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    Chapter 161 Come With Me

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    Chapter 161 Come With Me!

    Ou Yangming strode and led the way out of the prefecture. "Master Ou, are we leaving the prefecture? This way is nearer!" Sui Hezhi called out to him from behind.

    Nonetheless, Ou Yangming responded to him without stopping, "Not there, over here!"

    On his back, Yan Haobo grimaced in pain but only gritted his teeth without making a sound.

    Many of Yan Haobos bones were broken. If a normal person was in his shoes, that person would have been unconscious long ago, but Yan Haobo endured it with his strong will.

    Ou Yangming comforted, "Squad Leader Yan, hold on a little longer, well be back in the camp in no time."

    He did not mean the Immense Forest Military Camp, but the Prefecture Military Camp. Although General Chen would not be present, it would not be easy for anyone to lay a finger on them as long as they entered the military camp.

    Nevertheless, when they were reaching the gate, they heard a deafening sound coming from a gong. "Catch the thieves, close the gate, catch the thieves!"

    A "creak" was heard as the gate that led to the military camp was slowly closing. Ou Yangmings face changed, and he yelled, "Charge our way through it!" The fact that they suddenly encountered the unforeseen event was clear even to a fool that it was a scheme against them.

    If they were really stuck here, Ou Yangming would not fear the Liang family because he had the backing of the Ni family and the Fang family. Despite that, if he had to resort to that, he would lose face.

    Sui Hezhi responded to him, then they shouted as they made their way through the crowd toward the gate. The front of the gate was already chaotic by then. The commoners naturally dodged as they dared not tread on muddy water; the soldiers who guarded the gate raised their spear, but they looked flustered.

    Prefecture guards were naturally chosen soldiers, and in terms of training only, they were not inferior to the Immense Forest Military Camp at all. However, as well-trained as the soldiers were, if they had never gone on a battlefield and had not seen blood, they were not the best soldiers.

    While the soldiers at the gate had uniform movements at that moment, their eyes betrayed the agitation and fear inside them.

    Ou Yangming stopped when he saw the gate being closed slowly, and he suddenly called, "Brothers, the three of us are soldiers from the Immense Forest West Camp. Our squad leader is severely injured, so he needs to enter the camp to be saved! Please let us out of the prefecture since were all brothers in the military!"

    The gate, which was slowly being closed, actually stopped.

    Many soldiers fixed their blade-like gaze on Ou Yangming and his companions. If a timid person was being stared at violently instead, one would have probably dropped to the ground already.

    That said, Ou Yangming and Sui Hezhi stood side by side. Though Ou Yangming was also carrying a person on his back, they did not flinch

    Men in the military gave the most weight to ones aura. Therefore, the soldiers were hesitant after they saw Ou Yangming and Sui Hezhis expression.

    At the spur of the moment, someone asked out loud, "Who are you?"

    Ou Yangming noticed an officer when he looked up. "Im Ou Yangming from the Immense Forest Military Camps Armament Camp. Who are


    The officer looked up and responded, "You dont have to try to connect with me because I dont know who you are. I just want to ask why is he injured? Why did someone sound the horn and give us the order to close the


    Ou Yangming answered, "Squad Leader Jiang Chengwei from the Middle Camp died in an accident while on duty. As a result, his younger sister has nobody to rely on, their property was forcibly occupied by the Liang family servants, and her current status is still unknown. Squad Leader Yan Haobo from the West Camp came to investigate this matter, but he was attacked and injured by the Liang family servants. Weve just saved him earlier!"

    The soldiers were in a clamor after they heard what happened. Even though military orders were like a mountain, which was why they still held their weapons, they began to look fierce.

    There was a unique temperament between soldiers, thus the soldiers approved of Ou Yangming and Sui Hezhi after seeing their behavior earlier. They could not distinguish the truth from the false yet, but they subconsciously trusted the men.

    "Okay, I trust you!" The officer furrowed his eyebrows a little and expressed loudly.

    The soldiers around him looked at him in shock as soon as he said that, but he had an extremely high status among the soldiers, so the harsh atmosphere immediately reduced by half.

    Nevertheless, the officer added, "I trust you, but the military has laws and regulations. Since an order was given to close the gate, nobody can pass. You should Stay!" Before his voice died away, he already raised his spear to launch an attack.

    The spear traveled at the speed of light, and it was ready to take out everything in its way.

    Ou Yangming widened his eyes, but he had a strange expression on his face.


    When the spear was shot out, its mightiness was unparalleled.

    In spite of that, the powerful spears accuracy was so off that it completely missed its target.

    The swift and fierce spear flew half a meter to the side of Ou Yangmings body, hence it could not hurt him at all no matter how forceful its spear force was.

    Subsequently, the officer shouted, "Hey, this fellas very sneaky. Brothers, lets attack together!"


    The other soldiers roared and raised their spear to attack. They were well-trained and were aggressive when they attacked, but the spears that were shot out missed their target such that they were nowhere close to Ou Yangming and his companions.

    "Thank you," Ou Yangming uttered softly as he was touched. Following that, he and Sui Hezhi ran past the soldiers.

    Wherever they ran, the soldiers were instantly thrown off their feet and countless spears were thrown in their way, but not even their skin was grazed.

    "Dont let the thieves get away, quickly close the gate!"

    Far away, about ten people were charging toward the gate as well. Judging from their body technique, the soldiers could tell that the person in front was a Yang Grade powerhouse.

    The officers face changed, and he yelled sternly, "Quickly-close the gate!"

    Ou Yangming and Sui Hezhi quickly hastened out of the gate, which was about to close. It was only when they successfully escaped that the officer uttered the words "close the gate". A loud "boom" was heard as the gigantic gate was finally closed.

    When the martial artists, who caught up after a while, witnessed the scene, their blood boiled, and they were red with anger.

    "You, why did you let the thieves get away?"

    The officer glanced at him snappily. "I received a military order to close the gate to obstruct the thieves, whats wrong with that?"

    "You, youre Okay, Im not going to argue with you. Quickly open the gate!"

    "Who do you think you are? How dare you order me around? Brothers, a bugle was sounded to alert us about thieves who were going to escape through the gate. Im guessing that theyre the thieves! Come and take them down now!" The officer glared at the martial artist.



    The soldiers immediately wielded their spears and pressed forward.

    On the other hand, the martial artists looked at each other. Based on their numbers and strength, they could easily kill all the soldiers, but if they really dared to do it, it would be considered a revolt.

    Without wild ambition, how many people actually had the guts to do it?

    The Yang Grade powerhouse, who was the leader, was furious. "Ni Feihong, do you not recognize me?"

    "Im carrying out a military task, and Im not making any allowances for anyone. Get them" The officer expressed coldly.

    Seeing as the soldiers were pressing on at every step, the martial artists refrained from attacking to avoid getting into trouble. They were deeply infuriated, but they could only retreat and escape in the end.

    The officer watched coldly as they left, then he waved his hand to call for his subordinate and ordered with a soft voice, "Return to the residence and inform Eldest Young Master that Master Ou is in trouble."

    His subordinate responded to him and quickly left.


    Ou Yangming and Sui Hezhi sped all the way and finally arrived at the military camp, which was stationed outside the prefecture.

    The guards at the camp stopped them, but they quickly called for the medical officer.

    Before long, two captains showed up.

    They were Captain Wu Guotu from the Middle Camp and Captain Yu Hailiang from the South Camp. Both of them had a grave expression on their faces, which was clear that they had found out about the situation from Sui Hezhi.

    "Master Ou, you acted too rashly," Yu Hailiang remarked with a deep voice once he saw Ou Yangming. He added after a pause, "General Fang is in the prefecture, why didnt you just ask him to intervene?"

    "Squad Leader Yan had already fallen into the enemies hands. If I delayed it any further, Ill regret it forever." Ou Yangming chuckled, then he cupped his hands at the captains. "Im at ease now that I see you. Please send Squad Leader Yan and Brother Sui back to General Chen Yifan in the Immense Forest Military Camp."

    Wu Guotu pulled a long face and asked, "What about you? Arent you going?"

    Ou Yangming smiled and said, "No, I have something to do."

    "What is it?"

    "Of course Im going to take revenge for Squad Leader Jiang," Ou Yangming answered and then continued, "Squad Leader Jiang died saving me, but I failed to protect his family. Heh, how will I have the face to meet him again in a hundred years"

    Wu Guotus face darkened. It looked like it was covered in black ink.

    "Ou Yangming, do you know about the Liang family?" Yu Hailiang asked with a deep voice.

    "No, but I dont want to know either." Ou Yangming strode away and waved his hand as he left. His voice was clearly heard even though he had gone far away. "I only know that my brothers in the military mustnt be humiliated! ill chop off the limbs of those who hurt my brothers, and Ill endlessly pursue those who bully my family"

    Seeing as Ou Yangming walked away and disappeared in the blink of an eye, the captains of the Guards could not help but exchange glances; their eyes were burning with a raging fire.

    Yu Hailiang suddenly asked after a brief moment, "Brother Wu, how many people from the Middle Camps Guards are here?"

    "About thirty of them." "Okay, please lend them to the South Camp for a while. Dont worry, if anything happens, our camp will bear the responsibility!" Yu Hailiang smiled sinisterly. "No."

    Yu Hailiang was stunned, and he cursed. "Pfft, youre a Yang Grade powerhouse, but youre just a coward!"

    Wu Guotu cast a cold look at him, then he suddenly shouted, "Fall in!"

    As soon as he ordered, thirty sturdy men ran over and got into three rows.

    "Did you see?" Wu Guotu asked loudly.

    "Yes, we saw!" The men answered at the same time.

    "Did you hear?"

    "Yes, we heard!"

    "Who was Jiang Chengwei?" "The Middle Camps squad leader!"

    Wu Guotu waved his hand and instructed, "Come With me!"

    "Very well, how dare you use this trick?" Yu Hailiang was dumbfounded when he watched them, thus he also waved his hand and asked, "Brothers, can the South Camp be inferior to the Middle Camp and the West Camp?"


    "Why are you still standing there then? Lets


    With that, another twenty men buckled on their armor to go into battle. Each of them looked grim and fierce, and the fire of enmity spread out like a night dragon, which was going to sweep Heaven and Earth.