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    Chapter 160 Cruel And Merciless

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    Chapter 160 Cruel And Merciless

    Martial Arts Alley.

    It was on a street in the prefecture for the middle-class. The people who lived here were not as wealthy as the Ni family and the Fang family, which were inherited clans, but they were much better than the people who lived in slums.

    When Ou Yangming and Sui Hezhi arrived at the Martial Arts Alley, they heard a clamor.

    A few big men, who were dressed like runners, guarded the alley to disallow anyone from passing. By looking from outside the alley, Ou Yangming and Sui Hezhi could see that the floor was covered in blood.

    Ou Yangming raised his eyebrow and felt his blood boil. He strode into the alley.

    "Who are you? Stand right there!" One of the runners face changed and shouted while he swiftly swung a metal rod at Ou Yangmings shoulder.


    Ou Yangming scoffed and tilted his body a little to dodge the rod wonderfully, then he leaned forward.

    The runner, who had lost his footing, screamed and was sent flying such that he crashed into his partner behind him. The two of them instantly groaned and rolled on the ground like gourds.

    As a result of the noise, the people inside were alerted, but before they had come out, Ou Yangming and Sui Hezhi entered the house.

    After Ou Yangming entered the house, Ou Yangming understood why they were daring enough to want to murder someone for money.

    The house was a great place indeed. Not only did it have a spacious courtyard and a few rooms, but the buildings were also handled with care. The place was marvelous, but it gave off a special feeling of peace. If a weak lady lost the protection of a powerful older brother, it would be difficult for her to protect the property.

    A few men quickly surrounded them. Apart from the few runners, there were also three men, who were dressed like martial artists, and a plump middle-aged man.

    "Its him, yes, its him!" The middle-aged mans eyes lit up at the sight of Sui Hezhi and was elated. "Constable Yang, this fella is one of the bad guys who trespassed the private property. Quickly arrest him and interrogate him by torture! Ah, theres another b*stard here, arrest"

    Before he could finish, his vision became blurry. The young man, whom he regarded as a b*stard, had unexpectedly appeared in front of him.

    "Be careful!"


    The voices that were suddenly heard suggested to the middle-aged man that something was off. Nonetheless, he heard a gust of wind before he could even react.

    Following that, the middle-aged mans body involuntarily flew up and turned one round in the air before he fell hard to the ground. The middle-aged man felt an immense pain on his face while he was also dizzy from the fall, and the pain quickly turned numb such that half of his body lost sensitivity.

    Constable Yang and the three martial artists charged at the same time, but Ou Yangming had attacked swiftly, decisively, and mercilessly. Therefore, even though the men gave their all, they could not manage to save their friend.

    The four of them felt their faces burn as well, and they tried to grab Ou Yangming at the same time with the intention to take down the fanatic.

    Nevertheless, Ou Yangming suddenly roared, "The military is capturing gangsters, and anyone in the way including their family members will be killed!"

    His voice was like deafening thunder in the void that subsequently shook their minds.

    Not to mention Constable Yang subconsciously slowed down, the three martial artists froze as well.

    Despite that, Ou Yangming did not slow down. He lowered his body and went close to the inner arm of one of the martial artists, then launched a hit with his fist like a venomous snake that came out of a cave to catch its prey. He punched at such perfect timing, which was when the man was hesitating. In addition, Ou Yangmings body movement was unpredictable, so it was impossible for the man to guard against him. The martial artist only had the cultivation base of Yin Grade Class One, hence he was punched in the neck before he could even react.

    A loud sound was heard, then the mans body instantly went weak. Ou Yangmings punch was merciless as it simply decided the mans fate. Just as the man wanted to dodge, he was already killed.

    "Little Brother!" Another martial artist widened his eyes and shouted sorrowfully as he pounced on the man regardless of the cost. However, Ou Yangming dragged and pushed the corpse away without batting an eyelid.

    The other martial artist was mournful, but he subconsciously hugged his brothers body, and it was then when he felt a throbbing pain on his abdomen. When the martial artist lowered his head to look, he saw a dagger being stabbed through his and his brothers abdomen.

    He recognized the dagger because it was his brothers weapon.

    Ou Yangming had dragged the corpse earlier to pull out the dagger, and he used the dead body as a cover to stab the dagger through it to injure the other martial artist. On top of that, Ou Yangming shook his wrist to channel surging essential Qi into the martial artists body, causing the mans internal organs to disintegrate.

    Having suffered such injuries, even God could not save the martial artist.

    The remaining martial artist turned pale and was frightened. His cultivation base was similar to his companions, and he had thought that they would be fine if they attacked together. That said, his partners had died in the blink of an eye, hence he shivered in fear with knees that had gone weak.

    Constable Yang gasped. Being a constable, he had seen plenty of fierce people. Even then, he had only encountered very few who were cruel, merciless, and could kill with one fatal move.

    "Who are you? Arent you afraid of being wanted by the authorities for killing innocent people?" The constable backed away and yelled. He sounded fierce, but he was standing in a defensive stance; ready to retreat at any time.

    "Wanted?" Ou Yangming sneered. "Sui Hezhi, were these three men involved?"

    Sui Hezhi was dumbfounded. He had witnessed the skills of the few men and knew that they were more than just mediocre, but they were weak against Ou Yangming and were killed almost instantly.

    After being asked loudly by Ou Yangming, Sui Hezhi quickly answered, "Yes, they were all involved!"

    "Very well! According to the law, their heads should be chopped off for attacking and killing a serving military officer, and their family members will suffer the same fate!" Ou Yangming said with a deep voice, then he roared like a killing god at the last martial artist. "Do you want to be seized, or do you want to be killed?"

    When Ou Yangming questioned, his mental power suddenly burst out. Although it could not cause physical damage, it became an enormous mental pressure.

    The martial artist collapsed due to fear, and he trembled so much that he could not even let a word out.

    In actual fact, while Ou Yangmings mental power posed a certain pressure on the man, it would not be extremely fearsome.

    Nonetheless, he had attacked ruthlessly earlier and killed two men without warning. As such, his malicious act was more effective than words and pressure, by which the last martial artist was already shaking with a palsy of fright.

    Ou Yangming sneered and turned to say, "Constable Yang, seeing as we share imperial funds and goods, I wont kill you, but if you dare to interfere, dont blame me!"

    Constable Yangs face was as white as a sheet. He mumbled, "Wh-which military camp are you from? What military order are you serving?"

    "You dont deserve to know," Ou Yangming uttered coldly. He later ignored the constable and approached the plump middle-aged man.

    Constable Yangs face was green and white, but he felt a chill when he looked at the corpses on the floor. When he looked at his terrified followers behind him, he no longer wanted to push his luck.

    He had actually guessed the reason behind this matter when Ou Yangming brought up the military, thus he got rid of the idea to stop the fight. When one brought evil upon oneself, there would be no hope of escape, after all

    When Ou Yangming cast a cold look at the plump man, the man quivered out of fear and shouted, "Mi-Military Master! Im an officer from the Liang family. Please spare me, this has nothing to do with me"

    Even the Yin Grade martial artist had sprawled on the floor due to Ou Yangmings ruthlessness, let alone this middle-aged man who obviously lived a comfortable life.

    Ou Yangming said slowly, "Ive come on military orders to investigate an important matter, and youll answer me when I ask. If you answer well, Ill spare you; if you dont, youll end up like them."

    "Yes, yes!"

    "Whats your name?"

    "Liang Jiafu, my name is Liang Jiafu, and Im an officer from the Liang residence." He kept bringing up the Liang residence, which was evident that he was strongly hopeful about it.

    Ou Yangming scorned. "Wheres the squad leader who was captured by accident?".

    "In the cellar, hes in the cellar!" Liang Jiafu replied to him tearfully, "We didnt plan to hurt him as we only wanted to scare him away, but he insisted on attacking us, so we were left with no choice!"

    "Where are the two other men who also attacked him?" Ou Yangming continued to ask.

    "Theyre on duty today, so theyve returned."

    Ou Yangming signaled Sui Hezhi with his eyes, but he quickly asked, "Youre just an officer, so how did you hire five Yin Grade masters to set an ambush?"

    "Military Master, when your comrades came and asked around for information, I was naturally informed, so I only hired them to protect myself." Ou Yangming casually asked a few questions, and he asked so quickly that the man had no time to think.

    At the spur of the moment, Ou Yangming questioned, "Wheres the original female owner here? Did you kill her?"

    "No!" Liang Jiafu subconsciously blurted, but he quickly reacted and explained, "Military Master, we really didnt kill anyone! We only scared the lady away, but she went missing in the end."

    "Master Ou, I found him!"

    Sui Hezhi shouted in excitement as he carried Yan Haobo and ran over.

    Yan Haobo was obviously severely injured because he could not use his limbs, but as long as he was still alive, Ou Yangming could heal him.

    Ou Yangmings ears twitched a little, and he uttered coldly, "Return to the camp!" "What?" Sui Hezhi asked as he was startled

    Ou Yangming did not explain and simply ran away after carrying Yan Haobo. Sui Hezhi was confused, but he followed the young fellow.

    Liang Jiafu sighed a breath of relief because he managed to survive.

    On the other hand, Constable Yang had a grave expression on his face because he had a vague feeling that this was not the end, and a bigger storm might be coming.