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    In a dark alley.

    "Ugh! Ugh!"

    Ha Goyun immediately noticed what situation she was in. She was kidnapped. Otherwise, her hands wouldn't be behind her back while her mouth wouldn't be gagged

    "Now, is that enough?"

    The woman next to her then said to the big man who grabbed her.

    "Good work."

    Ha Goyun saw her. She was the woman who had a scuffle with Byuk Aerin in front of the Tailoring Shop earlier.

    'She said her name was Yu Aeah, right? So she's the one who kidnapped me?'

    Goyun clenched her teeth after realizing who it was.

    "So, what are you going to do with this kid?" asked the big man, and Yu Aeah laughed in response.

    "Well? Let me see I wanted to see that woman kneeling and begging in front of me earlier, but I changed my mind."


    "I want to see something more miserable. How would she react in front of the child's corpse?"

    "'re gonna kill this kid?"


    "That's cruel. How can you kill an innocent child?"

    "You can go if you don't want to, but you're the one who kidnapped the kid. Remember that."

    "Damn it! You're an Assistant Teacher of the Academy! An Assistant Teacher is still a Teacher! How can you even do something like this?!"

    "You think I became an Assistant Teacher because I like it? I just do it because I can find a good marriage partner this way."


    "It's okay. We're against a powerless cook and some girl on the street anyway. Haha."


    "You killed one before, didn't you? What's the difference between killing a single person and two people? Is the feeling still vivid?"

    "Ugh, okay! We can kill her!"

    Ha Goyun turned white at the conversation.

    'Am I going to die?'

    Several people came to her mind. Her brother Ha Gojun, who regards all sacrifices as joy for her dead parents and her, and his guardian, Ji Myung...


    Come to think of it, there was a present Ji Myung gave her. He gave her a bracelet saying, "I'm scared of the world these days, so keep it." He said that since he was wearing it on his wrist for self-defense. She then recalled Ji Myung's words.

    "Never, I mean, never use it unless you are kidnapped or threatened with your life. That's the only time you can use this."

    And it seemed now was the time to use the bracelet. She then remembered the method that Ji Myung told her.

    'After pointing the bracelet at the opponent, he told me to cover the small hole in the back with the finger and repeat it five times, right?'

    Fortunately, her hand was behind her back, so she could point the bracelet at the man standing behind her without being seen. She repeated slowly and calmly, but quickly, blocking the hole in the bracelet with her finger and removing it. It was when she repeated it exactly five times. She heard something as if the wind were blowing. And...


    The man behind her groaned. The effect was very fast.


    The man began to scream painfully.

    "What's wrong all of a sudden?"

    It must have been extremely painful, as he lost grip on Ha Goyun before rolling across the floor.


    The man couldn't speak properly and just screamed. His eyes were upside down, holding his crotch. For Ha Goyun, now was the opportunity.

    "You dare-!"

    She tried to run away but was soon caught by Yu Aeah. She was not only Tang Euna's Assistant Teacher, but she was also a Martial Artist. Ha Goyun was unfortunately not skilled enough to run away from her.

    "You bitch!"

    Yu Aeah raised her hand at Ha Goyun. A slap soon rang out in the alley. It hurt her but Ha Goyun clenched her teeth and glared at her.

    "Don't you dare stare at me."

    And again, Yu Aeah lifted her hand and sent it towards Ha Goyun.

    'No- Aerin...'

    Unfortunately for her, she couldn't swing her hand. It was because she had a sharp weapon stuck on her wrist.


    "What is going on here?"

    A red-haired woman, dressed in red, entered the alley. It was Byuk Aerin.


    Yu Aeah was strangely caught in Byuk Aerin's eyes. Not even the voice came out.

    'What, what is it? I have felt it before... I don't remember. I'm sure I've felt this before!'

    With the frozen Yu Aeah, Byuk Aerin called Ha Goyun.



    Ha Goyun quickly ran to Byuk Aerin, with Byuk Aerin freeing her soon after.

    "I'm sorry I came late."

    "Thank you for coming, either way."

    Only then did tears begin to flow from Ha Goyun's eyes, perhaps relieved. Byuk Aerin wiped away her tears with her hands.


    Then, Ha Goyun screamed. Byuk Aerin became angry at Ha Goyun's red swollen cheeks and torn lips. She saw a big man rolling on the ground. Looking at the clothes, he was a warrior of Hwachun Clan.

    "A warrior of Hwachun kidnapped..."

    Something was strange. Even if Ha Goyun was learning martial arts, she could not have made a Hwachun Clan warrior grimace like that.

    "What happened? Can you tell me?"

    Ha Goyun nodded at Byuk Aerin's question.

    "She wanted to get you to kneel before her, but she changed her mind, and she tried to kill me to make you cry."

    "Is that so?"

    "So I used the bracelet that Bhante gave me, and that's what happened to him."

    Byuk Aerin saw Ha Goyun's bracelet.

    'This It's the Pain Instigating Ball.'

    It was obvious. It was an anti-criminal bracelet made by Ji Chulmook. She heard that it was so effective that it was discarded because it turned a man into a snort, but she didn't know that Ji Myung still had it.

    It was because of that bracelet that Goyun was alive, but Aerin couldn't leave them be anyway.

    They dared to go after Ha Goyun, making her traumatized and almost failing to fulfill the master's orders.

    " dare come after this poor little child?"

    Ha Goyun trembled at Aerin's anger even though the anger was not directed at her. Yu Aeah managed to shake off the energy that had tied her and shouted.

    "It's because you're a bitch! This is all because of you!"