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    Immortal Path To Heaven Chapter 122

    Chapter 122 Searching Hard

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    Chapter 122 Searching Hard

    "Cough, cough Lil Ou, weve brought you to the Chaos Cave, so its up to you on how youre going to seek the Land of Inheritance." Ni Jingtong let out a few dry coughs to break the silence and awkwardness. He looked regretfully at the deep, dark, and weird cave as he expressed, "Its such a pity. When an Extreme Grade martial artist enters the cave, he or she will attract the Black Magic Crawlers. The crawlers are extremely detestable; theyll cling to you endlessly. Ah, our powers arent inexhaustible, after all, so we cant go too deep"

    Ou Yangming raised his eyebrows and asked, "What are Black Magic Crawlers?"

    "Theyre unique creatures in the Chaos Cave," Ni Xuetian explained, "The most powerful thing about those creatures is their quantity and teeth. Even if were surrounded by them, well only end up dying if we dont charge away as fast as we can."

    Ou Yangming was shocked as he understood the weight of those words.

    It only made sense to attach importance to creatures that could even take a Supreme Great Ancestors life away. Ni Xuetian added, "The Chaos Cave is chaotic. Unless you find the Land of Inheritance and use the power there, you wont be able to survive inside even if you leave marks."

    "Does that mean that I wont be able to come out after I go in?" Ou Yangmings face changed.

    "Thats not the case. You wont lose your way if you only roam near the caves entrance, but the deeper you go, the lower your possibility of connecting with the outside world. Youll eventually get lost, and will be trapped so deep that you cant get out." Ni Xuetian could not help but laugh, then assured Ou Yangming, "But you dont have to worry."

    Ou Yangming blurted, "The integration of Heaven and man?"

    "Yes, martial artists who fathomed the integration of Heaven and man can naturally sense the exit while being inside the cafe. As long as you dont encounter a huge amount of Black Magic Crawlers on your way out, youll be able to leave easily," Ni Xuetian responded slowly.

    "How do you know?" Ou Yangming asked with a deep voice.

    "Ive experienced it myself." Ni Xuetian sighed as if he recalled his past experience. "Unfortunately, I had advanced to Extreme Grade back then and I attracted a huge bunch of Black Magic Crawlers not long after I entered the Chaos Cave. Seeing as things were getting out of hand, I immediately turned to escape. Hehe, if I was slightly slower, I wouldve turned into a skeleton already."

    Ou Yangming furrowed his eyebrows deeply. He remembered the Black Magic Crawlers well.

    Ni Xuetian comforted as though he noticed Ou Yangmings worry, "You dont have to be too worried. Since youre not even in Yang Grade, the Black Magic Crawlers wont notice you. As for Big Yellow, it is being protected by the Blood Meridian Power, so it wont be a burden to you. As long as youre both careful enough to avoid the crawlers, youll be fine." "Okay, if thats the case, Ill be entering now." Ou Yangming smiled.

    Although he knew that the Chaos Cave was exceptionally dangerous, he did not have a choice at that moment.

    Ou Yangming flashed to one of the entrances and stared ahead for a while. Just as he was about to enter, he noticed through the corner of his eyes that a yellow figurethe big yellow dog-was already making its way in.

    He was stunned because he could somehow sense the big yellow dogs thoughts.

    The half-spirit beast had actually entered first because it was worried about his safety. Ou Yangming quickly caught up to it. When he was going to call out to it, he was struck with an idea, hence he said it in his head, Stop.

    He looked in front of him with bright eyes and the big yellow dog that was scouting ahead really stopped. It even turned around to look at Ou Yangming strangely.

    Ou Yangming felt his heart shake. He immediately realized that something had indeed happened between him and the big yellow dog because their spiritual worlds were connected.

    Nonetheless, though the big yellow dog could understand him, he could only roughly guess what the dog wanted to express, but could not converse with it like it was a human.

    Ou Yangming suddenly caught his breath to recollect himself.

    He did not know if the mysterious spiritual connection he shared with the big yellow dog was temporary or permanent, but if it was a latter, it would probably be unacceptable for a normal person.

    Nevertheless, they had a common target at the moment, thus the connection was beneficial as they would live or die together.

    Ou Yangming shook his body a little before putting down the bag he had carried.

    He was well-prepared since he knew what he had come for. The bag contained the pieces of High Grade equipment that he had smithed for himself, and the effects of wearing and not wearing them were as apart as Heaven and Earth.

    After putting down the pieces of equipment, Ou Yangming checked them carefully and put them on.

    Following that, he used his Military Fire to burn his military saber, where he attached it with the 2 Points of Devouring attribute stored in his mind.

    The big yellow dog immediately took a few steps back while staring fearfully at the military saber.

    Ou Yangming was stunned. He clearly remembered that the dog had only glanced at the military saber indifferently earlier as if the treasure sword, which was at the peak of High Grade and was attached with 4 points of attributes, was nothing worth mentioning. However, once the 2 Points of Devouring attributes were bound to it, the big yellow dogs face took on a completely different expression. It was evident that not only did the big yellow dog sense the change of attributes in the military saber, but it was also wary of the Devouring attributes. Ou Yangming frowned because it was his first time meeting a creature that could sense the Devouring attribute. He wondered if the big yellow dog was gifted with the ability or if all half-spirit beasts could notice it.

    He smiled and curbed his thought, then sent messages through his mind to let the dog know that they would help each other, lov Oh, fight together, and that they were as close as brothers.

    The big yellow dog slowly let its guard down as it finally understood what Ou Yangming meant.

    While the saber made it extremely alert, it did not need to worry about being threatened by the strange item for now.

    During yesterdays cultivation under the moonlight, the big yellow dog had activated the Blood Meridian Power that it was gifted with, and a mysterious connection appeared between them as a result. Under this state, if one of them harbored evil thoughts against the other, it definitely would not be kept as a secret.

    The big yellow dog had initially treated Ou Yangming lightly, but it was deeply moved by him that night, which was why it did this.

    Seeing as the dog had become normal again, Ou Yangming sighed a breath of relief.

    This fella is definitely not an ordinary half-spirit beast. If I fall out with it, this journey will become an incredibly difficult one.

    As Ou Yangming channeled his essential Qi, they resonated with his armor and the other pieces of equipment, allowing his strength to increase by a huge margin. If Ou Yangming did not consider his essential Qis explosive force, based on the mere 11 Points of Power he gained, even a powerhouse at the peak of Yang Grade could not lay a finger on him. Furthermore, he gained 4 Points of Agility and possessed different mysterious abilities because of his waist sash. The maximum insurance was what gave Ou Yangming the courage to enter the cave.

    He approached the big yellow dog with brisk steps.

    When he turned to look, he realized that the caves entrance was not far away. Judging from the distance, Ou Yangming could instantly exit the cave if he charged out.

    After a moment of hesitation, he walked inside with the big yellow dog.

    Before long, the light behind him became smaller and unnoticeable.

    In actual fact, the cave was not pitch-dark. Strange moss grew on the rock walls around them, and the plants actually emitted obscure lights. Even though the lights were not bright, they were enough for Ou Yangming and the big yellow dog to see.

    By going deeper into the cave, they soon arrived at crossroads.

    The big yellow dog immediately stopped and turned to look at Ou Yangming. Ou Yangming did not make a rash decision; he stood on the spot to sense for a while.

    Next, his face changed because he finally understood what Ni Xuetian meant. Why does the state of the integration of Heaven and man allow me to sense the exit? This is what it means.

    Ou Yangming sensed something familiar when he was nearer to the exit, whereas he had a particularly unfamiliar feeling when he was further away from the exit.

    That said, when he went deeper into the Chaos Cave, the feeling of being one with Heaven and Earth became weaker. Ou Yangming actually had a misconception that the cave seemed to be in a different world from where he came from. If that was not the case, the fact that his feeling about the integration of Heaven and man was slowly fading away could not be explained.

    "Woof!" The big yellow dog urged him.

    Ou Yangming smiled bitterly and looked around him, but was not sure where their target was, so he simply pointed in a direction. In any case, he could deduce the cave exits location through the integration of Heaven and man, hence he was not too worried about getting lost. At most, they could retrace their steps later.

    Despite that, Ou Yangming was actually worried that he did not have much time to waste.

    A human and a dog walked in the endless cave. They knew what they were searching for, but the place was truly too huge, so much so that it was beyond their imagination. After walking for an hour, even the big yellow dog had lost its way. It kept twitching its nose but could not pick up anything useful. In fact, the smell of the different areas they had passed dissipated so quickly that they could not be preserved.

    "Hey?" Ou Yangming, who was scouting ahead, stopped all of a sudden. He was surprised and delighted when he looked at the stone walls around them.