I Reincarnated As The Universe Chapter 29

    29 Visit 3 God King Rymes

    Update 5 days ago
    For the next one I'm going to visit, God King Rymes, I'll have to be a little more careful.

    I'd rather not shit my pants from a scare like the one I got from Diablo.

    How can someone be so tense!?

    Perhaps it's because I've never been in a situation such as his, but still, to directly attack before even seeing who it is?

    Not that I can blame him though.

    If it was me in the same position as his, I'd probably be used to people coming for my life.

    Especially since you're at the top of the food chain.

    There's always someone stronger out there, or at least someone more skilled than you.

    Never be arrogant.

    It won't pay off.

    That's also a lesson for you out there.

    Being arrogant will do more evil than good since you'll make more enemies, and piss off more people than you think.

    And, don't get me wrong here, you can be arrogant, but don't be as arrogant as all those fictional martial art villains and MC's.

    It can be so frustrating, just reading or listening through such novels.

    Sometimes you just want to give them a good slap across their face, since that's what they truly deserve.

    Can't they just shove their arrogance up their ass, and at the same time pull what's called logic out of it?

    It's like they know what logic is, but can't seem to understand how to use it properly.

    You get sooo frustrated because of that.

    However, I'm not saying every character from such novels behave like that.

    Some do have some sort of common sense, which is nice.

    And yes, I know, we're getting incredibly sidetracked here, but since I have all the time in the world, why wouldn't thoughts like these pop-up in my mind now and then.

    Especially since I'm alone, and my surroundings are devoid of sound, and I just relax.

    Thoughts or events you may have forgotten will surface if you do this.

    It can be stupid and irrelevant thoughts such as characters from novels like the thoughts I'm having right now.

    But it can also be questions that can't be answered.

    For an example; What is true nothingness?

    A human brain simply can't fathom the word 'nothing.'

    Well, maybe it could if we could consciously use more of it.

    But as of now, it'll be impossible to understand what true nothingness is.

    And you may say; 'But Autumn, it's not hard to imagine what nothingness is'.

    If you deeply think about it, you would realise that it's incredibly hard to understand nothingness.

    At the same time, a ton of questions will emerge;

    If there was nothing...what would I be able to see with my eyes?

    Does nothing have a certain colour, if it's the only thing that exists?

    What would it be like to experience true nothingness?

    Does nothingness even exist?

    It's such a delicate topic in my opinion.

    And many topics are unfathomable.

    For another example; Life.

    What was life created for?

    Was it created to entertain higher entities like the inhabitants of the galaxies I've created?

    But then, who created these entities that oversaw the happenings of the universe or galaxies?

    It is such interesting questions that can surface in your mind.

    And the problem with asking such questions is that you'll probably never get an answer to them.

    Which brings us back to the feeling of frustration.

    You simply can't get what you want, so you naturally get angry and frustrated.

    It's just like human nature now that I'm being honest here.

    Humans are simply put, the cancer of nature.

    We take, and take, and take, but we never give back.

    We ruin the ecosystems, and only when it's too late, do we reflect on our past mistakes.

    We ruin nature itself, even if we know it, only when a drastic change occurs do we stop in our tracks and think; 'Maybe we should try and reduce the burden we put on mother nature.'

    And even then, some people still won't give up on the idea of earning money.

    Even if the way to earn money, will be to harm nature even more.

    It's kind of sad really to see that side of humans.

    We're driven by greed, and greed only.

    But don't misunderstand me.

    Some people have a good conscience, and they try to do something good, unlike all those greedy bastards.

    But at the end of the day, I can't blame the greedy ones either, as it is a part of human nature sadly.

    Alright, I've contemplated enough about all these matters now.

    Let's go visit our next creation...God King Rymes.