Inheriting Billions After Being Retrenched Chapter 600

    Chapter 600: Luo Qiaoming Is So Good

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    Meng Ying heard the excited screams of the women, frowned, subconsciously raised her head and glanced forward, and then hit an overly delicate and beautiful face.

    The man has black hair and dark eyes, clean lines, two loose buttons on his shirt, full of noble character.

    She breathed slightly, her eyes flashed with surprise for a moment.

    Meng Ying turned her head and couldn't help but softly ask the agent beside her: "...Who is this man?"

    But before the agent could answer, Meng Ying watched the man who made her look amazing and walked towards Luo Qiao, holding her hand.

    Meng Ying paused, the expression on her face froze.

    At the same time, the agent next to him also spoke: "He is Ming Siran, the president of the Ming Group, Luo Qiao's boyfriend." At this point, the agent's voice paused: "No, now It should be the fianc, he has proposed to Luo Qiao."

    Meng Ying looked at them, the man was lowering his head and talking to Luo Qiao, his profile was soft, his slightly raised peach blossom eyes had a smile, and his eyebrows were written with gentleness.

    She seemed to notice someone's gaze, raised her eyes and looked in this direction. Meng Ying clearly felt that the moment he met his gaze, a numbing electric current swept through her body, but the next second, the man calmly withdrew The sight, as if only seeing a cloud of air.

    Ming Siran came to pick him up. Of course, Luo Qiao was in his car, and arranged for the boy group brothers. After Luo Qiao bid farewell to the staff, she left with him.

    Handsome men and beautiful women, the two even wrote that they matched their backs.

    "They are in a good relationship. Sister Qiao is such a little woman in front of Ming's father, so ooh, I am so envious."

    "Really, it's a fairy love..."

    Surrounded by the little girls suppressing excited discussions, even if Gao, Fu, Shuai and Bai Fumei are still childhood sweethearts, the two are really enviable.

    Meng Ying listened to them chattering next to her. She was stimulated by Luo Qiao all day. The unspeakable irritability in her heart reached the peak at this moment. She felt that her whole heart was soaked in acid water. , Depressed, jealous, like a cat scratching her heart, scratching a **** path.

    "It's really different from other people, Luo Qiaoming is really good..." The agent looked at the direction they left, and sighed.

    Meng Ying held her mobile phone, and thought of the praise from netizens to her. Her breath was choked and her face was deep, she turned and left.

    "Hey, wait for me." The agent was stunned, and quickly followed.


    Luo Qiaos excellent performance in this variety show surprised netizens. As soon as she opened Weibo, hot searches were all about her discussions. Compared with her, Meng Yings discussions were much smaller, and every time They were mentioned as the side being crushed by Luo Qiao.

    Meng Ying's fans were so angry that all they could do was frantically criticize.

    However, Luo Qiao's popularity did not last long. By the evening of the next day, the people on the hot search changed.

    ## This entry suddenly airborne, and quickly surpassed Luo Qiao to rise to the first place.

    Fu Ziming is the popular actor who stated that Luo Qiao is his goddess at the beginning of this variety show. He is very kind to Luo Qiao throughout the variety show. When Luo Qiao is highlighted, he has the biggest smile. , The applause is the most joyous, you can tell at a glance that it is Luo Qiao's true love fan.

    Even because he was too good to Luo Qiao in the show, many Meng Ying fans were dissatisfied with him in the barrage.