Inheriting Billions After Being Retrenched Chapter 599

    Chapter 599: See Who Will Pick You Up

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    Some passers-by who have a good impression of Meng Ying don't know what to say about Meng Ying's various mistakes today.

    [I feel that Meng Ying's condition today is a bit poor. .

    [Excuse me for the conspiracy theory, did the director ask her to behave a little bit so as to highlight Luo Qiao?

    [Is the barrage in front of me mentally retarded? What kind of state is not good, it is obviously that she is not capable of being crushed by Luo Qiao!

    [Before, I said that this is Meng Ying's home stadium. What about the people waiting for Meng Ying to beat Luo Qiao? Now let's see who is beating whom? Ok?

    On the screen, Luo Qiao was full of the breath of the eldest lady. She lightly held the dice cup, her eyebrows were bright and moving, delicate to every inch of her body.

    Next to her, Meng Ying did not apply makeup at all. Even if some netizens think that she is true and not pretentious to her own filter, compared with the brilliant Luo Qiao, the gap between the two is still visible to the naked eye.

    Meng Yings lips were dull, and she lost a bit from her complexion alone. She encountered Luo Qiaos facial features and temperament that she had never lost before. She stood there in sportswear, which could be called a shame. .

    Even if other actresses are dressed up, they are cruelly compared with Luo Qiao, not to mention Meng Ying, who appeared in plain makeup.

    It is simply looking for abuse.

    Meng Ying originally wanted to be blown up by a girl with strong learning ability, but she didn't want to overturn the car and be crushed by Luo Qiao in all directions.


    The show was filmed for a whole day, and when it was over, it was almost dark.

    Luo Qiao provided enough hot spots and topics, and her identity was placed there. At the end, not only was there a lot of staff who liked her, the director even chatted with her jokingly, expressing his desire to continue. The desire to cooperate with her.

    Luo Qiao listened to each other, and said with a faint smile: "In the future, these artists in our company will rely more on the director."

    The director hurriedly said: "Mr. Luo, you are too kind."

    Next to Meng Ying, there is only one agent by her side. Compared with Luo Qiao's lively place, her side looks much deserted.

    She took the phone with a cold face and swiped Weibo.

    At this time, there are already news on Weibo. The entry ## is ranked first in the hot search. Meng Ying clicked it easily. The first popular Weibo was Luo Qiaos various highlights. At any moment, click on the comment, not surprisingly, I was surprised and praised.

    Meng Ying looked at the first comment:

    [Woc, I thought Meng Ying was already very powerful, but Luo Qiao is the real god? ?

    Below were all comments surprised that Luo Qiao was much better than her.

    She has become a stepping stone completely.

    Meng Ying's face was ugly, and she just turned off the phone.


    Ahead, Luo Qiao glanced at her watch, and the director next to her saw what she meant, and immediately said: "It's not early, I won't leave Mr. Luo."

    Luo Qiao nodded, just about to take the boy group brothers away. At this moment, a younger brother beside her suddenly lit up and said, "Hey, President Luo, do you think who is coming to pick you up!"

    Luo Qiao was startled slightly, raised his eyes, and saw the car door closed, and the slender and tall man approached from the front.

    The sky was a bit dim at this time, and the figure looked hazy. Ming Siran was wearing a white shirt and black trousers, with one hand in the pocket of his trousers. He came from the front with a sloppy and lazy posture.

    The female staff's uncontrollable screams immediately sounded around.

    Luo Qiao's eyes shimmered when she saw the incoming person, and her face couldn't help but smile.