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    "A gladiator ring and a brothel? Both are tough places to live in."

    "Anyways, we don't know when he'll get into trouble. Tell your boys to keep an eye on him while he's in Nakyang."


    "Then again, he's not a type to listen to words."

    "Hahaha. That's true."

    Not long after, Shim Gu tilted his head as he pondered over something.

    "By the way."


    "Didn't Jimyung build a hermitage in Soong Mountain and live there?"

    "He did."

    "If so, why did he come to Nakyang when it would be more comfortable to live in the hermitage? Isn't the only reason why he likes Nakyang is because of the brothels and the alcohol? Otherwise, he would abhor coming to Nakyang than like the place."

    "Let's ask him that, then," Kang Hyuk pondered over Shim Gu's words and replied not long after.

    "What? Ah...yes." Shim Gu nodded.

    Shim Gu answered briefly because they felt Jimyung's presence nearby.

    A while ago at Hwachun Academy.

    Kang Hyuk told Byuk Aerin, "Aerin, go get Jimyung. Don't let him make any more mess while he's asking where I am."


    After a while.

    "Ouch! Aerin! You're going to pull off my ear!"

    A loud noise resounded not long after.

    Kang Hyuk and Shim Gu laughed at what they saw over the shallow walls of the house.

    It was because Byuk Aerin was pulling on Jimyung's ear.

    "Shut up and follow me!"

    "Ugh. I'm a monk! As well as an old man!"

    "You know that already, but you still look for alcohol at an academy cafeteria? Are you crazy? If you're an elder, then act like one!"

    "I was just trying to teach them the ways of drinking!"

    "You? Teaching them how to drink? Don't be ridiculous!"

    Kang Hyuk seemed to know the whole situation that happened a while ago.

    Following Jimyung's energy, it was at the cafeteria at the academy. With that, Aerin went in just as Jimyung was looking for an alcoholic beverage. Byuk Aerin, who couldn't just let him be, brought Jimyung here instead.

    Well, that's what it seemed to be at least.

    "Did the Demon Destroying Monk cause trouble again?"

    When asked by Kang Hyuk, Jimyung was taken aback as he glanced at Kang Hyuk's countenance. Kang Hyuk sighed in response. As expected, it was Jimyung with no sign of yesterday's gloom.

    Where was yesterday's gloom? As soon as the day had passed, he had already returned to the old Jimyung?

    'I mean, people don't change...I think I've become strange because I don't hate Jimyung for that!'

    "Sir! See you again today."

    "Hello, Sir."

    Ha Gojun and Ha Goyun were standing next to Jimyung as they followed him here.

    "Yes, good to see you."

    Byuk Aerin was in her young look. Surprisingly, Ha Gojun and Ha Goyun had unsurprised looks on their faces, even though she was a young woman and grabbed on Jimyung's ear.

    "Aerin, what if others see..."

    With Shim Gu's worried look, Byuk Aerin looked at Jimyung with a frown.

    "It's all right. Everyone is afraid of being seen while Jimyung is infuriated, so everyone hid."


    Kang Hyuk seemed to know why Ha Gojun and Ha Goyun were not surprised. It was because they felt more relieved than surprised.

    The young Ha Goyun and Ha Gojun were still in the dark of the situation in Murim, so they did not yet know exactly about Jimyung's position in Murim.

    It seemed to them that Jimyung was just an old monk who did some Murim work in the past.

    Kang Hyuk thought it was a bit of a relief.


    Deuk tilted his head and looked at the new guests. Unlike ordinary dogs, Deuk was a spiritual wolf, so he was quite smart. After seeing their impressions, he decided whether he should express caution or friendliness. They seemed not to be a person to be wary of, given that his master was not on the verge of life and death.

    "Woof! Woof!"

    He soon barked with his tail low.

    "He's so cute!"

    Ha Goyun, who ran to Deuk, stroked Deuk's fur.

    "What's your name?"

    "He's called Deuk."

    "You're Deuk! Nice to meet you. My name is Ha Goyun."

    Looking at it, Kang Hyuk saw Ha Goyun's worn coat and trousers.

    Even the size of the clothes didn't seem to fit well. It just seemed that she had dressed up roughly.

    'It would be nonsense to expect Jimyung to take interest in her clothes.'

    At this rate, she was going to be spending the summer with those clothes.

    It was unacceptable for Ha Dukyung's granddaughter, who was a close friend, to walk around in such clothes.

    He was able to retain the position of a weary and irritated blind man because of Ha Dukyung.

    It was because Ha Dukyung used to silently listen to Kang Hyuk's complaints, even though he was very proud.

    Kang Hyuk then told Byuk Aerin, "Aerin, take Goyun to Midtown, buy some nice fabrics, and have them sewed up. They should get some decent clothes."

    "Yes, teacher." Byuk Aerin immediately bowed her head and held Ha Goyun's hand.

    "Let's go and buy some materials to make clothes."

    "Materials for making clothes?"

    "Yes. Your clothes are old, so we'll make new ones. The clothes will be made by Maid Chu."


    Ha Goyun's face clearly brightened at the response. She was old enough to know what good things were.

    Why wouldn't she want to have good clothes when she's still a little girl? She was just thinking about Jimyung's thoughts.

    'She couldn't ask for new clothes because she was already thankful enough for being kept around.'

    Kang Hyuk felt sorry for her. It seemed that Ha Gojun had the same way of thinking, so he bowed at Kang Hyuk.

    "Thank you, Sir!"

    "It's not much difficult for me. And from now on, try to call me Teacher, not Sir. I prefer the title Teacher since I am a teacher at Hwachun Academy."

    "Okay, Teacher."

    Not long after, a huge pile of documents on two legs walked into the house.

    "Uh...Teacher, are you here?"

    It was Chun Haekwang's voice. Chun Haekwang entered the house with a huge pile of papers.

    "What are you holding?"

    "These are the documents we have to report above by the end of this month."

    "That's all?"

    "Yes. I heard from the other assistants that this is nothing, and now we're going to have more paperwork- Whoa!"

    Surprisingly, Chun Haekwang lost his balance and stumbled. Fortunately, Ha Gojun, who was standing next to him, quickly supported him.

    "Are you alright? Let me help you."

    "Oh, thank you."

    "Please give me half of it. I'll help move it for you."


    Chun Haekwang then handed Ha Gojun about half the documents he was holding.

    Ha Gojun looked at the documents he had filled and became curious about them academically. With that in mind, he told Ha Goyun.

    "I will be here, so you should go with Aerin."

    "Then, shall we go?"

    "Yes, Sis!"