Immortal And Martial Dual Cultivation Chapter 1858

    Chapter 1858 Raw 1870 : This Moon Is Like Fire

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    Chapter 1858 (Raw 1870): This Moon Is like Fire
    "Heavenly Book Scholar, you are said to have read the lives of all common men and can predict everything in the world. Let me ask you this, who will be the next Dragon Emperor?"
    Right after Jiang He asked that, Xiao Chens expression changed. What great ambition!
    Could it be that Jiang He also wants to fight for the position of Dragon Emperor?
    When the Heavenly Book Scholar heard that question, a derisive look appeared on his face. "Do you know what kind of Luck is contained in the title Dragon Emperor Who would dare to read that casually? You are also familiar with the divination arts, yet you actually made such a request. I have overestimated you.
    "Even if I conduct the reading without care for my lifespan, the result will still be tough to obtain."
    Jiang He said, "Naturally, I know that. I have already brought you a natural treasure for replenishing lifespan in advance. You just need to conduct the reading."
    After saying that, Jiang He took out a brocade box from his storage ring. Then, he opened it to show its contents to the Heavenly Book Scholar.
    "White Pure Water Lotus!"
    The Heavenly Book Scholar accepted the brocade box and no longer hesitated. "You are really stubborn. In that case, Ill do as you wish."
    The Heavenly Book Scholar waved his folding fan and looked up at the sky. The stars in his eyes were a reflection of the stars in the Starry Heavens.
    Xiao Chen opened his Heavenly Eye and looked up. He discovered that the stars above seemed to have some mysterious movements. The Heavenly Book Scholars eyes seemed to have traveled through time and space, breaking into the heavenly mysteries, his soul landing in the mysterious river of fate.
    After a while, the Heavenly Book Scholars body released a terrifying aura as if fate had infused into him.
    The Heavenly Book Scholars aura even inspired a deep fear in Xiao Chen and Jiang He.
    The God Shadow Bow in Xiao Chens hand trembled slightly. When it felt a threat, it actually took the initiative to draw on his Soul Energy.
    A pair of scarlet wings suddenly spread out on both sides of the God Shadow Bow.
    This was a form that Xiao Chen had not seen before. The bow shone with a brilliant light, and the divine beast carved on the bow seemed to move.
    This Heavenly Book Scholar seems stronger than he looks. He is not as weak as he makes himself out to be, Xiao Chen thought to himself. In the past, the God Shadow Bow did not take on such a form when Xiao Chen faced the Black Lotus Demonic Buddha.
    Naturally, the Black Lotus Demonic Buddha was stronger than the Heavenly Book Scholar. It was just that the Heavenly Book Scholar grasped terrifying taboo energy, which could not be easily used.
    The brilliant light coming from the Heavenly Book Scholar shattered like glass, turning into countless shards lingering in the air.
    "What did you see?" Jiang He asked, knowing that the results of the divination were out.

    The Heavenly Book Scholars complexion turned pale; he looked extremely weak. He did not say anything. He only swept his hand over the surface of the stone table while holding his folding fan.
    As the saying went, the heavenly mysteries cannot be leaked. Naturally, the Heavenly Book Scholar would not speak of everything he saw.
    The Heavenly Book Scholar only casually drew something. How much was comprehended would be up to Jiang He.
    "You simulated a saber mark. Are you trying to say that the next Dragon Emperor will be an expert of the saber? Among the Dragon Races young outstanding talents, aside from the Willow Leaf Saber, I am the only other expert bladesman." Jiang He muttered to himself, "Could it be that the next Dragon Emperor will be Liu Ruyue?"
    There were precedents of female Dragon Emperors in the history of the Dragon Race. With Liu Ruyues talent and grace, it was indeed possible.
    The Heavenly Book Scholar remained expressionless. He said indifferently, "Everything I want to say is contained in this stroke. There is no need to continue asking me."
    "Many thanks." Jiang He did not say anything useless. He took out the Sub-Divine Crystal and handed it to the Heavenly Book Scholar.
    After casually receiving the Sub-Divine Crystal, the Heavenly Book Scholar looked at Xiao Chen and said, "Friend, you can put your bow away already, right?"
    Xiao Chen smiled faintly and put his God Shadow Bow away in his storage ring once more.
    After that, he walked over to the stone table and looked at that saber mark before entering deep thought.
    It was indeed a saber mark.
    Xiao Chen and Jiang He were both peak bladesmen. It was clear with one look that the Heavenly Book Scholar had simulated a saber mark.
    However, this did not necessarily mean that the next Dragon Emperor would be a bladesman.
    With the divination over and the Sub-Divine Crystal taken back, the Heavenly Book Scholar stood up to leave.
    When the Heavenly Book Scholar saw Xiao Chen, he paused, then sat down again. "Ill give you a word reading for free. Although I cannot do a divination for you, I can still do a word reading."
    A word reading?
    "Brother Xiao Chen, the Heavenly Book Scholar started off doing word readings for the three princes of the dynasty. That was how he became famous," Jiang He explained to Xiao Chen from the side. The Heavenly Book Scholars skill at word reading was excellent. In fact, it was his specialty.
    Heavenly Book Scholar took out ink, brush, and paper before saying, "Please."
    Xiao Chen held the brush and thought. He did not know what to write.
    After thinking for a long time, he dabbed the brush in ink and wrote one character without hesitation in one continuous stroke.
    The Heavenly Book Scholar looked at Xiao Chen curiously. "What are you seeking?"
    "Im seeking peace."
    "Haha! You will not be able to get that. The road ahead is hard, and peace is hard to come by," the Heavenly Book Scholar said with a faint smile as he fanned himself with the folding fan after taking one look at Xiao Chens word.
    Xiao Chen entered deep thought. "Please explain further."
    "If you want peace, your heart needs to be open and bright, without any shadows in it. If there is a moon, there is no sun. How can the heart be bright? Furthermore, look at the stroke of your word. The calligraphy is casual but very sharp and decisive. Your expressions can fool others, but your writing cannot. You are a determined person and decisive in killing.
    "Look at the end of your stroke. The character for moon should have a hook over there. However, this does not. Instead, it goes straight down like a sharp knife. It is sharp, clear, and bold, descending from above like a sovereign. This moon is like fire, filled with hot-bloodedness and blazing fiercely like the scorching sun. This moon is like a saber. The saber light is dazzling, with a threatening arrogance, and displays its sharpness wantonly."
    Naturally, the Heavenly Book Scholar could not draw a conclusion without any basis. Everything was supported by reasoning.
    Jiang He felt somewhat confused. "No matter how I look at it, all these things are merits. Why are the results so different?"
    Heavenly Book Scholar replied indifferently, "It is because of what he seeks. How can a heart that blazes endlessly without caution find peace? How can a proud and lone saber be satisfied with being mediocre and not be obstructed by the world? It would be a good word, were he seeking wealth, fame, or righteousness. However, he seeks peace of all things."
    Peace is hard to come by?
    Xiao Chen looked at the character for "moon" on the white paper. He was stunned speechless for a while.
    However, Jiang He asked on Xiao Chens behalf, "Is there any way to break this?"
    "Naturally, there is. This moon is like fire, burning fiercely. It is keen to soar higher, unwilling to slow down or stop. If you remain here in this place, this moon will stop rising, and you can find peace."
    The Heavenly Book Scholar seemed to have expected this question. He smiled faintly and casually spoke of how to break this result.
    The white-clad scholar fanned himself, looking graceful.
    Xiao Chen did not expect the other party to make out so many things just from one "moon" character.
    Whether it was accurate or not depended on whether one believed it or not.
    "Goodbye," the Heavenly Book Scholar said carefully with a smile on his face. He closed his folding fan and performed a cupped-fist salute.
    "Hold on," Xiao Chen said suddenly in a soft voice.
    The Heavenly Book Scholars expression changed slightly as he asked, "Whats the matter?"
    "Dont worry. I wont take out the God Shadow Bow again. I just want to ask you something. A few months ago, did you entertain a little monk with delicate facial features and divine a fortuitous encounter for him?"
    "So what if I did?"
    "Nothing much. It is just that the little monk is upset and wants to seek you out for a chat."
    The Little Demonic Monk Silver Saber?
    An expression of shock flashed in the Heavenly Book Scholars eyes. As someone who was skilled at divination and plumbing the heavenly mysteries, he was the most unwilling to meet with such a person of misfortune.
    Those who walked the path of divination, naturally, believed in fate and destiny.
    They were sure that nothing good would come from a person of misfortune visiting them.
    Feeling suspicious, the Heavenly Book Scholar looked around but did not see anyone. He smiled and said, "Young Master, please dont joke about that."
    Xiao Chen smiled. "I never joke."
    Right after Xiao Chen said that, the little monk leaped out of the sling on Xiao Chens back. The little monks soft and small fists instantly landed on the Heavenly Book Scholars face.
    "I became like this from listening to your nonsense! Ill punch you to death!"
    The little monks baby face did its best to show an expression of anger. However, no matter how he tried, he looked adorable with that young and tender little face of his.
    The little monks tiny fists pounding on the Heavenly Book Scholars face looked more like an act of intimacy.
    However, the Heavenly Book Scholar was in incredible pain. He covered his head with his arms and ran about, looking incredibly pathetic, nothing at all like an elegant scholar.
    Seeing the Heavenly Book Scholar in such a state, Xiao Chen was delighted. The thing that Xiao Chen disliked the most was people deliberately acting mysterious and pretentious.
    Xiao Chen felt upset, but things had not gotten to the point where he had to make a move himself to teach the other party a lesson.
    When the little monk woke up, Xiao Chen informed him of what had happened by voice projection. The little monk was the most appropriate person to make a move.
    However, when Xiao Chen looked at the white paper on the stone table again, his smile slowly faded.
    He was just satisfying a moment of curiosity. Unexpectedly, he ended up with a reading of peace being hard to find and his future path being hard to break off. He hoped that these were just some casual words.