Im Not Your Mistress
OngoingBook 1 Chapter 13

    Im Not Your Mistress Book 1 Chapter 13

    Volume 1 Chapter 13 Im Sorry Pt 3

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    " who is that woman ? " hanna ask herself when look at the gorgeous woman in niel embrace...

    Seungwoo notice that woman come and he look at hanna ...

    " hanna , you know who is she ??" Ask seungwoo towards hanna ..

    Hanna just shakes her head as she didnt know who is that woman .

    Seungwoo look at hanna and then look at that woman one more time and he started to recognise that woman .

    " i know . That woman is ceo lee wife !! She is the heir to kang corp and now she is madam of lee and kang . And her husband is ceo and master of lee corp and kang corp . " said seungwoo towards hanna .

    Hanna shocked when she heard that lee daniel already have a wife .

    " he is my husband . Lee daniel . The one that im married to 4 months ago and father of my child " said hanna while holding her baby bump .

    Hanna tears started to falling down her cheeks . She cannot believe that lee daniel is a liars.

    " He lied about everything . And about lovi . I never realised that he never once tell me that he love me . " So , i am ... im the stupid one !!! She then sit on the road . While tears started to rolling down her cheeks .

    Seungwoo hold hanna and started to pat her back since he know who is hanna husband .

    While seungwoo pats hanna he said :

    " lee daniel is such a jerk !! He dont deserve you hanna !! You want me to meet him ? Or we go ? "

    Hanna want to go , but she heard seungwoo said niel is a jerk . She want to meet niel and ask him .

    " let's meet him " said hanna .

    Then seungwoo help hanna walk and they arrv at the gate and said to the guard .

    Guard said

    " yes . May i help you mr ? "

    " im han seungwoo , vice president of lulu corp . I already made appointment with ceo lee daniel . "

    " ahhh . Yes ! I will open the gate for you ' he then said and looking at woman besides seungwoo .

    And this preggy woman is ? Ask the guard .

    " she is my fiance . " then seungwoo put his hands around hanna waist .

    The guard open the gate . And they already arrived at the main door of the mansion.

    When they want to go inside . Hanna stop for a moment . And said .

    " seungwoo . I think you should meet him alone . I will hide . Im not prepare to meet him yet " said hanna .

    " dont worry hanna . You can hide first . I will make sure he tell me the truth ." Seungwoo pats hanna head and smile .

    Hanna feels thankful towards seungwoo for being understanding.

    Lee daniel open the doors and greet seungwoo .

    " hi ! You must be seungwoo right ? Lulu Vice President ? Nice to meet you " said daniel .

    Seungwoo said yes and daniel invite seungwoo inside his mansions .

    After half and hour later .. .......

    Seungwoo go out from lee mansion with angry face .

    " you dont deserve her ! " said seungwoo towards daniel .

    " choi hanna ! How dare you !! " said daniel furiously .

    Seungwoo get out from the mansion and search for hanna . When he see hanna

    " im sorry hanna . " said seungwoo .

    Hanna wipe her tears and hurriedly hugs seungwoo

    " its okay seungwoo . Its not your fault . Its my fault . Im the stupid one .. said hanna .

    Seungwoo hugs hanna back .

    ( what happen inside the lee mansion 30mins before ? )

    To be continued ...

    I decided to continue writing . And Thank you for all the support and comment that has give me strength to continue writing this story .