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    "Because of me? Then you should've come for me. Why were you after this kid? Unless...if you are a coward."

    "Coming after you won't make you miserable!"

    "It seems you've done these kinds of things often because you've done it without a second thought. Isn't that right?"


    For a moment, Byuk Aerin disappeared before appearing in front of Yu Aeah. She then grabbed Yu Aeah by the collar and threw her to the floor. There was quite a loud noise, and Yu Aeah soon screamed.


    "Be quiet, bitch."


    Byuk Aerin then stepped on Yu Aeah's neck.

    "I'm deciding on how to kill you, so be quiet for a moment."


    Yu Aeah instantly had goosebumps all over her body. She said it as if she was just talking about the weather.

    'Well, she's definitely not an ordinary woman!'

    Whatever her identity was, Byuk Aerin was a more powerful warrior than she was.

    'Those eyes....'

    Yu Aeah now realized why Byuk Aerin always had a sweet smile. It was to hide her eyes with a smile. Cold eyes that also held madness within. Facing its eyes, Yu Aeah felt extreme fear. Byuk Aerin, she was never sweet in the first place. Instead, she was a person who showed kindness to others but instilled immense fear to the enemy.

    'And why is she a cook when she has this level of martial art skill?'

    The attack just made it clear. Byuk Aerin was as outstanding as the Academy Teachers. Soon, Byuk Aerin grinned.

    "I've made up my mind. I'm going to strip yourself naked and hang you from a tree, lather your whole body in poison, and let you writhe and pass out from the immense pain. What do you think? Do you like it?"

    "Wha- what!"

    She was asking if the idea was good to the one who was going to die. Yu Aeah chose the wrong opponent. She had stepped on a ground which she should never have. Yu Aeah became terrified and forgot that her hips were wet.

    Fortunately for her, three men descended into the alley. Their appearance made Byuk Aerin's face full of life devoid of any expression.


    The one she was looking at was Kang Hyuk, the man in the middle of the three men who came down there. Kang Hyuk, Shim Gu, and Ji Myung had rushed here as soon as they heard the signal from Byuk Aerin. Byuk Aerin immediately apologized before Kang Hyuk.

    "I beg your pardon for not following Teacher's orders."

    Ha Goyun ran to Aerin and hugged her.

    "No! Aerin did nothing wrong! It's all because I was careless!"

    Byuk Aerin was surprised by her behavior as her eyes widened. So far, only two people have been so protective of her. That was Kang Hyuk and her dead lover.

    "Yes, Goyun. Our cook is innocent as you say."

    Kang Hyuk said, but Byuk Aerin quickly denied the remark. Byuk Aerin quickly received the word from Kang Hyuk.

    "B-but, Teacher."

    Kang Hyuk shook his head.

    "What I ordered you to do was to buy fabrics to make clothes for Goyun. Although there was an accident in the middle, I know you've done the best you can."

    Then, he looked up and saw a big man who fell on the floor and a woman shivering.

    "Are they the ones?"

    "It looks like there's one more."

    Aerin wasn't talking about the street vendor. What she was referring to was the one who caught her eye with a pickpocket. There was something contrived about attracting Byuk Aerin's attention at such an exact time. The street vendors were simply threatened, so he was not one of them.

    'But he will need to be punished for his involvement in kidnapping...'

    It was then...

    "What? Those bastards kidnapped our Goyun?"

    It was Ji Myung.

    He ran to them as soon as he heard that the Hwachun Clan warrior and Yu Aeah were the culprits.

    "You son of a bitch! How dare you kidnap our Goyun? I'm going to take out your spine and stick it in your ass-!"

    He picked up the big warrior and shook it out in midair.

    "You're going to die! You son of a bitch bastard!"


    But the man was not very well. Kang Hyuk saw Byuk Aerin, and she answered quickly.

    "It's because of Goyun's bracelet. Ji Myung gave Goyun the Pain Instigating Ball..."

    "Are you saying she used it?"

    Ha Goyun asked Kang Hyuk with a worried look.

    "D-did I do something wrong?"

    Kang Hyuk shook his head.

    "No. Well done. It was a proper punishment for those who commit such atrocious crimes."

    The Pain Instigating Ball was a self-defense weapon that fired a poisonous sting that stimulated a man's vital point. Unfortunately for the one hit, the poison was too powerful.

    'That warrior will never have erections anymore.'

    Kang Hyuk felt the need to stop before Ji Myung really beat the warrior to death. The man already lost his masculinity so it was too much to have him be beaten to death. He quickly caught Ji Myung by the back of his neck.

    "Stop, Demon Destroying Monk!"

    "B, but..."

    "I'll take care of it."

    Kang Hyuk's words were also wheezing Ji Myung.

    "I have to pull out these bastard's arms and legs...!"

    -Do you want me to smack your head?


    Although Kang Hyuk's telepathic message made him stop, Ji Myung seemed to have not vented his anger yet. Kang Hyuk saw Yu Aeah shivering.

    "I've seen you at the Academy. You are an Assistant Teacher, right? What is your name?"



    "Yu Aeah."

    "Yes, Assistant Teacher Yu. I remember now. You are an Assistant Teacher of Teacher Tang, right?"

    "Well, yes."

    "As you can see just now, that Ha Goyun is with the Demon Destroying Monk. You must have been crazy to delve in such a position."

    "Well, that's..."

    Yu Aeah had never thought of that. Ji Myung was a notorious Elder known as the Crazy Dog in Hwachun Clan. There was no one who can stand right in front of him. Kang Hyuk then continued.

    "If you admit your guilt, I will not kill you."

    "A-are you sparing me?"

    "Only if you admit your guilt."