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    Chapter 162 Just Do It

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    Chapter 162 Just Do It

    "General, this is bad"

    In the military camp, Li Xinfan, the Middle Camps commander, glanced at the Guards captain beside him and said, "Leshui, why are you panicking? The sky isnt falling." Wang Leshui furrowed his eyebrows and asked, "General, are you going to let them leave the camp as they wish? Are you not going to restrain them?"

    A normal soldier would not dare to speak to Li Xinfan in a questioning tone. However, not only was Wang Leshui the generals Guards captain, but they also shared a different relationship because they were like brothers. As such, Wang Leshui did not have to hold back.

    Li Xinfan could not help but laugh and responded, "Im not their direct general, so how can I stop them?"

    "But theyre in the Prefecture Military Camp now!" Wang Leshui debated, "The imperial family is trying to find fault with us, arent you letting them have something on us by doing this? Did you forget who the Liang family is?"

    Li Xinfan shook his head and said, "I know that the Liang family is the imperial familys chess piece in Linlang County, but so what? Theyve indeed done something wrong. Besides, they offended three generals in the Immense Forest Military Camp at the same time. Hehe, Im already giving them face by not getting involved. Moreover The fact that they bullied a soldiers family makes ones hair stand on end, and everyone in the military is already viewing them as a common enemy. If I stopped the soldiers earlier, Id definitely lose my reputation!" There was a flash of luster in his eyes.

    Wang Leshui was stunned for a while before he said, "Sir, youre right."

    "Since were in the military, we have to sit upright. If I handle things unfairly and disappoint the soldiers, Im afraid that theyll abandon me when I need them to risk their lives while performing their duties in the future." Li Xinfan chuckled.

    "Sir, youre very wise. I only thought about how we should fear the imperial family, but I forgot about how our brothers would think." Wang Leshuis face reddened.

    Li Xinfan curled his lips into a bright smile and said, "You dont actually have to worry too much because it wont be a big issue."

    Wang Leshui was surprised. "Sir, how do you know?"

    "The leader behind this is clearly a smart person, so he should know when to stop," Li Xinfan explained slowly.

    "Sir, according to what I heard, he has already killed two men," Wang Leshui asked in confusion.

    "The men he killed were from the Liang family, and they were protectors who jointly attacked the squad leader. As for the constable and soldiers who guarded the gate, were any of them injured?" Wang Leshuis eyes lit up. "Youre right, he has a good sense of propriety indeed."

    "Hmph, its not just because he has a good sense of propriety," Li Xinhan commented, "I heard that the Ni family and the Fang family actually had a small conflict when Ou Yangming arrived at the prefecture. Hehe, the nearest gate from the prefecture to our camp is actually the small southwest gate, but they came out from the west gate. Think about it, which clan has influence around the west


    "The Ni family," Wang Leshui answered.

    "Yes. The fella seemes ruthless, but he knows to take advantage of someone elses force. Once his companion was captured, he didnt just go to save him. The fella also killed the attackers at the speed of light to set a reputation for himself and to destroy the enemies mental line of defense, then he proceeded to save his companion." Li Xinfan paused for a while before he continued, "Later on, instead of continuing the fight, the fella sent his injured companion to a safe place, and he only carried on with his plan when he had no worries."

    Li Xinfan shook his head and remarked, "Its rare that hes only so young, but hes experienced and vicious when he deals with matters. He has a bright and promising future!"

    Wang Leshuis face changed as he wondered, "The generals remark for the young fella is a bit too high, isnt it?

    Li Xinfan gazed into the distance as though he looked through the limitless space ahead and saw the young fellow, who was already far away.

    Instead of returning the way he came, Ou Yangming entered through the small southwest gate.

    Sure enough, the gate was not closed yet, and he did not alert anyone when he entered.

    Nonetheless, someone approached him after he had just taken a few steps into the prefecture. When Ou Yangming glanced at the person, he instantly recognized that it was a Ni family servant, who served him in the residence.

    "Master Ou, I finally found you!" The servant was surprised but delighted. "Eldest Young Lady said Id definitely find you if I waited here."

    Ou Yangming could not help but laugh, and he felt a warmth in his heart. "Since Yinghong sent you here, she probably has something to tell me?"

    The servant looked at him admiringly and answered, "Yes. Eldest Young Lady said that the men you killed were the Liang family protectors, who were not worth mentioning. As for the person you interrogated, hes the private butler of the Liang familys third young master, and hes now hiding in Third Young Master Liangs residence."

    Ou Yangmings eyes wandered about, and he asked, "Do you know the way?"

    "I do." The servant then hesitated for a while before he added, "Eldest Young Lady told me to ask you, do you know the Liang familys background?"

    "What did Yinghong say?" Ou Yangming smiled faintly.

    "Eldest Young Lady asked me to tell you if you want to know, so that you can weigh the pros and cons, but if you dont want to know, just do it!" The servant answered while he lowered his head.

    Ou Yangming frowned and suddenly asked, "Did Eldest Young Lady really say that?" The servant looked up in shock, but he could not let a word out.

    "Since that persons so emboldened, he probably has high status in the clan, doesnthe?"

    "Master Ou, I-I dare not say it" The servant looked troubled. He cupped his hands, but he lifted three of his fingers with the hand that was cupping the first, and he pointed them in the sky.

    Ou Yangming inhaled deeply as he was confused why the three figures would give him such a promise.

    If Ou Yangming was not aware of the servants identity and knew that he was someone close to Ni Yunhong, he would really suspect that someone was taking advantage of this matter to harm the Ni family.

    Nevertheless, Ou Yangming instantly cast his worries aside.

    It did not matter if the three figures supported him or not because he had never thought about dismissing the matter. "Lead the way."

    "Yes." The servant sighed a breath of relief and left. Before long, they arrived at a luxurious residence.

    "Master Ou, the Liang family doesnt have a great ancestor, but there are two Yang Grade masters. Besides, if the matter escalates, Im afraid that the people from the Governors Residence wont just standy by." Following that, the servant did a fist salute and turned into a small alley.

    Ou Yangming pouted his lips a little. Since they dont have a Supreme Great Ancestor, why should I be afraid?

    Although he was not equipped with armor, he was wearing the equipment that he relied on the most. Ou Yangming touched his waist sash, then he suddenly flashed and kicked.


    After Ou Yangming channeled his essential Qi, the force from his kick was more than 500 kilograms.

    Since a Yin Grade Class Two martial artist had just exerted all his force, how could a big door stop him?

    Accompanied by a deafening boom, the big door instantly flew up and fell backwards.

    A commotion was heard after that, and hurried footsteps were heard approaching him.

    Ou Yangming entered calmly. Instead of roaming around, he put his hands behind his back as he coldly watched the movements of the people inside.

    It only took a brief moment before tens of men arrived from different directions.

    The other people clustered round their leader like stars twinkling around the moon. The leader was a fair young master, but his handsome face was already darkened due to anger.

    Diagonally behind the young master stood the plump Liang Jiafu, who widened his eyes and shouted, "Third Young Master, its this fella, hes here again!"

    "How dare you!" Third Young Master Liang raised his eyebrows as he uttered. He was already deeply infuriated, but he asked with a deep voice as he was not someone who acted rashly, "Who exactly are you?"

    Ou Yangming watched coldly as the other people spread out to vaguely surround him instead.

    Despite that, his heart was cold, and he was unperturbed.

    "Whats the name of Jiang Chengweis younger sister?"

    "What?" Everyone else was stunned, and they stared at Ou Yangming dumbfoundedly.

    Ou Yangming repeated his question slowly, "Whats the name of Jiang Chengweis younger sister?"

    Third Young Master Liang twitched his mouth and asked in disbelief, "You, you fool. How dare you offend the Liang family because of a person whose name you dont even know?"

    Not only him, but everyone else was also in adaze.

    This fella isnt really an idiot, is he?

    They instantly looked at Ou Yangming scornfully.

    Ou Yangming smirked. I dont know her name, but I know she has an older brotherher blood relativeand thats enough.

    He flashed and took a big step forward.

    Since the man would not answer him, there was no need for him to ask anymore because he would attack and replace his mouth with his fists.

    "Stop him!" Liang Jiafu immediately yelled at the top of his lungs. His voice was full of fear because he was previously frightened by Ou Yangmings ruthless methods.

    People like him would admire even more merciless means, but those means were meant to be used against enemies. If they were attacked by such methods one day, they would actually break down a hundred times faster than ordinary people.

    The followers that were nurtured by Third Young Master Liang were not useless men. Among the thirty men present, five of them were Yang Grade powerhouses, and the remaining men were not ordinary strong men either; they had a cultivation base of at least Force Grade Class One.

    That said, this was what was displayed by Third Young Master Liang. The Liang familys foundation could not be matched by a mere Yin Grade martial artist. Nonetheless, Ou Yangming was different. His consciousness rose the instant he took a step out.

    The integration of Heaven and man, and the thoroughly meticulous state!

    Everything seemed to have slowed down while Ou Yangming became like a deity, who overlooked everything from above through a completely different perspective.

    Everyones change, be it their facial expressions or their movements, were under Ou Yangmings watch and control.

    He smiled hideously and suddenly charged forward faster at Third Young Master Liang like a bullet, which was shot out of the bore.

    Ou Yangming looked like he had given up on his defense. It seemed as if he wanted to perish together with the young master.