I Love You Monster: The Blindfolded Wife X The Masked Husband Chapter 351

Chapter 351: Who dares

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"Davi… Darling… come over."

The mesmerizing words travelled from Sei's mouth to caress Davi's ears and she froze in place. Somewhere in her foggy and dazed consciousness, she heard the words echoing in her mind. 'Darling… darling… darling…'

She stared at Sei's general direction, her eyes unseeing, her instincts still wary of the dangerous animalistic aura coming from his general direction. But the voice that was like a sweet song was like a strong irresistibly sweet scent luring her.

"Davi… Darling… come over," Sei said again, deliberately saying the words like a hypnotist trying to send his client to sleep.

Involuntarily, Davi took a step towards Sei. Hinari, Ryou, Zaki and Sei all held their breath as they watched Davi take that step. Sei was relieved that he seemed to be making progress so he inched forward, slowly but surely.

The dangerous aura that surrounded Sei was unleashed from him the moment he saw his beloved Davi in this state. His need to protect his woman