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    There was loud ringing in Ha Eun's bedroom. It took her a few seconds to figure out it was her phone.

    "Chang Wook, phone" she mumbled. Chang Wook didn't answer her so she turned to the other side of the bed. She thought with her arm she would hit Chang Wook's chest but she only felt bedsheets. The phone had stopped ringing. She slowly opened her eyes but Chang Wook wasn't there. She proceeded to turn back in the bed and look out the window. It was still dark outside. Her phone once again started to ring; she looked at the clock on the nightstand and it said it was 4:00 am. The phone stopped ringing.

    She looked at her phone, she didn't know the number. Suddenly the phone started to ring again. She answered thinking it must be important, since they've called the phone 3 times already.

    The person on the other side of the phone was a man who asked if they were talking to "Wifey". She had no idea what the person meant by this.

    The person went on to explain that they are looking through Kim Chang Wook's phone and found the contact wifey thinking it meant wife. Ha Eun wanted to smile, she had no idea Chang Wook had changed her name in his contacts to wife, but she also felt a bit uneasy. Why is a man asking her about her husband and how does he have his phone? When she confirmed she was his wife, the person on the other side of the phone proceeded to say he was from S Hospital and added "Your husband and daughter have been in an accident and are in critical condition…"

    The person continued talking but Ha Eun didn't listen. It was like the whole world had gone silent. Her heartbeat had increased and she started hyperventilating. Her whole body started shaking and before she knew it, she was up on her feet. She ran to Eun Ha's bedroom and noticed how the room was turned upside-down.

    "No" she whispered. She ran downstairs and screamed Chang Wook's name, but there was no answer "This isn't happening" she said to herself, but she didn't give herself time to think, without putting on shoes or proper clothes, she ran out of the house, turned on the car drove and drove as fast as she could towards the hospital. She ran red lights, almost crashing into a few cars but she didn't care. Her one and only objective was to get to the hospital.

    Once she arrived, she asked at the front desk about Chang Wook and Eun Ha, before the person answered her, she heard loud voices and a lot of clattering.

    "This won't do doctor!" a nurse yelled.

    "Yes. He needs surgery" the doctor said loudly. He looked at two other nurses "You two, prepare a room for immediate surgery!"

    Ha Eun didn't want to intervene if it was another person, but she just had to make sure it wasn't Chang Wook. "Please, please, don't let this person be you" she whispered.

    She moved the curtains and saw none other than her husband on a hospital bed, his body covered in blood.

    The machine that kept tabs on his heartbeat suddenly let out a long beep.

    "We're losing him!" the doctor yelled "Where's that room?!"

    The doctor started performing CPR while the nurse kept tabs on his heartbeat. Ha Eun ran to Chang Wook's side and started to scream his name "Chang Wook" she said under her breath.

    "No. No. No." she repeated, with tears streaming down her face, as she looked at Chang Wook's bloodied chest.

    Suddenly the two nurses that left came back and said they had the room ready.

    Chang Wook's heartbeat had returned and he had slightly reopened his eyes. He had regained consciousness but the doctor didn't know for how long. They all started to wheel him to surgery. Ha Eun widened her eyes when she saw her husband being wheeled out with his eyes slightly opened. She ran with the nurses and the doctor as she placed her hands on his cheeks and combed part of his hair out of his eyes. Chang Wook moved his arm up ever so slightly to try and touch her. Ha Eun noticed and so she lowered her face, she took his hand and she place his hand on her cheek. She felt his fingers move and a slight smile appear on her face.

    "Hi" she said, while tears streamed down her eyes "Don't you dare leave me alone. You hear me?!" she said loudly.

    Chang Wook wanted to laugh, it's just like her to get angry. But looking at her crying face was the only thing he didn't want to see. He wanted to tell her not to cry for him.

    They were about to pass the doors where no visitors could go through. Before she had to stop she mouthed to him "I love you."

    Chang Wook's eyes teared up as he lost consciousness once again.

    They passed the doors and a nurse stayed behind to calm Ha Eun down.

    "You don't have to worry. Your husband is in very capable hands. Just sit down." The nurse said as she moved Ha Eun to a seat. Once she thought Ha Eun was slightly better, she ran inside.

    Ha Eun was alone in that hallway, no soul in sight. She passed her hands around her face and through her hair.

    She started to blame herself for what had happened to him, she had no idea how it happened but if she wasn't drunk out of her mind, Chang Wook wouldn't be in this situation and Eun Ha…Where's Eun Ha?

    She quickly got up when she noticed a nurse next to her. She asked Ha Eun if she was Eun Ha's mother. It would take too long to explain so she nodded "Follow me" the nurse said. Ha Eun was taken to a room. Inside, she saw Eun Ha on a bed, with her eyes closed. She had on a nasal cannula and she had a needle in her arm. She got close to Eun Ha and noticed the black eye and a red stain on her shoulder.

    "What happened?" Ha Eun asked the nurse.

    "We don't know. Your husband and daughter were found in an abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of the city, and they were unconscious…" the nurse said. Ha Eun could tell she had more to say but wondered if she should continue.

    "Go on. I need to know this" Ha Eun told her.

    "The medical report says that they were both shot. There were signs of struggle on Eun Ha's body, and she was shot once on the shoulder. As for your husband, there were signs of restraints around his wrists and also signs of struggle. He was shot three times, twice on his leg and once on his chest."

    Ha Eun wanted to cry. The nurse wanted to comfort her "They are still alive Miss. They are going to be fine. I'm sure of it" the nurse said.

    Ha Eun thanked her and asked "When will Eun Ha wake up?"

    "We're not sure, but since her wounds were minor compared to…" the nurse couldn't finish that sentence. She cleared her throat and said "We think she will wake up within a few hours. Please have a seat. We called the police, so they will be here in a few minutes to talk with you."

    The nurse left the room and Ha Eun placed her hand on top of Eun Ha's. Her eyes started to water as she grabbed onto Eun Ha's hand with both her hands "You must have been so scared" Ha Eun kissed the little girl's hand.

    "I'm a horrible person, aren't I?" Ha Eun asked her "I promised to take care of you but when you needed me I wasn't there. You and Chang Wook ended up getting hurt…All because of my incompetence" Ha Eun brought the little hand to her forehead.

    "Please wake up soon" Ha Eun whispered. Suddenly two police officers came into the room and asked Ha Eun a few questions, such as what happened, if she knew of anyone that had a grudge against her husband or her, etc…questions that she has been asking herself.

    "Listen, only my husband and Eun Ha know what happened. Ask them once they get better" Ha Eun told the officers. They apologized and left.