I Might Be A Fake Cultivator Chapter 92

Chapter 92: Because I'm Your Teacher

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An Lin and Xu Xiaolan's spirit seals also started emitting a brilliant light. However, there was absolutely nothing they could do apart from stare at the spirit seal dazedly.

Just as they looked at each other speechlessly, a white glow suddenly radiated from within their bodies.

"This is…"

A look of joy appeared in An Lin's eyes. He recalled that this was also what had happened when they entered the mystic realm.

That was to say, this white glow could teleport them directly out of the mystic realm!

Sure enough, their bodies started to shimmer, eventually disappearing from the White Bone Realm all together.

All An Lin and Xu Xiaolan felt was their surroundings blur before they found themselves back next to the Ancient Jade Pond.

Once they arrived back at the Ancient Jade Pond, their expressions changed drastically.

This was because the surroundings of the Ancient Jade Pond had already transformed into a deadly battlefield!

Vital energy swarmed about, and the rumbles of immortal spells were unceasing.

The human cultivators were locked into battle with the blood tribe army, and cries of battle echoed throughout the entire battleground.

In the distance, a bloody pool blanketed the ground.

A male with golden hair and crimson eyes stood in the center of this blood pool, and with a strike of his palm, he swatted away the lightning which flashed before him. Then, he summoned a thousand feet long blood dragon which, bringing with it an astonishing might, slithered toward the lightning shrouded cultivator.

"That's Longhu's sect leader, Heavenly Teacher Zhang!" An Lin exclaimed.

The golden-haired male on the ground emitted a powerful aura, and it was most likely that he was a Blood God!

Up in the sky, a handsome male with black wings was standing guard next to a pitch-black entrance.

Three cultivators—Wudang's Sect Leader Daoist Priest Xuyun, Kunlun Immortal Sect's Sect Leader Spirit Child Shi, and Shangqing Immortal Sect's Sect Leader Daoist You Mu—attacked him together yet were still unable to subdue him.

Down on the ground, hundreds of human cultivators battled with the army of the Blood Tribe.

The Blood Tribe had mobilized many personnel, and they both outnumbered and outgunned the human cultivators.

However, the blades of the human cultivators were all smeared with an especially poisonous blood.

Once a member of the Blood Tribe was injured by one of these blood smeared weapons, they would instantly die from the poison. Even Blood Kings were unable to avoid this fate.

Thanks to this poisonous blood, the human cultivators currently held an advantage in the battle.

"An Lin, who would've thought that your blood would be so useful!"

There was a look of astonishment on Xu Xiaolan's face as she looked toward the countless powerful Blood Tribe members who were collapsed to the floor and frothing at the mouth.

She had heard An Lin mention before that his blood could poison even blood kings to death.

She was a bit skeptical when she first heard this. However, now that this scene was laid out before her, she was absolutely stunned.

There was another burst of white light next to the Ancient Jade Pond.

Xuanyuan Cheng appeared next to the pond with a look of bewilderment on his face. He was confused as to why he was teleported out before he could even enter the Convergence Realm.

Earth Immortal Yue Ying and Earth Immortal Ming Yuan also appeared next to the Ancient Jade Pond.

They were both severely injured and looked to be in sore straits.

"Hurry up and escape! Return to Baiyun Temple and contact the Heavenly Court. Just tell them that Dark Night has come!"

Earth Immortal Yue Ying's voice suddenly sounded in An Lin, Xu Xiaolan, and Xuanyuan Cheng's mind. It boomed like thunder and gave them a start.

Xuanyuan Cheng reacted insanely quickly, and he instantly got on his sword and flew toward An Lin.

A crack suddenly appeared in the sky.

Immediately afterward, a female walked out of the crack with her wings flapping.

She held a pitch-black sword in her hands, her aura vast and profound.

Two golden-haired, crimson-eyed Blood Gods stood respectfully behind her, their heads slightly bowed.

This female had a very prestigious status.

She was Dark Night, ranked in the Return to Void Stage and a member of the Twelve Monarchs. The Twelve Monarchs were part of the Black Wing Tribe, a tribe allied with the Blood Tribe.

"The sword spirit has successfully broken free from the Three Extremes Spirit Destruction Formation already.

"Demon Emperor, with you as the new sword spirit, I won't treat you unfairly.

"Now, I'll let you drink the fresh blood of these cultivators to your heart's content."

Dark Night looked toward Earth Immortal Yue Ying and Earth Immortal Ming Yuan. They activated their defensive spell formations, yet these were already beaten and cracked from their previous battles.

She then turned her gaze to the flying Xuanyuan Cheng, and her lips curled into a slight smile.

"Presumably, these cultivators who are stained with the aura of the mystic realm have been sent over by the Heavenly Court. It's probably better to kill them…"

Dark Night snapped her fingers and a black burst of energy which possessed terrifying power flew toward Xuanyuan Cheng.

Seeing this, Earth Immortal Yue Ying turned pale with fright. She had initially thought that with her and Earth Immortal Ming Yuan here, Dark Night wouldn't care about the life or death of a few small cultivators.

Unexpectedly, Dark Night was actually able to detect that Xuanyuan Cheng's aura was different from that of other cultivators.

"An Lin, Xu Xiaolan, get on!"

Xuanyuan Cheng was already beside An Lin, and he yelled loudly.

He was completely unaware of the deadly burst of black energy streaking toward his back.

"Be careful!" An Lin roared.

He dashed over quickly and pushed Xuanyuan Cheng aside. At the same time, he raised the black brick in his hands and held it in front of himself.


The black burst of energy erupted on the brick.

A devastating power pounded against the brick, yet it was unable to penetrate through. In fact, it was unable to leave even a single mark on the brick.

Even though the black brick was able to block her attack, An Lin still received internal injuries from the shockwaves, and he spat out a mouthful of blood.

The black brick he held in his hands was none other than the Chaotic Alloy Brick which he had won in the system lottery.

Hardest in the world… It indeed lived up to that claim!

Seeing that the burst of energy was blocked by a cultivator of the Tenth Stage Dao Body, Dark Night also became slightly dazed.

"Interesting, let me see how you dodge this strike!"

The Evil-Slaying Sword floated in the air, its sword tip pointing toward An Lin. She smiled calmly and snapped her fingers again.

How powerful would an immortal weapon be when wielded by a mighty cultivator of the Return to Void Stage?

With just a flick of their fingers, they would be able to kill a cultivator of the Soul Formation Stage!

The Evil-Slaying Sword drew a deadly arc, its dazzling black glow the salient color in the skies.

Under this strike, space also became viscous and dense.

It was as if Xuanyuan Cheng and Xu Xiaolan's bodies had been shackled, and they could only watch on dazedly.

A feeling of death enveloped An Lin's body as he gazed at the approaching Evil-Slaying Sword, and his mind went completely blank.

This was an unstoppable power, this was a power which made one despair…

Right at this moment, however, a figure suddenly appeared before him.

She threw her arms out and her long curly hair fluttered in the wind.

This firm yet fragile figure replaced the black arc of death and became the only scenery reflected in An Lin's eyes.

A gigantic ancient book was suspended before the female, and a brilliant golden light erupted from it.

Countless golden symbols scattered into the surroundings, forming a domain and facing off against the strike of the Evil-Slaying Sword!

The Evil-Slaying Sword faltered for a moment as it cut through the golden domain and pierced into the ancient book.

Soon after though, an even more astonishing burst of black energy erupted from the Evil-Slaying Sword, and it viciously pierced through the ancient book.

Eventually, the pitch-black sword continued forward and pierced through the body standing in front of An Lin…

Although the female's body was pierced, she gripped tightly onto the sharp blade. Bursts of golden symbols enveloped the sword, causing the congealed air to return to normal.

"Run!" she cried with blood seeping out of her mouth.

"Teacher… why…

"Why did you have to go so far?"

An Lin's eyes reddened as he looked at the resolute figure standing in front of him.

He was merely a weak cultivator with a rank of Tenth Stage Dao Body.

Why would she, a cultivator of the Soul Formation Final Stage, sacrifice herself to save them…

It wasn't worth it!

Earth Immortal Yue Ying's beautiful face had already turned pale, yet she still squeezed out a smile toward An Lin.

"You're already calling me teacher, do you still need to ask me why?

"Isn't this reason enough…

"I'm your teacher!"