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    Kang Hyuk soon answered the question.

    "The shovels, which use stems from the bend, include the oblique and green shovels. An oblique shovel is the usage of old branches, which are collected and stored in autumn, and then used in early spring. Green shovels, on the other hand, are used during the rainy summer season to take advantage of new branches."

    There was another question after his explanation.

    "Then, did you collect and store the items you are using for the exercise last fall?"

    Kang Hyuk replied, "Of course."

    Of course, his answer was only half true.

    Since Kang Hyuk was hired as a horticulture teacher last spring, he could not have collected and stored branches for an oblique shovel.

    'Good thing I know a place with branches suitable for oblique shovels.'

    One of those places he knew was Baekyang Gorge in Soong Mountain, where Kang Hyuk brought compost.

    "This branch is a branch from a fig tree."

    The branch was white, perhaps because it was in Baekyang Gorge, but it did not affect the students' attention.

    "I'll demonstrate how it's done, so watch carefully."

    Kang Hyuk soon lifted a small dagger and cut off a twig with a couple of leaves.

    Some of the students with high visual acuity thought that something was glistening in Kang Hyuk's dagger.


    The branch soon fell off, and then Kang Hyuk picked it up. He placed it under the moist soil of a square pot prepared by Chun Haekwang, pressing on it slightly.

    Then, he picked up the paper he had prepared next to him and said,

    "Now place the paper on top of the soil so that the moisture doesn't fly away..."

    It was then.




    The students had curious looks on their faces. Soon, a student raised his hand and asked.

    "Teacher! Is it supposed to grow that fast?"

    "What are you talking about?"

    "That branch that Teacher planted, it's growing now."

    At those words, Kang Hyuk looked at the fig tree branch he had planted and sighed.

    He planted it because it was as small as a finger, and it had grown to the size of his forearm before he knew it.

    It usually takes a month to get enough root after the sapling.

    Aside from that, the fig branch Kang Hyuk obtained was not normal.


    Kang Hyuk soon understood the reason.

    He noticed a faint glimmering light at the end of the branch he cut off.

    The light soon disappeared, but a new branch began to emerge again from the main branch.

    Kang Hyuk's energy contained the energy of nature, which is also the energy of growth.

    'I think I was too focused while swinging the dagger?'

    Rather than panicking, he spoke calmly to the students.

    "What are you so surprised about? You must be able to do this to become true warriors. Hahahaha."


    "Let's move on to the next one."

    Baek Munji sighed.

    'Are you happy?'

    Tang Somun had been in a good mood lately. Of course, Tang Somun wasn't always smiling from the beginning.

    There wasn't much to laugh at for someone who used to be teased for his poor stepping skills.

    However, he had been smiling ever since he saw Su Suntae, the same class year, returning with a normal form.

    Maybe he thought that it was a relief.

    'Nevertheless, it's amazing. I can't believe the school is quiet even though the students took those drugs.'

    Baek Munji, as a member of a family dealing with information, was completely different from Tang Somun in the way he approached an event.

    Tang Somun just liked that the student was not punished and was safe, but Baek Munji wondered how it went.

    However, the story was not immediately clear. All he could tell was that Su Suntae had recently accompanied several other students on a special mission led by Elder Shim Gu.

    'So, Teacher Kang Hyuk was absent as well? Well, from the start, Teacher Kang knew about this. Then...'

    It was then clear that Kang Hyuk was at the center of this incident.

    But then, there was something else that Baek Munji was more curious about.

    Su Suntae doesn't have a strong perfume scent around him anymore.

    The fact that he used strong perfume was that his body started to rot due to side effects.

    But after the mission, he could not smell the scent of perfume anymore.

    He had no way to explain it, but that did not change the fact that the rotting place might have been cured.

    Baek Munji continued to look at Kang Hyuk as he held the class.

    His suspicion regarding him was deepening.

    'I'm very sure Teacher Kang is not an ordinary teacher! There must be something different about him!'




    Then, the students made a strange noise, and Baek Munji raised his head to see what was going on.


    His suspicion was assured on the fig tree branch, which began to grow at a blistering speed as soon as it was sown.

    No matter how competent a horticulturist is, it didn't make sense.

    'Who is he, really?'

    Nevertheless, there was no doubt about his identity.

    Su Suntae wasn't kicked out as promised to Tang Somun.

    'A teacher, who keeps his word... Is it...?'

    His true identity was still unknown, but a strange sense of trust began to emerge.

    Baek Munji's curiosity was aroused.

    'I'm still curious about who he is, though.'

    In no time, the class was over as Kang Hyuk, who left Chun Haekwang to clean up the mess, returned to his official residence.

    "Big Brother!"

    At the house was Shim Gu, who dressed like cleaning staff.

    "You're here."

    "Woof woof!"

    Deuk soon greeted Kang Hyuk.

    "Yes. Have you been doing well?"


    "I see. Go and continue playing."

    Deuk then approached the morning glory on the flower bed and began to play with the wiggling morning glory vines.

    "So, what brings you here?"

    Kang Hyuk then asked Shim Gu. In response, Shim Gu replied with a serious look, "I felt the energy of Jimyung in Nakyang yesterday."

    "Oh, yes. He came to Nakyang last night."

    "I see. Was there any trouble? Don't you always get into trouble when he's in Nakyang?"

    "Yes. Actually, Jimyung tried to stay in a brothel."

    "In a brothel?"

    "So, I dragged him out and took him to Chewsung House in uptown."

    "I heard that you showed up in the red-light district yesterday, but I didn't know that that happened. Then again, it's not the first time he's been near the brothels..."

    Kang Hyuk noticed what he was implying.

    He was asking why Kang Hyuk had just rushed to catch him with such a petty thing.

    "Yes, he did a few times before, but he's a monk. It doesn't do him any good."

    "That's true."

    "Also, Jimyung brought two kids along."

    "You mean Jimyung has pupils?"

    "Yes, they were sold to traffickers but was rescued by him. Those two kids are brother and sister. The brother was sold to the gladiator ring, while the sister was sold to the brothel."