Immortal Only Accepts Female Disciples Chapter 32

    Chapter 32: Master Disciple Relationship

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    Many months passed uneventfully in the Ten Thousand Flower Valley. Currently, Chen Wentian's brand new sect was much more lively than before. He let Zhou Ziyun handle all the day to day affairs and she brought in many female servants of the Zhao family to serve as housekeepers, chefs, and gardeners. Everywhere he turned there were young maidens in flower patterned robes hard at work. He wasn't attracted to them of course; his three beautiful disciples occupied all of his fantasies. However, like how an emperor manages his harem, it was definitely more pleasing to look at women everyday than a bunch of dirty men.

    It was the winter season and the surrounding mountain peaks were covered with thick layers of snow, though the valley was still mild and green. Right now Zhou Ziyun was the only disciple here. Lin Qingcheng was still in Moonlight City, beating up pimps and human traffickers. Wu Qianyu was busy slaying demons in far off lands. Instead of having them come back to the valley, Chen Wentian would fly out occasionally to accompany them and help them with any difficulties.

    For the past two weeks, he has been focused on training Zhou Ziyun. She reached the peak of Body Refinement and was preparing for a breakthrough to the next realm. Lately, she became a little extreme with her training. She was completely focused on the breakthrough to the point of refusing him any sexual attention!

    Indeed Zhou Ziyun felt a lot of pressure to breakthrough as fast as possible. She sat in the middle of a large runic array that Chen Wentian had setup. It helped gather energy from her surroundings into her body. She meditated as she took the incoming energy and directed into her mind, attempting to achieve a fundamental change in the psyche and thus triggering the breakthrough. Chen Wentian watched from the side silently as she struggled for almost a whole day before fainting from exhaustion. Looks like this time was still a failure.

    Chen Wentian wrapped her up in his arms and took her back to her room. She was soaked in sweat so he took her to the bathroom and heated up the bath. He undressed her, staring way too long at certain parts of her nude body, before carefully laying her in the water. He then poured several bottles of medicine into the steaming water before channeling his energy into the tub to help her recover.

    Zhou Ziyun slowly woke up, feeling the hot comforting water and smelling the medicinal fragrance in the foggy air. She opened her eyes and saw her master sitting besides the tub. She felt a twinge in her heart.

    "Ziyun, is something is bothering you? A worry, or fear perhaps? Come, talk to your master." Chen Wentian asked gently.

    Zhou Ziyun stayed silent for a long time but she indeed had a lot of things on her mind. She felt extremely indebted to Chen Wentian for accepting her and thus saving her family. At the same time, she felt a deep sense of insecurity. Chen Wentian's other two disciples were so strong and talented. Was there room for her by his side? Now that the sect was completed and running smoothly, what other use did he have for her? Sexual favors? She was sure he also had some relations with the other two disciples. What if he had more disciples in the future? Her status would only be pushed down more and more, maybe he would even abandon her!

    Zhou Ziyun had always been smart and decisive. Just like that day at the finding disciple ceremony, she put everything on the line once again. Better now than ten or twenty years later.

    She looked at Chen Wentian in the eyes, "Master?"


    "Master, I am not as talented as Sister Qingcheng or Sister Qianyu. I worry I will never be as good as them." She said, bravely divulging her deepest fears. "Maybe they can become immortals. I am afraid of the future, that I'll be left behind. My family upbringing is in business, and our rule is that unprofitable businesses are terminated..."

    Chen Wentian was shocked, he knew she felt a bit melancholy about her own progress but didn't know it was this serious.

    "Ziyun, remember what I promised you? Don't you have faith in me?"

    "... Master, I do, but an immortal's life is long, and a man's heart is fickle. In the future when I am old, you'll still be young, with new, younger disciples. And then..." Zhou Ziyun laughed at herself bitterly. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

    Chen Wentian didn't know how to answer that and could only stare at her.

    "Master, how did you become an immortal when you're so young?"


    "Was it dangerous?" She asked.

    "I risked my life, more times than I can count." He answered.

    "Did your heart ever waver, did you ever lose hope?"


    "What if... I'm not as brave as you?"

    "Ziyun, I believe in you."


    Zhou Ziyun was silent for a long time. Finally, she swam over to the edge of the water. She faced Chen Wentian who was sitting next to the tub, their noses almost touching. "Then I'll never give up either." She said.

    "Good girl!"

    "But Master, you know me, I like to make plans. So... can you promise me one thing?"


    "Regardless of what level I reach, when I'm thirty, can we have a child?"

    Chen Wentian thought she was being silly but then he saw the intensity and determination in her eyes. He was actually deeply affected. What an amazing woman! So fearless in seeking what she wants and speaking her mind! She directly asked him to impregnate her! Such a request made his inner male ego roar in triumph. In the end, he couldn't find any reason to deny her.

    "I promise." He said.

    Zhou Ziyun finally let out a bright smile as she leaned forward and gave him a soulful kiss, sealing their promise.

    She leaned back into the water and seductively beckoned to him. "The water is nice, come join me."

    Chen Wentian's brain froze for a second. Then in the blink of an eye, his clothes were gone and he landed in the tub. Zhou Ziyun practically tackled him, straddling him as she continued their kiss, her tongue finding his and beginning a sensual caress. His member was hard and ready but squashed underneath Zhou Ziyun. He could feel her sexy nub rub against the underside of his dick as she kissed him desperately. She rocked her hips, her nether region torturing him and driving him crazy.

    They finally broke apart, gasping for breath. Chen Wentian's dick screamed for attention. He almost couldn't take it anymore but still held back. Up to now, Zhou Ziyun was still a virgin and they had never gone all the way.

    "I'm so hard, Baby, if you tease me anymore..." His hands roamed her body, from her tight ass that bounced back when he grabbed them to her perfectly sized breasts that fit nicely into his palm.

    Zhou Ziyun shuddered in excitement at his desperation, her own bestial instincts causing her to become wet with desire. All she ever wanted was a strong capable man to conquer her. And now, he was right in front of her. "Master, didn't you agree that we'll to have a child."

    Chen Wentian's hazy brain finally took the hint. With a growl he lifted her up from the water to the ledge and spread her legs. He grabbed her hips as he finally shoved his dragon spear deep into her tight pussy with one powerful thrust.