I’m Really A Superstar Chapter 1426

Chapter 1426 Big News

Update 6 months ago

The next day.

On the morning of departure.

Wu Zeqing was making breakfast while Zhang Ye’s mother was helping him with his luggage.

“Are you bringing your toothbrush?”

“They have one over there. I don’t need to bring one.”

“Bring a towel. The ones at the hotel are not clean.”

“Aiya, there’s no need to.”

“Why do you have to go there for so many days?”

“Hai, I just want to go there and hang out.”

“You must watch out when you get there.”

“I know, Mom. Don’t you know how skilled I am at fighting?”

“Who’s talking about you? I was talking about watching out for other people’s safety. Don’t create any more trouble when you’re over there. Otherwise, how are you going to come back if you get arrested by the police?”

“I won’t, don’t worry.”

“Like I could possibly not worry about that temper of yours!”

“Just help me take care of Old Wu over here.”

“Need you ask? Just go on your trip.”

The luggage was packed.

After breakfast.

Zhang Ye pulled the suitcase behind him and left the house.

At the entrance, Yang Shu had already driven Ha Qiqi, Little Wang, and the others over and were waiting outside. Little Sun quickly got out of the car to help him load the luggage into the car. Zhang Ye pulled open the door and got inside.

The car drove away.

Ha Qiqi said with a wry smile, “You didn’t tell your family where you would be staying, right?”

Zhang Ye shrugged. “I didn’t mention it.”

Little Wang said, “Why do you insist on staying at the Asakusa Hotel?”

Little Zhou said, “Yeah, that place is on everyone’s tongue right now, and everyone is avoiding it.”

Zhang Ye laughed. “That hotel feels pretty good to me.”

Little Wang: “Pfft! And where did you get the idea that it’s pretty good from?”

However, Zhang Ye did not explain anything to them.

They drove to the airport, got out, checked-in, went through security, and boarded the plane.

On the plane.

Everyone started to discuss the comic series.

How to submit the final copy.

How to go about the workflow.

How to keep their identity secret.

After all, that was the real purpose of their trip.

The plane landed.

At the airport in Tokyo.

Little Wang and Little Zhou were both traveling out of the country for the first time. They looked around curiously inside the airport.

Suddenly, Little Wang pointed. “They’re here to pick us up, right?”

Everyone looked over. Indeed, there was a welcome sign with their names on it.

Someone from the Asian Charity Association had come to pick Zhang Ye and his team up from the airport, and that person happened to be Qu Huahua whom Zhang Ye had met once. Qu Huahua was a woman in her thirties. She was slightly plump and looked extremely friendly. If you said she wasn’t involved in charity work, people would actually find it hard to believe that.

Qu Huahua stretched out her hand. “Teacher Zhang, how have you been?”

Zhang Ye shook hands with her. “Sister Qu, you needn’t have come personally.”

Qu Huahua smiled and said, “A lot of people have found out about your schedule. I came here personally because I was worried.”

Ha Qiqi was taken aback, as though she did not understand why being worried had anything to do with Zhang Ye’s schedule getting found out by other people. However, the next moment, all of them understood.

Not far away.

Several dozen Japanese people suddenly started shouting.

“Zhang Ye!”

“Over there!”

“It’s him!”

“That hooligan!”

“Get out of Japan!”

“Get out of Japan!”

“We don’t welcome you here!”

“Ptui, whoever said that you could come here!”

“Fuck off back to China!”

The group was making a scene!

Some people even held up signs in Chinese with swear words on them.

With the uproar over here, quite a few passengers turned to look.

“Is that really Zhang Ye?”

“So that’s him?”

“Damn, he still dares to come here?”

“That bastard!”

In the end, a lot of Japanese passengers who were not here for Zhang Ye followed suit and started scolding him.

Unlike the other countries in Asia, the Japanese people did not really care about the Asakusa Hotel incident. Many of them did not even know about it as the matter did not cause much of a sensation here. Their sentiments were still focused on the boycott of Zhang Ye. Be it the video of Zhang Ye’s scolding incident at Peking University, the Rivers Run Red scolding incident, or the matter of Kimura Kazuya getting “sent” back to Japan from China, everyone had accumulated a belly full of anger. In the past month, which day did they not spend cursing at Zhang Ye? Yet this fellow’s Asian popularity score continued rising by the day, nearly driving them to their graves. Now that Zhang Ye had come to Japan, many of the Japanese people came over and started cursing at him!

Ha Qiqi and the others stayed very vigilant.

Little Wang and Little Zhou also stood closer to Yang Shu, feeling a little safer that way.

Qu Huahua said helplessly, “There, your popularity over here is rather ‘high.'”

Zhang Ye laughed as he calmly said, “There aren’t even this many people welcoming me back in China. I hadn’t expected such a reception here in Japan.”

When the charity association’s staff who came to welcome them heard this, they gave Zhang Ye another look. So this was their newly appointed philanthropic ambassador? Most of them were only seeing Zhang Ye in person for the first time.

What a legend indeed!

This Teacher Zhang is really big-hearted!

In the face of all this scolding by everyone, he could still banter?

Qu Huahua said, “Shall we go then?”

Zhang Ye said, “Sure.”

The airport also deployed the police to escort them out.

It wasn’t because the Japanese police were willing to do so, but that they had their duties to perform.

In the car.

Qu Huahua said, “It’s still not too late to change hotels.”

Zhang Ye smiled and said, “There’s no need for that.”

Qu Huahua spread her hands. “Alright then, I really don’t understand what you’re thinking, though.”

Along the way, everyone was treated to a simple taste of the Japanese scenery.

When the car reached the hotel, it was already afternoon. After they came to a stop, Qu Huahua said, “Alright, I’ll be dropping you all off here and leaving the rest to Little Yan to help you check-in.”

But Zhang Ye said, “There’s no need. I can handle it myself.”

Qu Huahua gave it some thought. “OK, but there are a lot of reporters around, and the controversy is not minor. Do be careful and immediately notify me by phone if anything happens.”

Zhang Ye smiled. “Great job, Sister Qu.”

Qu Huahua said, “No worries.”

Zhang Ye and the others got out and watched as their ride drove off.

Ha Qiqi looked across the road at the Asakusa Hotel. “So that’s the place?”

Little Wang snorted. “It looks like a rather big hotel.”

Little Sun said, “Director Zhang, so do we?”

Zhang Ye smiled and said, “You guys go ahead and check-in.”

Little Zhou said, “Don’t! Let us accompany you.”

Zhang Ye said, “There’s no need for that. I intend to rest up for the next few days at the hotel. Do whatever you guys need to. Don’t worry about me. There’s no need to come over to look for me either. We can keep in contact via cell.”

Ha Qiqi said, “Ah?”

Zhang Ye said, “That will be all.”

Little Wang said, “But”

“Little Yang, take care of everyone’s safety,” said Zhang Ye.

Yang Shu nodded. “Don’t worry, Senior Bro!”

After that, Zhang Ye pulled his suitcase along and crossed the road.

Little Zhou said in a terrified manner, “Will Director Zhang be able to handle it by himself?”

Ha Qiqi gave a bitter laugh and said, “Whatever, let’s not worry about that. I’m sure he has a plan.”

They did not book their accommodations at the Asakusa Hotel and were instead staying at a hotel opposite it. As it was just across the road, they just needed to turn around and enter the hotel to process their check-ins. As for what Zhang Ye was really up to, they did not know nor could they guess.

The Asakusa Hotel.

In the main lobby.

Zhang Ye slowly strolled inside and discovered that there was a rather long line at the counter. It seemed like business was rather brisk here and was completely unaffected by the scolding from the Chinese. He went over and joined a line. Two or three minutes later, it was finally his turn and he placed his documentation and passport onto the front desk.

The female receptionist greeted him with a smile.



“Are you checking in to your room?”


“Please wait.”

When the female receptionist finished speaking, she gave him a few more looks as she found him rather familiar-looking. However, she did not think too much about it. But when she flipped open Zhang Ye’s passport, she got a shock!


Zhang Ye?

That Chinese Heavenly King?

The female receptionist looked up and asked in English, “Do you really want to check in?”

Zhang Ye said with a smile, “Yes.”

The female receptionist was dumbfounded. “Are you sure you didn’t come to the wrong place? This is the Asakusa Hotel.”

Zhang Ye said, “I know. This is where I’m staying.”

The female receptionist checked the reservation list and received an even greater shock. Zhang Ye’s freaking name was really there. What is the meaning of this? Why are you staying at our hotel? Don’t you watch the news? However, she did not stop and quickly processed Zhang Ye’s check-in. She also informed the president at the same time.


In the office.

The hotel owner received the news soon after.

“Zhang Ye checked in to our hotel?”

“Yes, President.”

“Why is he here?”

“It’s a corporate booking from the charity association.”

“Didn’t they cancel it?”

“They did; they canceled all of them except for Zhang Ye’s booking.”

“He’s the only one who’s going to stay here?”


“For how many days?”

“The booking is for ten days.”

“Is he crazy or what?”

“President, his reputation in Japan is very poor and everyone is cursing him these days. Should we reject his booking?”

“Haha, just let him stay. I was just worrying about how to hype up the publicity further. After the incident blew up, he still chooses to stay at our Asakusa Hotel? He must have so much trust in our hotel! This will show those people in China and Korea! Weren’t they trying to boycott us? Weren’t they going to cancel their bookings? Look! There will still be people coming here to stay! And it’s even a big name in Asia! This is free publicity for us!”

“That’s right!”

Zhang Ye’s stay was quickly processed.

Unbeknownst to him, he had been recognized by quite a few foreign correspondents the moment he walked in.


“I-Isn’t that Zhang Ye?”

“What’s he doing here?”

“Is it for the Public Service Announcements Award Ceremony?”

“But why is he staying here?”

“Hurry, write a report on it!”

“This is big news!”