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    Immortal Path To Heaven Chapter 124

    Chapter 124 Fled

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    A flash of saber-light was seen and a yellow shadow moved swiftly.

    Almost unobstructed at all, whether it was ou Yangmings military saber or the big yellow dogs sharp claws, they easily killed the Black Magic Crawlers. The process was as easy as one-two-three.

    Ou Yangming and the big yellow dog were more puzzled when they looked at the dead bodies beneath them.

    If weve previously met a Black Magic Crawlers larva, what about now?

    Could it be that the Black Magic Crawlers are all larvae? That doesnt sound right no matter what.

    Ou Yangming picked up a crawler with the tip of his sword to observe it carefully, especially its mouthparts. After inspecting it for some time, his face changed. This was because he clearly saw stone chips between its mouthparts.

    Ou Yangming gasped, and his face took on a grave expression when he checked the stone walls around them.

    Although the stone walls there were not of featured steels standard, their quality was not too far from that. In other words, even the steel from the military camp was inferior to the stone walls.

    However, the Black Magic Crawlers were actually munching on the stone walls bits.

    The big yellow dog shivered as it sensed Ou Yangmings discovery as well. "Big Yellow, do you remember what Senior Ni told us before we came in?" Ou Yangming said slowly, "He said that the most powerful thing about the Black Magic Crawlers is their quantity and teeth. I dont know what their total quantity is, but I know that their teeth are indeed not easy to deal with."

    The big yellow dog nodded. It was closely related to its life, after all, thus it could not be indifferent

    Ou Yangming scanned the dogs body and suggested, "But in order to test their teeths toughness, its best to be bitten by them once."

    The big yellow dog was stunned and instantly looked at Ou Yangming with rage.

    Ou Yangming quickly explained, "Take it easy, I meant that Ill try it. Lets not sneak an attack on them the next time, and fight them to see how exactly powerful they are."

    It was only then when the big yellow dog looked more at ease. Evidently, Ou Yangming, who was fully equipped, was a better candidate than the big yellow dog for the test.

    After twitching its nose, the big yellow dog continued walking. On the other hand, Ou Yangming said to himself when he looked at the remains of the Black Magic Crawlers, What a pity! Though he really wanted to turn their flesh and blood into energy for himself, he could not keep it a secret from the dog if he absorbed everything. Hence, Ou Yangming made a wise decision to give up the idea after some consideration.

    While they had only encountered Black Magic Crawlers near this area after walking for a long time, since they knew that the crawlers would win by quantity, they were sure that the creatures lived in groups. Therefore, finding one meant that there was a group nearby. As expected, the big yellow dog picked up the same smell after a brief moment.

    When Ou Yangming and the dog sneaked closer without a sound, they saw five Black Magic Crawlers gnawing on stone chips with their heads lowered. The crawlers were so focused that they were unconcerned about their surroundings.

    Ou Yangming thought, If Big Yellow and I sneak and attack again, well easily eliminate the crawlers again, but since we want to test their combat power, we cant do that.

    He held his military saber and walked past the big yellow dog to advance forward. His heavy footsteps finally alerted the crawlers, which were chomping on food with their heads lowered. They looked up almost at the same time and noticed Ou Yangming, who was approaching them slowly.

    Without any hesitation, the five Black Magic Crawlers crawled toward Ou Yangming.

    They were exceptionally fast, so much so that they did not seem like crawlers at all. Instead, they looked like agile lynxes that arrived before Ou Yangming in the blink of an eye.

    Ou Yangming lowered himself into a half squat, then a flash of saber-light was seen as he slashed one of the crawlers. The crawlers body was instantly split into two but it did not affect its other companions fighting spirit. As such, the four remaining crawlers opened their mouths to bite Ou Yangming.

    Ou Yangming knew what the creatures fed on, so he was not going to let them hurt his fatal body parts so easily. He took a step back, and saber-light was seen again as he killed another crawler. Nonetheless, the remaining three crawlers were already getting closer to him one after another. Following that, they actually jumped at the same time as though springs were attached to their legs, where they sprung toward Ou Yangming at the speed of light.

    The jumps were unexpected. If the crawlers jumped as fast as they crawled, Ou Yangming was likely going to suffer a huge loss. Nevertheless, Ou Yangming was well-prepared, and his mental power was already in a near-perfect state.

    His spiritual sense caught every change happening outside his body.

    It was reasonable for him to be wary. After all, the creatures were feared by the Supreme Great Ancestors, so how could he underestimate them?

    Thus, when the three crawlers moved at a strange speed, Ou Yangming responded in advance. That said, instead of slashing the crawlers into halves, he tilted his military saber and lightly tapped it twice in the void. Consequently, the three crawlers fell on his body and bit his armor, greave, and military saber respectively.

    Ou Yangming had done this on purpose, or the five crawlers could not have hurt him at all.

    Next, he heard ear-piercing grinding sounds as though a hacksaw was being used to cut steel. It made his teeth feel itchy.

    Ou Yangming felt chills down his spine, and he dared not delay it any further. Flashes of saber-lights were seen when he turned his military saber to kill the crawlers on his armor and greave, then he turned the saber to stab it to the ground, killing the crawler that was attached to it.

    When Ou Yangming went against the five Black Magic Crawlers on his own, he was fierce and decisive as he killed them quickly.

    Despite that, he was not delighted at all.

    The big yellow dog walked out of the dark and was shocked when it noticed the damage on Ou Yangmings armor and military saber.

    Ou Yangmings equipment set was at the peak of High Grade, where each of them had 15 Points of Toughness, but they seemed like fake products after being bitten by the crawlers. Be it his armor, his greave, or his military saber, they were obviously damaged with notches on them. Even though the notches were not big, it was only because Ou Yangming had killed them as fast as he could.

    If he was a little slower, the crawlers would have definitely bitten through the pieces of equipment, and the consequence would be unbearable.

    Ou Yangming smiled bitterly as he finally understood why even the Supreme Great Ancestors dared not enter the Chaos Cave.

    It did not matter if they were the Supreme Great Ancestors because their body was made of flesh and blood, and they could not resist tough teeth as such. If a Supreme Great Ancestor was encircled by the strange crawlers, as powerful as one was, one would only end up


    At the spur of the moment, the big yellow dogs nose twitched intensely, and it could not help but roar.

    Ou Yangming was startled. Just as he was about to ask, he also smelled a rich and incredibly odd smell.

    It was the smell of Black Magic Crawlers, and the richness could only mean that there were plenty of them.

    Ou Yangming craned his neck to take a look, and he noticed after a brief moment that hundreds of densely packed Black Magic Crawlers were speeding toward them.

    He immediately figured that there had to be a mysterious connection between the damn crawlers. It would be fine if he killed them in a split second, but if he disturbed one of them, he would have alarmed the rest of the group too.


    Without further ado, Ou Yangming darted in the opposite direction.

    However, he noticed through the corner of his eyes a flash of yellow shadow; the big yellow dog had already overtaken him and fled.

    Ou Yangming cursed, My trustable comrade has worsened so much that it became unreliable.

    The Black Magic Crawlers were not slow, but they were not worth mentioning as compared to Ou Yangming and the big yellow dog, who were running for their lives. After just 15 minutes, Ou Yangming and the dog had gotten away from the crawlers, and they entered a safe passage.

    If they had the cultivation base of Extreme Grade, the crawlers would actively seek their aura. In that case, either the crawlers would be eliminated or the Extremely Grade powerhouse would fall.

    Nevertheless, it was obvious that Ou Yangming and the big yellow dog did not have that strength, so they did not need to fear after getting away from the crawlers.

    Ou Yangming panted heavily after he stopped. The Black Magic Crawlers that swarmed at them looked like they had the spirit to conquer mountains and rivers, and they frightened him and the big yellow dog to the extent that the human and the dog did not want to resist at all.

    You damn fella that abandoned your friend and fled, Ou Yangming said while glaring at the big yellow dog.

    The big yellow dog hesitated for a while, then opened its mouth and wagged its tail as it approached Ou Yangming to lick him with its big tongue.

    Ou Yangming was dumbstruck and could not help but laugh.

    The fellas actually apologizing to me in this way.

    When he looked at his equipment set, then at the big yellow dogs yellow fur, he finally understood how it felt.

    Ou Yangming could fight back if he needed to, but the big yellow dog would be dead if he was encircled, so much so that even its bones would not be left.

    He rubbed the dogs head to show that he accepted its apology.

    Inside the deep and dark Chaos Cave, they were actually relying on each other to survive. As long as Big Yellow did not bite Ou Yangming, he could withstand everything else. They rested for a while before they continued searching aimlessly again.

    There was neither sunrise nor sunset in the cave, but Ou Yangming could roughly tell how much time had passed.

    After a day and a night, he finally became impatient because they still did not find signs of the Land of Inheritance.