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    Immortal Path To Heaven Chapter 132

    Chapter 132 Smooth All The Way

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    Ou Yangming reached out his hand to take the jade bottle from the big yellow dogs mouth. Perhaps he was too excited, his hands were slightly shaking.

    The big yellow dog shook his head a little and bared his teeth, but the seemingly ferocious look appeared amiable for Ou Yangming.

    He carefully kept the jade bottle. There was no need for him to check its authenticity because he trusted Big Yellow.

    Ou Yangming opened his arms to hug the big yellow dog, and he used so much strength that even the tough dog stuck out its tongue.

    The big yellow dog had just advanced to the next level, but it was still a Supreme Great Ancestor. A great ancestor shouldnt be tormented like this It widened its eyes and plucked up its courage, but just as it was going to bark to display a great ancestors prestige again, Ou Yangming mumbled, "Big Yellow, thank you."

    The big yellow dog was stunned, and its bark was stuck in its throat. The suspended aura was making the dog feel unusually uncomfortable, but it somehow felt a warm feeling in its heart, so it could not be resentful at all.

    Hmph, Im a generous dog, so I wont argue with a child like him, the big yellow dog said it to itself as it was unwilling to admit defeat.

    Nonetheless, the dog had no idea that its eyes looked incredibly gentle, which was completely different from the aggressive look it had when it fought the Black Magic Crawlers.

    That said, before the big yellow dog fully released its warm feelings, Ou Yangming let go of it and said, "Big Yellow, lets go, I must give it to Old Craftsman as soon as possible! Hey, why do your eyes look so strange? Are you sick"

    The big yellow dog was speechless.

    Ou Yangmings face suddenly changed when he brought the big yellow dog to the cave that led to the ravine. "Oh no!"

    The dog cast a surprised look at Ou Yangming, but it was slightly vigilant.

    What is this young fella up to this time? Is he going to play the same trick again to make me feel sad?

    However, Ou Yangming sighed at the big yellow dog and said, "Big Yellow, Im afraid that you wont be able to get out."

    The big yellow dog looked at him strangely as it was confused.

    "Do you remember what Senior Ni Xuetian said? Once someone enters Extreme Grade, one will be sensed by the Black Magic Crawlers in the Chaos Cave, and the creatures will hurry over tirelessly." Ou Yangming sighed and expressed with a bitter smile, "Were both armored, but its impossible to eliminate every Black Magic Crawler"

    They had gone around the Land of Inheritance before entering it, so they knew very well how dangerous the areas around the land were.

    Although they had killed a nest of 10,000 Black Magic Crawlers along the way, it did not mean that there was only one nest in the entire Chaos Cave. If Ni Xuetian was right about the Black Magic Crawlers being able to sense Extreme Grade powerhouses, and that the creatures would pursue a powerhouse as such resolutely, every Supreme Great Ancestor in the world would be killed even if they gathered in the cave together. Nevertheless, the big yellow dog suddenly opened its mouth to spit out a scarf. The moment the scarf was unfolded, there seemed to be a strange fluctuation in the air around them.

    Ou Yangming was stunned, and he immediately understood that the scarf was not as simple as it seemed. It was certainly a treasure, and he somehow felt that it looked familiar

    He shouted at once when he remembered what it was, "Big Yellow, you actually stole a dead persons belongings, youre being too disrespectful! Ah, oh my god! You even swallowed it! T-thats unreasonable, stay away from me and dont lick me anymore!"

    The big yellow dogs knees went weak such that it almost fell. When it turned around, it glared angrily at Ou Yangming, who was jokingly smiling back at it.

    Ou Yangming was elated after acquiring the Life-prolonging Golden Pill, and the feeling of joy was indescribable. He could not wait to share the good news with everyone else in the world.

    Despite that, Big Yellow was his only companion in the cave, so who else could he have fun with?

    The big yellow dog barked and pounced on him.

    Ou Yangming could have dodged it, but instead, he hugged it and fell to the ground.

    The big yellow dog stuck out its tongue to attempt licking Ou Yangmings face, but Ou Yangming resisted it with all his might. With that, the human and the dog fought jokingly.

    After an unknown period of time, their fight finally ended with the big yellow dog being victorious.

    Ou Yangming got up and knocked the dogs head, but the dog simply ignored him.

    "Big Yellow, why did you remove the seniors scarf? Does it have a magical effect to drive out the crawlers?"

    The big yellow dog nodded proudly, then it picked up the scarf with its mouth and lifted its head as a gesture to Ou Yangming to follow it.

    Following that, it dashed out of the peculiar Land of Inheritance.

    Ou Yangming turned to look at the place once more. He had a feeling that this was not the end of his fate with the land.

    Perhaps Ill visit this place again one day.

    After entering the deep passage and arriving at the next intersection, Ou Yangming was about to sense the exit when he saw the big yellow dog taking one of the paths without any hesitation.

    Ou Yangming was startled, and he quickly sensed with the integration of Heaven and man while following the dog.

    He was surprised because the path chosen by the big yellow dog was actually the same as what he sensed. Ou Yangming blinked and mumbled to himself, Did Big Yellow guess it blindly, or did it achieve the integration of Heaven and man too?

    However, he recalled that the big yellow dogs apprehension in Heaven and Earths mysteries was not at that level yet.

    When they arrived at another intersection, Ou Yangming slowed down on purpose. Nonetheless, the dog turned to glance at him scornfully, then it went on the right path again.

    It was then when Ou Yangming finally realized that the big yellow dog had indeed attained the unique ability that prevented it from getting lost in the Chaos Cave.

    Unquestionably, the dog had gained the ability from the Land of Inheritance. It was probably a treasure similar to the scarf in its mouth, but it did not show it to Ou Yangming.

    Ou Yangming had no idea how many rare and precious treasures there were in the Land of Inheritance, and he made a mistake by not inspecting the place thoroughly.

    In spite of that, he was not upset because he was certain that the jade box that was left by the big yellow dog was the most precious treasure of them all. Ou Yangming had browsed the spiritual world through his consciousness and had earned a huge advantage as he remembered something impressive.

    Besides, he was content after obtaining the Life-prolonging Golden Pill, thus the extra rewards were just icing on the cake. It was great to have them, but it would not matter if he did not get his hands on them.

    Ou Yangming shook his head smilingly and caught up to the big yellow dog, then they exited to the outside world together.

    In the beginning, they looked relaxed but were actually wary against the powerful Black Magic Crawlers that might appear again. Nevertheless, they realized after walking for an hour that the crawlers could no longer threaten them.

    They had come across a Black Magic Crawler along the way, but it was not a healthy crawler. Judging from its dispirited state, it looked like an old crawler whose time was almost up and would die at any time.

    That being said, the crawler suddenly regained vitality when the big yellow dog approached it, and the crawler went from being weak to being agile again. Even so, Ou Yangming and the dog were surprised because the crawler fled instead of wanting to attack them.

    It was as though they were demons or ghosts, but having said that, the crawler stopped again after escaping just a hundred meters away because it was depleted of energy.

    After witnessing the scene, even a fool knew that the crawlers could not obstruct Ou Yangming and the big yellow dog anymore.

    In fact, the Ni familys Three Great Ancestors together would not find a normal Black Magic Crawler anymore, let alone the big yellow dog.

    At last, Ou Yangming and the dog arrived at the beautiful cave a few times faster than they took when they entered the cave.

    As soon as they exited, the Ni familys Three Great Ancestors approached them.

    Ni Jingtong expressed out loud, "Youve returned, did you Ah, Big Yellow, did you find it?"

    His voice suddenly raised. It was evident that even a Supreme Great Ancestor like him could not control his emotions at the moment.

    The big yellow dog swung its head to toss the scarf. The scarf was so light that it seemed like nothing, but it flew toward the elder steadily under the dogs control.

    Ni Jingtong accepted the item right away. Without despising the big yellow dogs saliva at all, he studied the scarf for some time and even sniffed it before he laughed like a madman. "They found it, they found it, haha"

    His voice slowly deepened as he laughed, and he soon began crying. Ou Yangming was dumbfounded. Whats going on? Ni Jingshen sighed and hugged Ni Jingtong, then turned to explain to Ou Yangming, "Lil Ou, hundreds of lives in the clan were sacrificed for this day, Jingtongs close relative being one of them. Please excuse him for losing himself."

    Ou Yangming sighed as he instantly recalled Old Craftsman. "I understand, Im sorry for your loss, senior."

    Ni Xuetian suddenly called out when he stared at the big yellow dog with his bright eyes, "Big Yellow, you, you"

    His voice quickly drew the attention of the other two elders, who turned to look at Big Yellow as well.

    Subsequently, their eyes lit up with insuppressible joy.