritual Herb looked like an ordinary fruit but was completely different from any other fruit.

    Moon Venom Fruit.

    That was the name of the Spiritual Herb. Eating the fruit gave the person rashes all over the body, which only disappeared on a full moon night. A single fruit's effect lasted ten years.

    "I guess a decade is enough for punishment."

    Kang Hyuk picked up a fruit and put it in his arms and came out of the warehouse soon after. Then, he headed straight to the Hwachun Clan. Kang Hyuk expected Yu Aeah to try bribing herself out of the cell and ordered Shim Gu to tell Mujin to have eyes on her. It was of course for revenge on what happened to Ha Goyun, but Kang Hyuk was the Former Clan Leader of the Hwachun Clan. There was an obligation to stop such crimes going on within the Hwachun Clan where he was in. Besides, Hwachun Clan was the place where his students would work in the future, so he didn't want them to learn such tricks, nor did he want them to work where such tricks were rampant.

    Kang Hyuk also didn't like the fact that a crazy woman like Yu Aeah was working with him where he worked.

    'A faculty member kidnapping a kid? The child is even living with Ji Myung. How foolishly brave.'

    Kang Hyuk actually didn't mean to forgive her, even though he did stop Ji Myung. He stopped Ji Myung only because he didn't have any limit, as Ji Myung was going to beat them up for good. This was a matter of pride for Kang Hyuk.

    "What the hell is going on?"

    Yu Aeah was restless while trapped in the prison cell of Hwachun Clan. Upon hearing of her arrest, her family immediately offered to bribe the man in charge of the cell, but they haven't heard anything yet.

    "Hmph...yeah, let's relax. I'll be out any minute anyway."

    She sat on the floor. She thought about what happened earlier. It seemed the Academy was informed of her being imprisoned for kidnapping, as Superintendent Eun Myungmyung and Teacher Tang Euna came straight to visit her. Eun Myungmyung rebuked her, and when he went out to meet with the Clan Leader, Tang Euna spoke to her with a disgusted look.

    "What a disappointment, Aeah. You have committed atrocious crimes."

    "Well, this is all but a misunderstanding!"

    "What do you mean?"

    "She provoked me first!"


    Tang Euna snorted.

    "Why does it matter to you who provoked first or not?"