In One Piece With Wood Style
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    In One Piece With Wood Style Chapter 17

    Chapter 17: 16. Entering the Florian Triangle

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    [Warning: chapter contains mentions of rough sex, anal sex, humiliation etc. You have been warned]

    (Next day)

    After taking Hancock back to Amazon Lily after our morning sex and bath, I was relaxing in the study of my mansion while enjoying a blowjob from Jasmine. I ponder on what to do about the CP9 agents. Since they only inflitrated the ship to investigate and only attacked to evade capture, I won't be injuring them but they won't go scot free either. And I couldn't interrogate them as my hypnotic drugs are not powerful enough to make agents trained for espionage forget about the interrogation. So I decided to just prank them in a way that makes them wish they never set foot on my ship.

    Some years ago my clones produced something just on a whim. I call it 'The Permanent Marker'. The difference with ordinary permanent markers is that the markings made by it are really permanent. It can't be washed or removed the traditional way. The only way to remove it is by scraping off the surface it is marked on. Eager to prank the with it I quickly finished in Jasmine's mouth and had her lick my penis clean.

    Then I quickly went to my ship's brig and started to draw on the three still drugged male agents faces while I gave Kalifa to my Kuja crew to work with, they dragged her off to a different room.

    After I finished with them, all three had different insults written on their forehead with curly mustache, eyebrows that extend at various angles, different tribal patterns etc. When the girls dragged back Kalifa her face was unmarked. When I inquired them they explained that all the markings are under her clothes. Seeing my curious look they undressed her infront of me and showed off their work. All I can say is that girls can be very cruel to other girls when they want to. There were degrading insults such as 'cum slut', 'ugly pig', 'fuck toy' etc written on her, there was even an 'insert here for free' with arrows pointing to her vagina and asshole, even her asshole was highlighted with concentric rings like a target, her asscheeks were scribbled with 'I love being spanked' etc. She won't be showing off her body to others anytime soon. Compared to them the insults I wrote were tame. I almost felt pity for her, then I remembered she was a agent that did numerous disgusting deeds for the World Government and will continue to do it and my pity vanishes.

    We left Water 7 at noon leaving the CP9 agents drugged in an abandoned warehouse. I would love to see their reaction when they wake up and that of Kalifa's when she realises she was not spared but had the worst of it.

    We are now some distance away from Water 7 and I am now in the Navigaton room discussing with Lavender our next destination. Since Florian triangle is a sretch of ocean between Water 7 and Fishman Island, to reach it we will have to follow the log pose to Fishman island till we reach a fog covered region of the ocean.

    After getting an estimated time of arrival of 2 weeks from Lavender and making sure that we are going in the correct direction I pull her to her cabin in the Navigation room.,

    [R-18 content]


    I ripped off her clothes and ordered her to get my dick ready, she tugged my pants down and proceeded to use her mouth, throat and tongue to make my dick stand up hard. When she got me to full mast I had her lay on her bed with her face burried in the pillows and her ass up in the air. Her pussy was already dripping so for 5 minutes I enjoyed thrusting into her honey pot. But her twitching asshole has captured my attention. My girls all have standing orders to keep their assholes clean and lubricated for me, so without further delay I pulled out of her vagina and rammed my 9 inch penis all the way into her twitching brown star till my hips slapped against her buttcheeks. I then proceeded to thoroughly use her butthole and pussy for half an hour while occasionaly spanking her and filled her up twice, once in each hole.

    Once I finished with her I then pulled her dazed face towards my penis and insert it into her mouth. That got her out of her daze and understanding my unspoken order she began to lick my penis clean even sucking out the last of my semen. I left Lavender's room with a satisfied smile. I then returned to training after a delicious lunch in my room.

    [R-18 content end]


    (One week later)

    It's been one week since we left Water 7. During my weekly visit to Skypiea, I found some time to grow 20, large one kilometer tall trees all with the toughness of steel one after other. The shop offered me 500 million beli for each tree so enough to say I quickly sold each as soon as I grew them. They netted me a total of 10 billion beli which is enough to start creating my army.

    Also during this week I finalised the designs for my Android Soldiers. I was able to scale it down from 6 meters to 4 meters. I designed it to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger from Terminator franchise but 4 meters in height. It has the same capabilities as the original Pacifistas like lasers, extremely tough alloys for resistance to damage etc. Since It cannot use Haki I added seastone coating to their hands to deal with devil fruit users. Hidden in their palms are a pair of impact dials for absorbing force and redirect it, these are interchangeable with other dials inside it's body like flame dial, string dial etc to adapt to different opponents. Their main weapon is the laser weapon in their mouth, additionally they can fire 10 smaller lasers from their fingers to target multiple opponents. They are also equiped with two sets of thrusters in the soles of their feet and palm of their hands for fight, with a maximum speed of just under mach 1. They will be also equiped with a lowest grade Meito as I had made thousands of these to practice blacksmithing. The CFR powering the Androids can continuously power them for years even during regular use.

    It is equiped with a basic intelligence only enough to follow orders efficiently, with a combat chip with different fighting styles stored in it's memory. They are also capable of using four of the Rokushiki techniques namely Soru, Geppo, Shigan, Rankyaku proficiently. They are programmed to only obey me permanently, but I can also give temporary command of them to my subordinates but even then my orders take precedence. I also took extreme precautions to prevent them from developing any advanced intelligence, so I can confidently say there won't be any AI insurrection under my watch.

    All of them will be equiped with a self destruct mechanism that can be automatically triggered if there is an attempt to tamper with it or study it, or it can be remotely triggered by me.

    As soon as I had finalised the design my clones have started creating parts and assembling them. It takes about a day to assemble one of them with 20 clones working on it. I will be adding additional clones I can produce from now on to this project to increase the production number and speed.

    Now I am testing the first of the T series androids named T-1. It looks exactly like a 4 meter tall young Arnold Schwarzeneggar with glowing red eyes in his outfit from Terminator 2: Judgement day with dark glasses. Even the voice is the same as in the film.

    I had T-1 spar with one of the humandrills. With the humandrill at the level of a Vice - Admiral and the android at the level of a Rear - Admiral the result was as expected the defeat of T-1. But due to the incredibly tough alloys used in it's creation it was able to last a few minutes. Next I tested out it's various weapons systems including lasers, flight systems, detection systems like facial recognition, short range RADAR, LIDAR etc, remote communications systems, etc. I also tested it's underwater capabilities against a random seaking and found it acceptable although the effectiveness and range of laser is halved underwater.

    The best part about my new army is I can carry them with me in my storage ring and deploy them around me instantly as I can retrieve anything from the ring to anywhere within a 100 meter radius of me. With the remaining space in the storage ring I can bring thousands of them with me. Though it will take years to produce that amount. And the first units produced will be used as security for the labs in my calm belt island, then for patroling my present and future territories.

    (One week later)

    It's been one week since the succesful test of my androids and them entering into production. I already have 8 of them patrolling my calm belt island.

    After one week of sailing we have entered Florian triangle. I took care to ignore any barrels floating in the ocean as I don't wan't to tangle with Moria unnecessarily. Though I will deal with him if he targets my ship. During this week I designed an underwater reconaissance drone and had my labs produce quite a number of them.

    They are shaped like a bullet about 1.5 meter long and .5 meter wide with a small propeller and fins for propulsion and maneuvering. They are powered by a CFR and contain various detection equipment like SONAR, underwater cameras with night vision, thermal vision etc. While the ship has better detection equipment it only has a range of 50 kilometers around the ship, so searching the whole Florian triangle which is a vast stretch of sea with only the ship's sensors will take months to years. But the drones can be remotely operated from the Captian's Room or the Navigation room and can drastically increase the scanning radius. The video feed from it can also be sent to the ship's signal receivers through an encrypted channel.

    I release all 50 of the drones from a launching and recovering bay I built on the bottom of the ship near the cargo hold on both sides, which opens underwater. So I began my search for the mystery of Florian triangle.

    (One week later)

    In this one week we searched 20 % of Florian triangle. Though no island sized creatures had been found yet.

    Now I am training with my crew and helping the Kuja crew members with their preffered fighting styles. They mainly focus on Haki, sword and bow, to complement this I also taught some Rokushiki techniques that they have the affinity to learn.

    It was then I got an alert from the sensors about an island sized object moving towards us. I order the crew to battle readiness and went to the main deck. Once there I used my observation Haki to it's current maximum range of 50 kilometers and spot a walled island floating towards us at the edge of my range. I was disappointed it was Thriller Bark and not the mysterious entity I came here for.

    Seems like I still ran into Moria even when I took care to avoid the trap barrel with a signal flare in it. Though I haven't met Brook yet. He should have gotten his shadow stolen by Moria and should be trapped here by now. Though I'm not much interested in him.

    I wait for the the island ship to come closer while pondering what to do with Moria and his subordinares.

    I decided to give Moria one chance to turn tail and run. If he ignores it I will have my humandrils deal with him and his crew as taking care of annoyances to their Boss is what minions do.

    He and his subordinates have some intresting devil fruits, devil fruits that I like to have in my collection. I hope Moria stays to fight after my warning.