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    Chapter 165 The Imperial Familys Tributary

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    Chapter 165 The Imperial Familys Tributary

    Ou Yangming was dumbfounded at the sight of his brothers from the military striding into the courtyard. His heart was pounding, and his face turned read.

    When he left the military camp and entered the prefecture by himself, he was ready to fight alone.

    Needless to say, it was not a reckless act from him because he believed that he was still valuable, so neither the Ni family nor the Fang family would ignore the matter.

    Nonetheless, Ou Yangming did not expect his comrades to show up.

    "Captain Wu, youre" Wu Guotu looked coldly at Ou Yangming and slowly reached out his hand to press the back of the young mans hand. He took the longsword, which was pointed at Third Young Master Liang. "This is the Middle Camps matter, so why are you dealing with it?"

    Before Ou Yangming could respond, Wu Guotu turned to face Liang Jinye and his brother and ordered loudly, "Raise your spears, kill!"

    Ou Yangming was stunned, and he cast a strange look at Wu Guotu. He finally realized that the captains killing nature was ten times stronger than his.

    The thirty soldiers advanced forward without any hesitation and attacked with their spears.

    Since they were Guards from the Middle Camp, they had a cultivation base of at least the peak of Force Grade Class Five. If only one soldier attacked, Liang Jinye and his brother would naturally disregard the soldier, but there were a bunch of them, and their violent auras instantly increased their might by ten times.

    Lin Jinye and his brother were even more afraid of the fact that the soldiers were tough men from the military.

    When Ou Yangming was alone, the brothers could cover up the matter through different ways even if they killed him in secret However, they were now faced with thirty soldiers.

    If they killed all of the soldiers, the consequences would be unbearable.

    "Retreat, retreat, quickly retreat!" Liang Jinye roared, then the other martial artists, who had come with him, turned and escaped without any delay. They never thought that they were going to be enemies with official soldiers.

    Nevertheless, a hail of arrows was shot in their direction when they had just run a few steps away.

    Although the martial artists were at least in Yin Grade and above, half of them were shot because they panicked. They managed to avoid getting shot in their vital points, but they fell down and lost their combat power. Liang Jinyes face changed, and he expressed aggressively, "What are you doing? Do you want to force us to revolt?"

    "Revolt? If youre so capable, try me!" Yu Hailiangs voice was heard from a distance away. It turned out that he and Wu Guotu were cooperating, they attacked in the dark and in the light respectively.

    Liang Jinyes face took on a ghastly expression. When he looked at his third son, who was covered in blood, he finally gritted his teeth and flashed with the intention of abandoning everyone else and escaping.

    Based on his strength as a Yin Grade powerhouse, nobody could stop him if he were to flee.


    Another hail of arrows was shot when Yu Hailiang gave the order.

    This time, most of the arrows were aimed at Liang Jinye. Liang Jinye shouted as he swayed his body. Lights were also seen in his hands as he blocked every arrow that was aimed at him. Following that, he glared furiously at Ou Yangming and the other people, then he soared into the sky.

    It was at that moment that a shadow descended from the sky and reached out a hand to place it on Liang Jinyes shoulder. An unbelievably mighty power gushed down to fix Liang Jinye on the spot.

    Despite that, instead of feeling panicked, Liang Jinye was surprised and delighted. "Tributary Chen!"

    Ou Yangming and the rest looked grim. In fact, even Wu Guotus face twitched a little.

    A Supreme Great Ancestor!

    The elder had just appeared, but he displayed his identity and strength as a Supreme Great Ancestor.

    He turned to scan everyone with a cold look, and the people who were looked at instantly felt a penetrating chill.

    Wu Guotu did a fist salute and said, "Tributary Chen, were killing the murderer of a soldiers family, please assist us!"

    Tributary Chen responded coldly, "Are you Deng Zhicais Guards captain?"


    "Okay, I wont blame you for the sake of Deng Zhicai." Tributary Chen then turned around to look at a dark spot. "Come out!"

    Yu Hailiang led his soldiers out from their hiding place, and he greeted the elder with a bow, "Im Guards Captain Yu Hailiang from the Immense Forest Military Camps South Camp. Greetings, Tributary Chen." "A Guards captain from the South Camp. Okay, since youre part of the Fang family, I wont blame you. Let me just ask you, do you know who they are?" Tributary Chen asked plainly.

    Wu Guotu was neither humble nor haughty when he answered, "Theyre Liang Jinye, Liang Jinling, and Liang Gaoyi from the prefecture."

    "Heh, since you know their names, do you know who theyre working for?"

    "I do. Theyre the imperial familys procurers, and theyre in charge of partial procurements for the imperial family."

    Ou Yangmings eyebrows twitched a little. It was then that he understood the weight of the words from the Ni familys Three Great Ancestors.

    If Ou Yangming wanted to know, they would have told him the truth; if Ou Yangming did not want to know, the Ni familys great ancestors were still going to support him even though they would offend the imperial family.

    Countless thoughts crossed Ou Yangmings mind at that moment. Why are the Ni familys Three Great Ancestors willing to pay such a huge price?

    Before he could figure it out, a pair of fierce eyes was locked on him.

    "Since you know theyre the imperial familys procurers, how dare you kill them? Heh, do you not regard the imperial family at all?" Tributary Chen then fixed his gaze on Ou Yangming and said, "How dare a little devil like you be so cruel? What are you going to become when youre older?"

    Subsequently, he reached out and waved to grab a stone in his hand. A pop was heard as the stone was crushed, and he flicked the crushed stone to shoot it fast at Ou Yangming.

    The tributary was a Supreme Great Ancestor, after all. Even though it was just a crushed stone, it was mighty as it was shot out from his hand, and it was not inferior to an explosive arrow at all.

    Besides, the tributary immediately found the source of everything as soon as he showed up. An ordinary Yin Grade martial artist would not be able to dodge the attack at all.

    That said, Wu Guotu, who was next to Ou Yangming, yelled and turned his hand to retrieve his military saber and slashed.

    "Bang-"A deafening sound was heard, then Wu Guotu staggered backward, but he managed to stop the stone.

    Tributary Chens face darkened. "Youre ignorant. Do you really think that I wont kill


    Wu Guotu responded after he found his footing, "You can obviously kill me since youre the imperial familys tributary, but as long as Im alive, I wont let my brother in the military get hurt!".

    "Brother in the military?" Tributary Chen sneered. "Hes not from the Middle Camp, is he?"

    "Anyone from the Immense Forest Military Camp is a brother to me!" Wu Guotu replied to him sternly.

    Tributary Chen looked coldly at him, but despite his fearsome aura, Wu Guotu was not going to compromise.


    In terms of strength only, Wu Guotu was naturally far from Tributary Chen, but there was a more powerful being behind Wu Guotu, thus Tributary Chen was forced to give in. Tributary Chen scoffed. "Forget it, since Im already here, you should stop this absurdity."

    Wu Guotus face twitched, and he finally said, "As you wish."


    However, Ou Yangming stepped forward and expressed "The Liang family harmed a soldiers family and forcibly occupied their house. If you let them go, its against heavenly principles!"

    Wu Guotus face changed, and he quickly uttered, "Lil Ou, dont speak nonsense!"

    Ou Yangming stood tall like a mountain, and he stared at Wu Guotu with his lightning eyes. "Captain Wu, today, Jiang Jiumei was forced to run away from home because she was bullied. Does that mean that the family members of the other soldiers, who died carrying out a duty, will one day be treated like that too?"

    Wu Guotu was stunned, and he swallowed his words before he was able to let them out.

    Ou Yangmings eyes were glowing, and his voice spread far and wide.

    "I want everyone to know that the families of my brothers in the military, whether theyre still alive or have died in the battlefield, will live very well!" Ou Yangmings voice was resounding. "I, Ou Yangming, am willing to be their backup and support! Those who bully a soldiers family will not be sparedthey must be killed!"

    "They wont be spared!

    "They must be killed!

    "They wont be spared! They must be killed!"

    The fifty soldiers from the Middle Camp and the South Camp stuck out their chest and roared.

    In the beginning, they sounded rather messy, but they soon spoke uniformly, and their voices echoed in the courtyard.

    Tributary Chen looked incredibly displeased, and he suddenly sneered. "Killed? Id like to see who will be killed in the end!"

    He flashed and disappeared from his spot.

    Wu Guotus face changed. He called out while he wielded his saber.

    He acknowledged Ou Yangming to be a gifted person, whose cultivation speed was extremely fast, but he knew that he was just a Yin Grade martial artist.

    Therefore, Wu Guotu knew that Ou Yangmings chance of surviving a Supreme Great Ancestors sudden attack was very low.

    Wu Guotu gave his all as he attacked. Though he might not succeed and he had to risk offending a Supreme Great Ancestor, he did it without complaint or regret.

    At the same time, many soldiers raised their spears and charged at the enemy, whose shadow could almost not be seen.


    Countless spears were shot out, but the soldiers fell hard to the ground, and they could not get up for some time.

    The Supreme Great Ancestor used his power wonderfully. He did not really injure the soldiers, but the soldiers would have to stay on the ground for some time before they could get up

    He moved his hand to flick another crushed stone at Wu Guotus saber. As a result, the saber-light stopped, and the saber of the powerful Yang Grade martial artist was actually flicked away by a small stone from the Supreme Great Ancestor.

    Followed by that, Tributary Chen reached out to grab Ou Yangming. This young fella talks really big. Does he think that hell be able to survive comfortably by giving a stirring speech?

    Hmph, if hes not capable enough, he shouldnt do something thats beyond his capability!

    That being said, just as Tributary Chen attacked with his palm, Ou Yangming shifted strangely and dodged him during the crucial moment.

    At the same time, Ou Yangming kicked with the tip of his toes and grabbed a spear. The scenes of when Chen Yifan wielded the spear in the past appeared in his mind.

    Ou Yangming lifted his hand, and his spear turned into a giant dragon that advanced toward Tributary Chen in monstrous waves.