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    Chapter 136 Killing Them To Shut Their Mouth

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    Chapter 136 Killing Them To Shut Their Mouth

    The three flying knives attacked the archer in a triangular shape.

    It was natural that the knives were not as fast as the bow and arrow, but they carried unexplainable power when Ou Yangming casually threw them. When the flying knives shot out, the whole world seemed to be moving with them too.

    The archer experienced a strange feeling because he suddenly realized that he was threatened by the knives as if he was naked in a world of ice and snow; he would be frozen to death by the intense chill at any time. Needless to say, what truly threatened his life was not the chill, but the killing intent from the flying knives. The archer broke down internally at that moment.

    He initially thought the assassination would be effortless, but he ended up encountering such a peculiar incident. A young man, who was only in Yin Grade, had actually evaded his locked-on shot and even threatened him with three flying knives.

    The incident had surpassed his life experience of a few decades.

    Nonetheless, the archer was a powerful martial artist, after all, so he did not react slowly even though he was shocked.

    He finally managed to shoot the arrow, but the arrow that was originally aimed at Ou Yangming could only be shot to get rid of one of the flying knives.

    Yes, the violent and deadly arrow, which gave Ni Wangyang the Yang Grade powerhouse a hard time, could not even get rid of two flying knives.

    After making the shot, the archer flashed and pounced on his opponent in a straight line.

    Since he could not harm Ou Yangming with his bow and arrow, he would suppress the young fellow with his strength.

    The archer was a Yang Grade powerhouse, hence he was extremely confident about going against a Yin Grade martial artist and was unconcerned even if the Yin Grade martial artist was slightly weird.

    While charging forward, he swung his bow to block the two flying knives.

    As powerful as the flying knives were and as uncertain as their tracks were, they could not avoid the bow.


    A soft voice was heard as the archers arrow easily hit the first flying knife. Following that, his bow hit the second and the third knives.

    Afterward, the scene that he had expected came into view.

    The over-confident Ou Yangming, who had fearlessly charged at the archer, somehow swayed his body and backed away in a flurry.

    Ive come out now, yet youre going to escape? The archer sneered.

    Nevertheless, just as he thought so, a series of odd explosions were heard. As a result, he was surrounded by flying shards.

    A Yang Grade powerhouses strength was far beyond a normal persons imagination. The archer roared at the crucial moment, and his essential Qi surged, causing his robe to expand.

    Despite that, he reacted too hastily, and the shards came out of nowhere.

    The flying knives shards that were driven by explosive power could pierce through a half-spirit beasts flesh, let alone a humans body. "Ah,"

    The archer shrieked miserably, and his body was soon covered in holes and blood.

    On top of that, two of the steel shards actually shot into both of his eyes. Although he had looked up to avoid the tragedy, his eyes went pitch-black, and he was soon in extreme anguish before he fell butt first to the ground.

    Ou Yangming scoffed at a distance away. How dare he resist the explosive flying knives with his body? He really doesnt know the immensity of Heaven and Earth.

    He dared not guarantee that a Supreme Great Ancestor could block the shards from an explosive arrow, but since a half-spirit beast could be hurt by the arrow, a Yang Grade martial artist could certainly not resist the shards.

    Of course, if Ou Yangmings flying knives were not at the peak of High Grade Rank Five, he could not have caused such powerful damage. The archers painful shriek frightened the other Yang Grade martial artist, who was still fighting with Ni Wangyang.

    While he cursed his incompetent partner for failing to get rid of three Yin Grade martial artists from afar, he kept glancing around to look for a window to escape.

    This was because the remaining attacker knew that he could not defeat Ni Wangyang on his own. If he continued the fight, he might have to give up his life.

    Ou Yangming ran over at that moment, and he shouted while throwing his military saber in the swordsmans direction, "Watch out for my saber!"

    He actually threw the military saber the same way he tossed a flying knife. In actual fact, if the swordsman was not fighting with Ni Wangyang at close range at the moment, he would also be facing flying knives instead of a military saber. The military saber whistled in the wind as it zoomed toward the attacker. Whether it was the timing or the angle, they were so perfect that the saber seemed unavoidable. It was also because Ni Wangyang was exchanging blows with that swordsman at the moment. If the swordsman attempted to dodge the attack, he would be hotly pursued by Ni Wangyang. Thus, it was better to choose the lesser of the two evils, and besides, who would actually pay importance to a weapon thrown by a Yin Grade martial artist?

    With that, the swordsman wielded his sword as though he drew a flower to block the military saber lightly. He even wanted to use leveraged force to deflect the saber towards Ni Wangyang so as to earn a chance to escape. That said, he suddenly felt that his hand became lighter.

    It was a sad feeling, but before he could figure out what exactly had happened, he felt intense pain in his shoulder.

    The attacker groaned like an injured ferocious beast and even jumped.

    It was then that he suddenly realized what had happened during that instant.

    His well-tempered titanium sword was actually cut by the military saber?

    Yes, it was simply cut, though it had only contacted the saber in mid-air for a split second

    The military sabers force did not reduce as it had even left a gash on his body.

    What kind of military saber is this? Could it be a secret treasure from ancient times? If thats not the case, how can it be so sharp?

    Just as the attacker was distracted, he felt another stinging pain on his left thigh. When he lowered his head to look, he noticed that his left leg had left his body and flew far away.

    Who was Ni Wangyang? After fighting his opponent for a long time, he was certainly not going to be merciful when there was a sudden change in the situation. If he had not thought about keeping the swordsman alive, he would not have only slashed the swordsmans leg away.


    The agonizing shrieks were heard one after another as the two unlucky Yang Grade powerhouses collapsed.

    On the other hand, the two Ni family Yin Grade martial artists, who were ordered by Ou Yangming to hide behind the horses, widened their eyes and mouth in disbelief.

    Their clans elder was just attacked by two Yang Grade powerhouses from near and far a while ago, but the tables were turned in a blink of an eye. The two Yang Grade powerhouses, who sneaked an attack, were moaning on the ground, and it was clear from their state that the battle was over.

    However, how exactly did the battle end? The Ni family disciples were puzzled and dazed.

    They saw Ou Yangming charging out to throw three flying knives, as well as his military saber, then Then that was it.

    Just as they were flustered and feeling at a loss, Ni Wangyangs thunderous voice was heard. "Why are the two of you still standing there? Quickly come over to clean up the mess!"

    The two disciples immediately regained their senses and ran over.

    Before Ni Wangyang shouted, he had destroyed the two attackers dantians and had broken their limbs meridians in a flash. Consequently, the attackers were useless people who could not stir up trouble anymore.

    Once they were carried to the side of the main road, Ni Wangyang questioned fiercely, "Who are you? How dare you attack the Ni familys cavalries? Are you tired of living?"

    The swordsman widened his eyes and glared at Ou Yangmings military saber, then asked while gritting his teeth, "What weapon is that? Could it be a legendary Magic tool?"

    As for the blinded archer, he asked with an ashen face, "Im sure I wont get to live since weve fallen into your hands, but Id like to ask, what were those three flying knives?"

    The attackers knew that they were bound to die, but they were not resigned to the outcome.

    They had just been defeated in a weird and unexplainable way, so the feeling of indignation was indescribable.

    "Heh, looks like youre not aware of the situation yet, let me help you!" Ni Wangyang laughed hideously and rubbed his hands as he wanted to loosen the mens bones. He felt that he had just been disrespected because the captives simply disregarded his question.

    That being said, Ou Yangming reached out his hand to stop him. "Senior, let me ask them something."

    Before the fight, Ni Wangyang would have agreed to Ou Yangmings request, but he would feel displeased. In spite of that, there was a slight change in his attitude at this moment.

    Ou Yangmings attacks did not seem wonderful at all. He had just thrown some flying knives, followed by a military saber.

    From an outsiders point of view, perhaps that was all he did, and he had only succeeded because he was blessed with luck. Nonetheless, Ni Wangyang, who was personally involved in the fight, knew very well that the seemingly miraculous success was not an accident.

    Therefore, he treated Ou Yangming with a completely different attitude.

    Ou Yangming looked at the attackers coldly and said, "Tell me who ordered you to come. Ill kill you quickly if you tell the truth, and Ill answer your questions, but if you dont, well see if your bones are tough enough to withstand the Ni familys elders blows."

    Ni Wangyangs face changed, and he actually looked worried.

    "Alright, since he lied to us, he should be punished!" The swordsman scoffed, then continued after a pause, "The person who hired us was from the Ni family"


    Before his voice died away, a flash of saber-light was seen as the swordsman and the archers heads flew up into the air and rolled a few times before falling to the ground.