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    Chapter 120 Luster Everywhere

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    Chapter 120 Luster Everywhere

    Ou Yangming gasped as he was in disbelief.

    What ability is this? Its simply a miracle

    Ou Yangming flashed to the side of the stalagmites, then smiled bitterly after observing them for a while. "The stalagmites toughness were in no way inferior to steel. I really wonder how the big yellow dog managed to do this.

    He suddenly wondered, If it didnt breathe at the empty ground, but directed its ferocious and huge mouth at me instead, what would have happened?

    Ou Yangming shook his head and felt a chill down his spine because he somehow felt that he had escaped death.

    If he was caught off guard, even if he had fathomed the integration of Heaven and man, he might not be able to avoid the stalagmites that suddenly emerged.

    Ou Yangming could not believe that the half-spirit beast possessed such a mighty ability.

    In comparison, the beast that he encountered in the dense forest in the past was inferior to it.

    Ni Xuetian smiled when he noticed how shocked Ou Yangming was. "Lil Ou, youve finally seen it. This is the right way to use mental powers secret might."

    Ou Yangmings face changed as he asked, "Senior, Big Yellows a half-spirit beast, so its probably gifted to be able to execute it. How are humans like us going to do the same?"

    "Everything is recorded in our ancestors legacy." Ni Xuetian sighed, then assured after a pause, "The three of us promise that well pass on the knowledge to you if you find the legacy and bring it out."

    "Yes, thank you, senior," Ou Yangming responded with a serious face.

    If he could really grasp a power like that, it would be an indescribably delightful thing. Feeling moved, he questioned, "Senior, is it helpful to have mental power before seeking your clans Land of Inheritance?"

    "Yes, its extremely helpful," Ni Jingtong answered sternly, "but weve only found some clues from our clans inherited books. If the seeker has especially mighty mental power, he or she can sense the Land of Inheritances position. That said, once you enter the forbidden area, youll have to probe and face anything you encounter on your own."

    Ni Xuetian touched the big yellow dog briefly and ordered in a solemn manner, "Oh right, Big Yellow will journey into the Chaos Cave with you. I hope youll coordinate with each other along the way. Remember, you must bring Big Yellow into the Land of Inheritance."

    Ou Yangming and the big yellow dog were both startled, and they looked at each other at the same time.

    The human and the dog gazed at each other in dismay and were somehow feeling helpless.

    Nonetheless, Ou Yangming did not object to the idea. It was evident that the big yellow dog was a reserve arranged by the elders, and he did not know what the consequence would be if he rejected them.

    Ni Jingtong said, "Youll be staying together tonight to connect and form a mutual understanding. The Chaos Cave is quite dangerous, so you must be careful tomorrow."

    Ou Yangming hesitated before he said, "Thank you for your concern, senior." Afterward, Ni Xuetian went forward to rub the big yellow dogs neck and instructed, "Big Yellow, tomorrows matter is extremely important. Youre a senior in our clan, so you must put the interests of the whole above everything else."

    Ou Yangming twitched his mouth. Although he knew that the big yellow dog had human feelings, it was somewhat strange and unacceptable for someone to speak to it like


    The big yellow dog barked softly, then jumped on the courtyards wall and swung its head at Ou Yangming.

    Ou Yangming bowed at the three Supreme Great Ancestors after a moment of hesitation, and he left with the dog.

    Once they were far away, Ni Jingtong suddenly asked, "What do you think about him?"

    Ni Xuetian responded with a deep voice, "The young fellas mental power is probably more powerful than we imagined it to be. Plus, he has the determination and is in the state of the integration of Heaven and man. Hehe, if even he fails, I really cant think of anyone else who can find our ancestors Land of Inheritance."

    "Its set then, I hope everything goes smoothly for him." Ni Jingshen nodded.

    When Ou Yangming and the big yellow dog returned to the side room, the dog drooped its head and jumped onto the bed unhappily.

    Feeling stunned, Ou Yangming decided not to go onto the bed anymore after seeing the bed sheet that had turned yellow after the big yellow dog stepped on it.

    Being an orphan, he obviously did not despise the soil on the dogs paws, but he feared its teeth and sharp claws. If Ou Yangming was accidentally touched by the dog when they slept together, he would definitely regret it. Ou Yangming was feeling uncertain, but he decided to ask probingly, "Big Yellow, why did the great ancestors insist that you enter the Land of Inheritance? Is it because your body"

    He suddenly paused because the big yellow dog looked up at him fiercely as though it was warning him.

    Ou Yangming furrowed his eyebrows a little, but did not flinch this time.

    "Big Yellow, I know there are things that I shouldnt ask, but were about to enter the Chaos Cave very soon. I feel that we should be honest with each other, or the search for the Land of Inheritance will be delayed if we have a misunderstanding in the cave. If that happens, itll be a big issue."

    The big yellow dogs ears twitched as if it was considering Ou Yangming quickly struck while the iron was hot. "Your breathing is very powerful, which is an incredibly useful power. If we encounter an accident halfway through and Im not aware of your ability, wont it be such a waste?" The big yellow dog tilted its head to look at Ou Yangming distantly, but still remained silent.

    Ou Yangming was helpless as he never imagined himself reasoning with a dog. Even though the big yellow dog was not an ordinary dog, a dog was a dog, and it was an unchangeable fact even if it was a half-spirit beast.

    Seeing as the big yellow dog was stubborn and indifferent, Ou Yangming frowned and said, "Okay, since youre not willing to cooperate, well see how things go. But I promised the Ni familys great ancestors, so Ill definitely send you in if I find the Land of Inheritance."

    The big yellow dogs ears twitched again, but this time, it seemed to be moved.

    It jumped off the bed gently, then glanced at Ou Yangming before going to the side of the window, and lifted its leg to kick it open.

    Following that, it opened its big mouth to spit out an earthly yellow gem. The sky had completely turned dark at that moment, but a bright and clear half-moon was seen hanging up there.

    For some reason, the gem emitted a mysterious ray that resonated with the moonlight at a distance like there was an invisible power connecting them.

    Ou Yangming blinked hard a few times as he wondered what the gem was, as it was able to interact with the moonlight.

    Although he did not know the gems background, after witnessing the scene, even a fool could guess what it was for.

    "Big Yellow, you have to place this item at the Land of Inheritance, am I right?" Ou Yangming continued slowly, "If Ive guessed it right, the Ni family has a method to locate the land through the item, so theyll be able to access the land freely in the future even without me."

    The big yellow dog hesitated before opening its mouth again to swallow the gem.

    Subsequently, it jumped out of the side room and squatted on the ground to look up at the moon above.

    Ou Yangming found it strange, and he pondered, What is that fella up to this time?

    However, his expression changed wonderfully in the next instant.

    This was because he saw a peculiar aura soaring from the big yellow dogs body. It was an aura, and not a dazzling multicolored ray of light, but it actually had a strange and nearly unbelievable function.

    In particular, the aura had a mysterious connection with the moonlight when it boiled. During that moment, the big yellow dog also seemed to have transformed its body into the mysterious gem, and was communicating with the moonlight in a certain way. Ou Yangming watched quietly for some time before he was suddenly struck with a thought.

    "The big yellow dog isnt taking the opportunity to display its cultivation method, is it?

    Needless to say, a cultivation method like this was very odd, and could not be understood by everyone.

    Only by having mighty mental power and being in the state of the integration of Heaven and man could one sense the change in the big yellow dogs body. At the very least, there was no suitable candidate in the Ni family for the time being On the spur of the moment, the big yellow dog turned to cast a scornful look at Ou Yangming. Strangely enough, Ou Yangming actually understood it.

    I was actually belittled by a dog His face changed as he scoffed, then he strode out of the room to squat beside the big yellow dog. Once Ou Yangming began practicing the martial-art squat, the essential Qi inside his body naturally circulated.

    Nevertheless, he did not need to cultivate essential Qi at the moment.

    When Ou Yangming released his conception and suppressed his essential Qis circulation, he realized that he could not gather his mental power no matter what.

    After some consideration, he gave up controlling the essential Qi and let it circulate freely instead, but concentrated on his mental conception as much as possible.

    Ou Yangming could transfer the mental power between his eyebrows, but the power was only applied on equipment smithing and when he controlled the Blood Flight Art.

    He was clueless as to how he could cultivate it.

    As he sensed the change in the big yellow dogs aura, he gritted his teeth to release his mental power on a large scale.

    This time, Ou Yangming did not control his mental power with the purple lights assistance; he carried out the whole process through his mental conception. Under the conceptions restriction, the mental power transformed into a light beam, which was invisible to the naked eye, that shot up to the sky.

    The instant the light beam left his body to arrive at the vast and boundless void, his eyes glowed.

    Ou Yangming had a sudden feeling that he "saw" an entirely different world.

    There were countless lights and energies in that world, and they were like gold that were casually scattered around for him to collect.

    If only I can use all these lights for myself

    Ou Yangming dared not believe that his mental power could arrive at such a height.

    The moment he was struck with a thought, the mental power in the form of a light beam began surging to absorb the lights around the moon.

    Ou Yangming could clearly feel his mental power rejoicing, and each time he absorbed a light, his mental power increased.

    As he felt an upsurge of emotions, he opened up the light beam to turn it into a black-hole-like vortex to absorb the lights as much as he wished