I Accidentally Married A Ceo Chapter 140

Chapter 140 It's An Emergency

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Ronald complies in a heartbeat. He wants Jeff and Ann to go so he can have Lea all by himself. Thank’s to the boss lady; he has some recipes that found from Google site.

Finally, Ann started to feel better. “Honey! I don’t think I can eat anything, why don’t we let them enjoy each other. Let’s go home, please!” Ann gave a half smile.

Jeff was feeling bad for his wife, help her up then carried her to the bed to lay down. “Rest for a little while then will go to the hospital alright!” Jeff kissed his wife tenderly, one hand stroking her hair and the other one massaging her tummy.

Ann listens, closed her eyes trying to calm her stomach. It felt good how Jeff’s massaging her tummy.

The two outside figured out that everything was fine when Jeff stopped screaming at them to prepare the car. They decided to clean up the burnt appetizer and started a new batch.

After about 15 minutes Ann stomach finally settled down enough for her to be able to get up. Jeff helps her up, and they slowly make their way again.

The two was busy in the kitchen playing house; they didn’t even realize that Jeff and Ann had waved them goodbye and left for home.

They went straight home as per Ann’s request. Even though Jeff was worried, he gave in to his wife’s request and drove back home.


Once they were in the comfort of their bedroom, Jeff finally able to breathe comfortably. “Sweetheart! How are you feeling? Is there anything you want? I remembered you saying you’re hungry earlier and we had not had any chance to eat dinner. you must be famished.”

“I’m okay! I don’t have an appetite right now. Maybe later, let me rest for a little bit, I promise once I feel better I will let you know.” Ann tries to assure Jeff with a smile on her face.

Jeff let Ann rest. “I’ll go down for a little while and do some work; you relax first. I’ll come back in a little bit to check on you.” Embraces Ann tightly then whispered into her ear. ” Sweetheart! ” Ann look’s at him.”Hmmm?”

Jeff kisses her earlobe first before replying. “Thank you!”

“Thank you? For what? ” With eyes of uncertainty, Ann asked him.

“Thank you! For coming to my life, for taking me back, for letting me love you, for everything! And thank you for being you!.” Jeff emotionally told his wife.

Tears started to shimmer in her eyes before replying. “Thank you!!! I’m the one should be thankful, not you.” Her eyes are now showing some tears flowing slowly down her beautiful face.

Jeff was overwhelmed with emotion; he needed to get out of there. He doesn’t want his wife to see that side of him. Kissed her once more than got up to leave” I love you!” He said before walking out the door.

Once Jeff arrives in the safety of his study, tears start to fall from his handsome face. He couldn’t hold it any longer. He was utterly affected by his emotion. Jeff is not ignorant in regards to the birds and bee. He knows one hundred percent his wife is now carrying his longtime dream, their child.

Once he calms down, he called some people. Now that new addition is coming into their family. They need to have a real marriage with all the flares that woman loves. He will give his wife the best wedding in the whole of Asia.

Lastly, Jeff called his Grandfather.”Hello, grandfather, there’s something important that I need to speak with you; Can I come over for a little bit? I know it’s late, but it’s important.” Jeff told his grandfather full of emotion.

Grandfather was speechless for a moment. He’s afraid of what his grandson wanted to talk to him about that’s an emergency. “Sure! come over; I’ll wait for you.”

“Thank you! I’ll be right over.” Jeff hang up the phone and prepare to leave right away. He was about to walk out the door when he heard Ann’s footstep coming down the stair.

“Honey! I’m hungry now; you think the chef can make us something simple to eat.?” Ann’s ask not realizing her husband was about to go out.

Jeff looked at his wife paled looking face. “Sure! Let me tell the Butler to tell the chef to prepare some food for us. What do you want to eat?” His heart was aching for her.

Just like that! Jeff was unable to leave the comfort of his home.

In the meantime, his grandfather still waiting anxiously at his own home and starting to get agitated by the minute.

‘What the heck! Jeff Go, what is it that you’re going to tell me? Why didn’t you tell me over the phone.’ Grandfather is now overly anxious to know.

Finally, Grandfather Go couldn’t wait any longer. ” Ron! Ron!..Where are you? Prepare the car, we’re going to Jeff’s home asap!”

‘You think you’re the only one has a car? I have 20 of them sitting around for decoration. Hmpt! Grandfather Go mumbled to himself.

Thirty minutes later, Grandfather Go arrives at Jeff’s home. The couple just sat down to eat.

Grandfather Go told the Butler not to announce himself, he wanted to surprise the couple. Just as he was walking towards them to the dining room, Ann was running towards the guest bathroom on the first floor.

She was in a rush to reach the bathroom and didn’t see grandpa Go who’s about to greet her.

Jeff was running after his wife following her into the guest restroom. He also did not realizes that his grandfather came to see him.

As soon as Ann reaches the commode, she lifted the seat and started throwing up.

The sound of her throwing up did not miss the ear of grandfather Go. “OH! MY GOD! THE CHICKEN’S HATCHED!” He started dancing with joy. Haha!