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    Immortal Path To Heaven Chapter 119

    Chapter 119 The Yellow Dog Breathes

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    Chapter 119 The Yellow Dog Breathes

    Ou Yangming figured that while he urgently needed the Life-prolonging Golden Pill to save Old Craftsman, the Ni family valued their ancestors legacy just as much. Therefore, at the very least, before he walked out of the Chaos Cave, he would be safe and sound in the residence.

    Even if someone wanted to stir up trouble, Ni Jingtong, the Supreme Great Ancestor, would certainly disallow it.

    If thats the case, why should I hesitate? No matter who the big yellow dog is bringing me to, Ill just meet that person once.

    The big yellow dog seemed to not want to attract any attention because it avoided the main road when it led the way, and opted to go through the garden instead. Ou Yangming shook his head, but could only follow it. In actual fact, he was somewhat worried along the way. If they were noticed, the other people would be displeased even if he carried the big yellow dog out.

    Nonetheless, the dog seemed to be extremely familiar with the guard stations in the Ni residence, be they covert or open ones. It led Ou Yangming past the guards and arrived at a big courtyard.

    Even though the Ni family had a huge territory, a person who owned a courtyard of this scale in the prefecture was surely not an ordinary person.

    The big yellow dog turned to look at Ou Yangming, then stuck its tongue out as though it was looking at him indifferently.

    Ou Yangming furrowed his eyebrows and wondered, Are all half-spirit beasts this annoying? Following that, three figures slowly walked out from the courtyard, and they seemed to have been aware of Ou Yangmings presence for a long time. One of them was Ni Jingtong, who waved at him and said, "Ou Yangming, come here."

    Ou Yangming finally sighed a breath of relief. He could guess who the other two figures were, and was quite certain that he was right.

    There could only be one reason the Ni familys Three Great Ancestors were present at the same time and kept it a secret from the rest.

    They must have extra instructions for Ou Yangmings trip to the Chaos Cave tomorrow, and were the only ones in the clan who knew about it.

    Nevertheless, Ou Yangming was not happy after realizing this, and he frowned instead as he sensed, from the bottom of his heart, a deep crisis.

    My Blood Flight Art can be used against a Yang Grade powerhouse, but what about Supreme Great Ancestors?

    Ou Yangming sighed, but quickly cast away the thought. In any case, he had neither acquired the Life-prolonging Golden Pill nor the Ni familys ancestors legacy, so he would take one step at a time.

    He paced forward and greeted respectfully, "Greetings, great ancestors."

    The first person was the oldest elder, who had white hair and beard. He nodded and said, "So, youre Lil Ou. Not bad, heroes are truly made from youngsters. Third Brother, what do you think?"

    "Uncle, youre right, the fella has a bright future," the person who was addressed as Third Brother answered with a smile. He was a middle-aged man who seemed to be around Ni Xueshus age.

    Ou Yangming was startled, and he looked at the three men with a questioning look. Ni Jingtong chuckled and said, "Young fella, let me introduce you to my big brother, Ni Jingshen. Hes also the oldest Supreme Great Ancestor alive in the Ni family."

    "Second Younger Brother, look at what youre saying. Do you despise me because Ive lived too long?" Ni Jingshen scolded jokingly. Ni Jingtong laughed out loud and continued, "This is our Third Brother, Ni Xuetian. Hes a peer of Ni Xueshu and the others, but has advanced to Extreme Grade and comprehended the integration of Heaven and man. As such, hes considered the Ni familys dragon."

    Ou Yangming trembled a little and looked at Ni Xuetian as if he wanted to ask for advice.

    Ni Xuetian could not help but laugh, and he asked, "Do you have something youd like toask?"

    "Yes," Ou Yangming answered in a serious manner, "Im confused about how I achieved the integration of Heaven and man, so Id like you to clarify some of my doubts."

    Ni Jingshen and Ni Jingtong were envious. They thought, He grasped the integration of Heaven and man in confusion, whereas weve cultivated for so many years yet were still bewildered and have gained nothing. Ah, constant comparisons will only make us angry.

    "Honestly, I can only describe the way I achieved the integration of Heaven and man in one word," Ni Xuetian replied to him and giggled.

    Ou Yangmings eyes lit up, and he quickly asked, "What word?"

    He knew how important the integration of Heaven and man was, and he vaguely sensed that the state was exceptionally important for him.

    "Confusion," Ni Xuetian replied smilingly

    Ni Jingshen and Ni Jingtong had already known the answer, hence they smiled at Ou Yangming too.

    "What?" Ou Yangming was surprised and in disbelief.

    Ni Jingtong sighed. "Ou Yangming, those who achieve the integration of Heaven and man cant say how they managed to do it. No matter who you ask, youll only get the same answer."

    "Thats right. The integration of Heaven and man is a mysterious state that cant be replicated. Everyone has their own opportunity and apprehension in advancing to the state, but ones opportunity and apprehension arent very helpful to another person," Ni Jingshen explained helplessly and sighed. "If it wasnt because of that, we wouldve fathomed the state as well." Ou Yangming pouted his lips and said, "I see, thank you for your advice, seniors."

    Though he was told the reason, he was not happy at all. The feeling of being confused was unquestionably an irritating one for someone like him, who always liked to get to the bottom of everything.

    Ni Jingshen later cleared his throat and asked, "Lil Ou, do you know why weve summoned you here?"

    Ou Yangming answered without hesitation, "The Chaos Cave."

    There was no need for him to hide anything from the three masters. After all, his mind was set on obtaining the Life-prolonging Golden Pill, so he was not willing to waste any time or energy.

    Ni Jingshen smiled. "Thats right, but while you remember our conversation, please keep it to yourself." Ou Yangming responded in all seriousness, "Ill listen well and remember well. If another person knows what we talked about"

    Before he finished his sentence, Ni Jingshen cut him off. "Lil Ou, you dont have to say that. Since were willing to tell you, it means that we trust you. Besides, the future is unpredictable. If were able to become family in the future, these taboos will mean nothing."

    Ou Yangming was moved, and he could not help but blush.

    The three great ancestors looked at each other with smiles on their faces, and the atmosphere seemed to have been lightened.

    Ni Xuetian said, "Ou Yangming, I believe that your mental power is very powerful already."

    Ou Yangming was taken aback. "Senior, why do you say that?"

    "Hehe, I heard Second Uncle say that you passed the fourth level with ease, and did not get affected by the pressure," Ni Xuetian said with a deep voice, "The fourth level is a place that tests ones mental power and potential. Unless your mental power is able to suppress the restriction there, you couldnt have passed the level so effortlessly."

    Ou Yangming hesitated as he did not know if he should be honest.

    However, Ni Xuetian quickly dispelled his worry. "Lil Ou, dont think about deceiving us because its closely related to whether you can find our ancestors legacy."

    "I did achieve something with my mental power, but the specifics" Ou Yangming quickly looked up to reply to him, but was helpless. "I dont have a reference, so its hard for me to say."

    Ni Xuetians eyes glowed as he told him, "Thats easy. Well get a rough idea if your mental power can be manifested in a form to shift Heaven and Earths power."

    Ou Yangming was puzzled. What exactly are the Ni familys great ancestors saying?" Ni Xuetian grinned. "Lil Ou, it looks like you fumbled about on your own to acquire mental power."

    "Yes, Im also very confused about it" Ou Yangming nodded.

    Ni Jingshen and Ni Jingtong shook their heads, and were so envious that they were almost resentful.

    "If thats the case, I suppose you dont know the right way to release mental power?" Ni Xuetian questioned. Ou Yangming was struck dumb. "Senior, what do you mean?"

    Ni Xuetian explained, "When humans like us cultivate, we can also cultivate spiritual secret techniques other than martial arts. That said, secret techniques are difficult to understand, and clans that actually possess a similar legacy are like phoenix feathers and unicorn horns; theyre very rare."

    "Senior, what about your clan?" Ou Yangming was moved.

    "We have it," Ni Xuetian answered firmly.

    Ou Yangmings eyes instantly shone. If he had the chance to grasp a bit of mental powers release method or cultivation method, it would be a bonus.

    He had long sensed that mental power was unusually powerful energy. While he possessed the power, he could neither cultivate nor release it. It was similar to being exceptionally wealthy but having nowhere to spend his money, and it was a frustrating feeling. "Senior, I wonder"

    "No, you cant." Ni Xuetian immediately interrupted him.

    Ou Yangming was slightly angry, but was not truly indignant. It was normal for the elders to disagree because it would only be weird if they agreed.

    Despite that, Ni Xuetian added, "Its not that Im not willing to teach you, but because the spiritual secret technique is part of our ancestors legacy, I cant actually teach you."


    Ou Yangming widened his eyes and thought, I see, hes only feeding on illusions, and is making something out of nothing.

    Ni Xuetian chuckled as if he perceived Ou Yangmings look. "But I can show you the exact might if mental power is released."

    He shouted, "Big Yellow."

    The big yellow dog wagged its tail and moved forward, but it was displeased.

    Ni Xuetian reprimanded it jokingly, "You little wimp. If you do well this time, Ill ask Yinghong to make you a good meal."

    The big yellow dogs eyes lit up at once, and saliva was seen dropping out of its mouth.

    "If you dont do well, youll get nothing!" Ni Xuetian pulled a long face.

    Subsequently, the big yellow dog roared and turned around before opening its mouth again into the size of a sacrificial bowl.

    A vague yellow light was then emitted.

    Next, within a few meters in front of the dog, over ten sharp giant stalagmites emerged from the ground without warning, and only stopped when they were roughly the height of a person.