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    The store they entered was not a regular one, but a place for people with a lot of money.

    That was why the employee was very courteous.

    "What are you looking for?"

    "I'm looking for a cloth to match this child."

    It was then.

    "Oh? Who is this? Ain't that Teacher Kang's cook?"

    Byuk Aerin looked back.

    A woman was standing there.

    "Who are you?"

    "What? You don't know me?"

    "Do I know you?"

    Aerin's question sent her into a rage.

    "Ugh! My name is Yu Aeah. Teacher Tang Euna's assistant!"

    "Oh, I see."

    Yu Aeah was annoyed by her nonchalant attitude. Nevertheless, Byuk Aerin didn't want to deal with her.

    Just by listening to the tone of her voice, it was clear that she was picking a fight with Aerin. From that, she was avoiding such disputes.

    'If you're on your way, just go, little girl.'

    If she was to keep picking on Aerin, Aerin wasn't sure what she'll do to her. That's why she wanted to avoid any quarrels. But surprisingly, Yu Aeah kept mocking her, unaware of what Byuk Aerin was thinking.

    "You're just a cook but you're trying to shop at that store?"

    Byuk Aerin ignored her words and continued to go inside.

    "With that bum?"

    Byuk Aerin then bit her lips. Ha Goyun's fist clenched as she realized that that 'bum' was her. Yu Aeah didn't know how hurtful those words were to Ha Goyun. Ha Goyun, who lived in a wealthy family before, was not wearing rags because she wanted to.

    To make matters worse, the store clerk's facial expression changed slightly at the word 'cook'.

    It was obvious that Byuk Aerin was a beauty, but her job was a cook, and she had a girl in rags with her.

    No matter how hard they thought about it, there was no fabric cheap enough for them to buy. And so, the employee thought about how to make them go back without making the other party feel offended.

    It was purely because of the owner's policy that the employee didn't drive them out.

    The owner always said, 'Never judge a book by its cover! The true treasure is usually wrapped in rags.'

    "But I don't know if there's a fabric you can buy there? It's quite expensive."

    Byuk Aerin couldn't understand why Yu Aeah was picking on her. Even Ha Goyun was brought along in the mocking session.

    "Aerin, I'm fine," Ha Goyun said.

    "I don't mind making clothes with cheap cloth. We can go somewhere else."

    With Ha Goyun saying this, Aerin knew she couldn't back down anymore. Moreover, it was the order of her master Kang Hyuk who ordered to make her clothes. Buying cheap cloth for the order was an act of degrading her master. Her master did not send her for cheap clothes.

    'I can't bring disgrace to Master.'

    Byuk Aerin then said with a smile, "Goyun, it's all right. You can buy whatever you want here. Let's ignore that ugly woman's words."

    Yu Aeah became infuriated when she heard directly that she was ugly.

    "What, what?"

    "Did you hear something? Why don't you go on your way?"

    "You need to show some respect! How dare a cook be disrespectful against a teacher's assistant?!"

    "It was you who were disrespectful in the first. If that's the case, why should I be polite?"

    Yu Aeah realized that Byuk Aerin, who was arguing back, was a stronger foe than she thought.

    She didn't like Byuk Aerin.

    Because she was not a teacher, she could not enter the ranks of the Five Flowers, the most popular female teachers of Hwachun Academy. But she was always ranked in the Five Small Flowers that targetted people other than teachers.

    However, after Byuk Aerin was recently hired as a cook, her rank, which was the lowest within the Five Small Flowers, was in danger.

    For her, beauty was power. She didn't want to lose it to a cook.

    'You should be stuck in the house like a cook! Why are you wandering around...'

    She was sickened by those who glanced at Byuk Aerin's beauty. And so, she tried to humiliate her by using her identity...

    'Why isn't she embarrassed? Why! Why?'

    It was then.

    "What is the commotion?"

    From above came the owner. The employee then bowed down quickly.

    "Hello, sir."

    "What's going on?"

    "Well, uh."

    The employee pointed at Byuk Aerin and Yu Aeah outside the shop, and the owner, who noticed the cause, coughed in vain.

    "Well, I don't know what this is all about, but this is a store where other people have to come, so if you can quiet down."

    "Oh, I see. I'm sorry."

    Byuk Aerin turned her head and apologized coolly since she knew that what she did was wrong.


    "Wha-! Y-you are."

    Byuk Aerin's red hair scared the owner and instantly made him short-winded.

    "Byu Byuk Byuk"

    Byuk Aerin noticed that the owner recognized her and quickly sent a telepathic message.



    The owner quickly closed his mouth with his hand and bent his back as if his nose was touching the ground.

    "What brings you down here in such a shabby place?"

    "I'm looking for a fabric to craft this child's clothes."

    "I see, I see. I presume you're looking for the best. It seems that she trains in martial arts. I assume that it should be a strong but soft fabric. As comfortable as possible, right?"

    "Of course."

    "And how old is the child?"

    "I'm 12 years old."

    Ha Goyun's reply was quickly followed by the owner of the store.

    "Then...I'll include pink cloth!"

    Not only the employee but also Yu Aeah, who was standing outside, was surprised and speechless.

    Especially Yu Aeah, who was very surprised.

    The owner of the store Byuk Aerin entered was a man famous for his pride. It was shocking to see him stooping down as if he were going to break his back.

    'What, what is it?'

    Yu Aeah realized. She had been defeated.

    But she didn't back down here. She remembered that Byuk Aerin's face had changed when she told the girl next to her that she was a bum.

    'So that girl must be precious to her, right?'

    She wanted to see Byuk Aerin kneeling before her.

    She grinned. She then thought of someone to ask for help and hurried out of the store.

    Byuk Aerin saw the back of Yu Aeah. Then, she slightly frowned.

    'What is she trying to do?'

    In the light of the countless people she had seen so far, a woman like Yu Aeah did not easily give up. It was certain that she'll go after her again.

    Byuk Aerin seriously contemplated.

    'If she comes again...should I kill her?'