Inheriting Billions After Being Retrenched Chapter 598

    Chapter 598: Is It Really Not A Script?

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    As soon as these words came out, Meng Ying's back stiffened.

    Her character design in this variety show is strong hands-on ability, but she can't even do the one-handed shuffling just now, let alone the seemingly complicated flower cut.

    She had always been the admired ACE in various challenges before, but now everyones eyes are on Luo Qiao...

    Meng Ying was still holding a playing card in her hand, with a slight pressure on her fingers, and the slightly hard edge of the playing card pressed her fingertips white. She paused for a second and raised a smile, saying, "Miss Luo has always been better than me. Its awesome, but it doesnt matter what you read once and then you can do it, which is amazing."

    She looked at the main MC next to her, her eyes gleaming, and a look of expectation: "Is it possible that all the challenges Miss Luo Qiao can see once?"

    After being reminded by Meng Ying, the main MC was also curious. There were several talents with their own specialties standing beside him, so he looked at Luo Qiao, "Otherwise, Miss Luo will try another challenge again, let us grow long. experience?"

    Luo Qiao glanced at Meng Ying.

    Meng Ying met her gaze, smiled at her, and looked bright and unconcerned.

    I held it high, it was miserable when I fell down~

    The two looked at each other, and Luo Qiao looked away lightly.

    She hooked the corner of her mouth and said, "Okay."


    From the very beginning of Luo Qiao playing poker, netizens were in a state of surprise. The more they saw behind, the more speechless they became. Especially when Luo Qiao copied the complicated and complicated flower cuts exactly, they were so shocked. Question marks started.

    ? ? ? What's the matter with this sister?

    [Such a complicated flower cutting, you **** tell me she learned it after reading it?

    . . Isn't it a script?

    In the barrage, netizens were shocked and skeptical. Some couldn't believe what they saw. At this moment, seeing Meng Ying propose to let Luo Qiao try another challenge, and even hurriedly close to the screen. Luo Qiao really has this ability? No way.

    Several other talents in the field were playing dice, archery, and stunts. According to MC's requirements, they showed them in front of Luo Qiao.

    The so-called playing dice is to stand dice, and several dice are erected in a straight line.

    The master took a long dice cup, and in the eyes of everyone's surprise, he stacked a dozen of them at once.

    After he finished the performance, he smiled and looked at Luo Qiao.

    [What kind of stunt is this?

    Fans of Meng Ying are not convinced: If you dont believe Luo Qiao, you can watch it again. To tell the truth, it is arranged by the program group. In order to lick Luo Qiao, any person can be blown out...

    Luo Qiao walked over and took a long dice cup.

    At this time, the expert also added: "If you are practicing for the first time, just stack four stars first. If you practice more, I believe you will soon..."

    Quickly learn these words before he finished speaking, he saw Luo Qiao holding his long dice cup, skillfully and neatly containing a dozen dice into the dice cup, shaking skillfully, for a few seconds After planting, she stopped neatly and met everyone's gaze. She slowly opened it and saw a straight line folded with dice greeted everyone's eyes.


    Netizen: "..."

    Luo Qiao: Heh.

    In the next few other challenges, Luo Qiao did the same. She learned fast and well. At the beginning, Meng Yings fans were still barking, but after watching, the verbal and questioning voices gradually disappeared and replaced them. It was a row of 666 screens of passersby and netizens.

    After completing a few challenges, Luo Qiao said slowly and logically: "I heard that Miss Meng is also very capable of hands-on skills. I can't be the only one to perform. It's very simple to set up the dice. For the last picture, let's shoot the dice together ?"

    Luo Qiao's eyes were purer and brighter than Meng Ying just now.

    The main MC also thinks it is possible. He thinks that since Luo Qiao finished easily, Meng Ying shouldnt be too bad. After all, although Meng Ying looks inferior to Luo Qiao now, it was also because of his god-like learning ability. It is greatly appreciated by everyone.

    He immediately asked Meng Ying's opinion.

    Meng Ying and Luo Qiao looked at each other, and slowly pursed their lips. Luo Qiao said that setting up a dice is very simple. If she refuses, what will happen to her.

    Meng Ying slowly stepped forward. She looked at the dice and dice cup in front of her, recalling the scene of the expert shaking this, holding her breath. She thought, since Luo Qiao can do it, there is no reason she can't.

    As the host started, the two held the dice cup at the same time, and the dice hit the dice cup with a light sound. Within a few seconds, Luo Qiao stopped handsomely and looked up at the camera.

    The netizens staring at the screen were caught off guard by her prosperous beauty. Before they could react, they suddenly heard the sound of a crashing dice falling on the side.

    Everyone was stunned. At this moment, the camera turned to Meng Ying.

    I saw her in a mess and a mess.

    The air is quiet.

    Luo Qiao looked over lightly, his eyes swept across Meng Ying, whose face was blue and white, and she let out a leisurely voice: "Eh..."

    Comparing the two, Meng Ying was miserable.