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    Immortal Path To Heaven Chapter 134

    Chapter 134 Attitude Change

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    "Big Yellow, Im extremely honored to have experienced so much with you." Ou Yangming cut to the chase after approaching the big yellow dog, and said with a sincere smile, "Ill never forget everything that happened in the Chaos Cave."

    "Woof!" The big yellow dog barked emotionally as though it knew what was about to happen, and it seemed rather sad.

    Ou Yangming rubbed its head out of habit, but he did not notice that the Ni familys Three Great Ancestors looked displeased when he did that.

    Not to mention that Big Yellow had entered Extreme Grade, it would never have gotten so close to someone when it was only in Yang Grade in the past!

    Apart from Ni Yinghong, who was adept in cooking and loved by Big Yellow, nobody else in the Ni family could do that.

    However, the big yellow suddenly trusted an outsider so much, thus the great ancestors were ill at ease.

    Ou Yangming said softly, "Big Yellow, I must return as soon as possible to meet my old man, so I cant stay here. Please remove the connection between us, Ill come back to find you once Im done."

    Ni Jingshen and the other two great ancestors thought, When you come back, itll only be strange if you manage to see Big Yellow.

    Nonetheless, they tried their best to look natural so as to not enrage the big yellow dog.

    Big Yellow tilted its head as if it was pondering, whereas Ni Jingshen and the other great ancestors watched silently without making a sound. Though they did not urge the dog, they were not going to compromise.

    At last, Big Yellow nodded. It glanced at Ou Yangming and opened its mouth slowly, where a wonderful power was instantly released.

    The great ancestors exchanged glances and sighed a breath of relief. They were rather concerned earlier because they would not be able to do anything if Big Yellow was unwilling to break the connection. Perhaps they would have to let Ou Yangming leave, but fortunately, the worst-case scenario did not happen.

    Nevertheless, the other Ni family powerhouses looked at one another as they were confused. It was true that Big Yellow had an unordinary position in the clan, but the three great ancestors never valued it that much in the past!

    Why did their attitude toward the big yellow dog change drastically after it left the Land of Inheritance?

    Unusual energy entered Ou Yangmings body, and he experienced something magnificent; a hint of Big Yellows consciousness was drifting in his spiritual world.

    They were communicating through the amazing connection at the moment, but the communication was in a mysterious port. Be it Ou Yangming or Big Yellow, if one of them backed away, the connection would be broken.

    Despite that, there was a tacit understanding between them that could not be put into words, hence their consciousness kept going back forth as none of them wanted to initiate the break.

    Ou Yangming was agitated, and he gritted his teeth while reaching out to hug the big yellow dog.

    Next, Ou Yangmings consciousness instantly rose.

    The state of the integration of Heaven and man!

    Ou Yangming and Big Yellows consciousness merged into one, and they entered at the same time the state of having a thorough understanding of Heaven and Earths energy.

    Ni Xuetians face took on a ghastly expression as he exclaimed, "How is that possible?"

    He did not find it strange that Ou Yangming fathomed the integration of Heaven and man because the young fellow would not be qualified to enter the Chaos Cave if that was not the case. That said, although Ou Yangming achieved it, it did not mean that Big Yellow could achieve it too. Even if their mental conception was connected through a certain gifted ability, it was unlikely for something like that to happen.

    At the very least, Ni Xuetian was not confident about having attained that standard.

    The big yellow dog blinked. It instantly understood that it was definitely a great opportunity for it.

    Without further ado, it let go of its mind and allowed Ou Yangmings consciousness to guide it in nature. Their mental conceptions were like a fish that swam in Heaven and Earth as though they were the ocean. The figures in the natural environment near them, as well as the trees and rockeries far away, everything in the world became the goal that they pursued. The integration of Heaven and man.

    Under Ou Yangmings lead, the big yellow dog truly had a taste of the states wonder.

    On the other hand, the people around them felt something strange.

    Ou Yangming was clearly in front of them, but he seemed to not exist at all because he had become one with Heaven and Earth. After a long time, Ou Yangming exhaled deeply and let go of the big yellow dog. He looked deeply at it and winked discreetly.

    The big yellow dog cast a grateful look at him, then closed its eyes and lay on the ground without moving an inch.

    Ou Yangming turned to say, "Seniors, Big Yellow has cut off its connection with me."

    Ni Jingshen and Ni Jingtong looked at Ni Xuetian simultaneously. Even though they had higher seniority, they had not achieved the integration of Heaven and man, so their sensing ability in terms of the mysterious spiritual aspect was inferior to Ni Xuetians.

    The look on Ni Xuetians face was unpredictable as he studied Ou Yangming and the big yellow dog in confusion.

    Ni Jingtong cleared his throat and asked, "Xuetian, how is it?"

    "It should be alright," Ni Xuetian finally answered forcefully after keeping quiet for a long time. Subsequently, he asked in all seriousness, "Lil Friend Ou, may I ask how you did it?"

    The crowd was stunned, and they widened their eyes to look at Ou Yangming in disbelief.

    What did the great ancestor just say? Due to Ni Yunhong and his younger sister, and the fact that they needed Ou Yangmings power, the Ni familys Three Great Ancestors had been addressing Ou Yangming as Lil Ou.

    However, the crowd heard Ni Xuetian calling him Lil Friend Ou instead of Lil Ou.

    While the terms of address were only different by one word, their meanings were completely different.

    Ni Jingshen and Ni Jingtong were also anxious and doubtful when they looked at Ni Xuetian because they did not know what exactly he was up to.

    Ou Yangmings face changed, and he quickly waved his hand and expressed, "Senior, please dont frighten me, I dont deserve the term of address."

    "Hehe, if you dont deserve it, who else in the world deserves it?" Ni Xuetian looked at Ou Yangming with a grave expression, then flapped his sleeve and glanced at the big yellow dog. "Its fine. Since youre so eager to save your elder Have you acquired the golden


    "Big Yellow has given it to me," Ou Yangming immediately answered.

    "Okay, stay here for a night, Ill arrange"

    "Senior, Im anxious to return home so Id like to leave now. Please fulfill my wish!" Ou Yangming interrupted him without hesitation.

    The other Ni family members looked furious as they thought Ou Yangming was courting death for having the guts to cut off a great ancestor. "Okay. Wangyang, escort Lil Friend Ou back to the Immense Forest Military Camp," Ni Xuetian simply smiled and replied to Ou Yangming nicely, then ordered after some thought, "Get some rare restoratives from the storeroom too and tell Xuehai to give the best, theres no need to be stingy at all."

    Ni Wangyang was baffled because Ni Xuetian did not treat Ou Yangming like that earlier. Why did he change in the blink of an eye? That being said, whether Ni Wangyang understood it or not, he dared not disobey the Supreme Great Ancestor.

    He responded softly, "Brother Ou, lets go."

    Since the Supreme Great Ancestor had actually addressed Ou Yangming as Lil Friend Ou, as thick-faced as Ni Wangyang was, he dared not regard himself as a senior anymore. Nevertheless, he could not bring himself to call Ou Yangming an uncle.

    Ou Yangming was delighted. He cupped his hands at everyone, then followed Ni Wangyang to the storeroom.

    At the courtyards entrance, he stopped abruptly to look in a certain direction where he fixed his sharp eyes on someone for a moment. Afterward, Ou Yangming turned and left as if nothing happened.

    The Ni family members looked at each other as they were puzzled.

    Ni Xuetian instructed with a deep voice, "Dont clamor and dont disturb Big Yellow. Well talk about it once Big Yellow awakes, you may leave now."

    "Yes." The crowd subconsciously lowered their voice as they dared not alarm the seemingly asleep big yellow dog, then they left in an orderly manner.

    After a brief moment, only Big Yellow and the three Supreme Great Ancestors were left. "Xuetian, whats going on?" Ni Jingshen questioned.

    Ni Xuetians attitude change confused the other two great ancestors too. They were obviously not concerned about the spiritual medicine from the storeroom, but they could not neglect Ni Xuetians attitude. "Uncles, do you know what happened just now?" Ni Xuetian asked slowly while looking at them, then inhaled deeply before he continued, "If Im not mistaken, not only has Big Yellow entered Extreme Grade, but it has also achieved the integration of Heaven and man in terms of its comprehension in Heaven and Earths energy."


    The other two Supreme Great Ancestors gasped.

    It was the integration of Heaven and man, a state that they desired and searched for tens of years, but their efforts had been to no avail.

    Big Yellow must have broken through to Extreme Grade and arrived at the peak of a half-spirit beast because it had a chance encounter during the adventure. In fact, it could probably advance a step further to have unlimited achievements. In spite of that, it would be too forceful to say that Big Yellow had comprehended the integration of Heaven and man.

    "Could it be Related to Ou Yangming?" Ni Jingshen was moved.

    Ni Xuetian nodded. "Thats right. Earlier on, I sensed that Ou Yangming released his mental conception, and he became one with Heaven and Earth. Its exceptionally rare that someone can achieve such a level in the integration of Heaven and man, but Ou Yangming actually entered the state together with Big Yellow. H-how did he do it?"

    He asked himself a question in the end, but it was destined to not have an answer.

    Ni Jingshen and Ni Jingtongs faces changed because they finally understood Ni Xuetians attitude change.

    "Xuetian, since Ou Yangming helped Big Yellow fathom Heaven and Earth, does it mean that he can help us too?" Ni Jingtong suddenly raised a question.

    Ni Jingshens eyes glowed as he was deeply moved too.

    "I have no idea either, but Its very possible!" Ni Xuetian smiled bitterly.

    Ni Jingshen sighed. "Do you think we were being too harsh on him just now?"

    "Yes." Ni Jingtong nodded in agreement. "He helped us find the Land of Inheritance, but we gave him such a treatment. Ah, we must apologize to him and seek his forgiveness."

    "Thats right!"


    Ni Xuetian twitched his mouth and cursed, Maintain a reserved manner and have some self-respect. Wheres your dignity as a powerhouse?

    Youre actually thinking about admitting your mistake to a little Yin Grade martial artist for the integration of Heaven and man.

    If word gets out, what would other people think of the Ni family?

    But Even I must admit that if Im in their shoes where I havent perceived the integration of Heaven and man, Ill likely be worse than them.