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    Chapter 171 Ill Beat Anyone Who Is After Him 1

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    The finals of the talent championship is really an eye-catching event. Early in the morning all media already rolled in.

    And the stands were fully occupied, even the corridors.

    The Imperial College was full of people. With the arrival of the three important figures, the excited crowd finally went completely crazy.

    Bang! Yan Chen slammped the door open and walked into Mo Fei’s dressing room.

    Watching Yan Chen panting so hard, Mo Fei raised his eyebrows, “What is going on?”

    “Coming, coming, the audience coming…”Yan Chen said, face reddened.

    Mo Fei tilted his head and said, “What’s the fuss? Why are you looking so excited?”

    “Not some ordinary audience.” said Yan Chen, eyes beaming.

    Mo Fei played with his fingers, asking casually, “Not ordinary? How not ordinary?”

    “It’s the general!” said Yan Chen excitedly while shaing Mo Fei’s shoulder.

    Mo Fei nodded and said calmly, “So the general? It’s no big deal. You are acting way too much.”

    Looking at Mo Fei’s calm face, Yan Chen said grumpily, “Mo Fei, aren’t you excited?”

    Mo Fei smirked and said, “Lou Yu has already told me his grandpa would come. Tell you a secret. His grandpa is a big fan of me! He specially comes to watch my performance.”

    Yan Chen blinked, “But not just General Ji, all the three generals are here.”

    Mo Fei and Mo Yi then cast their eyes at Yan Chen at the same time, finally showing kind of shocking expression.

    “All three generals?” Asked Mo Fei, looking strangely.

    Yan Chen nodded and said, “Yeah! All three generals are here, at the same time. You didn’t see it with your own eyes! Just now three top luxirous star cars pulled over above the college and the three generals walked from up in the air. So damn cool!”

    On level eight star magicians could walk in the air, and few people could make that in the whole empire.

    He touched his chin, “Never expected that? Never expected that!”

    “Never expected of what?” asked Yan Chen curiously.

    Mo Fei smiled and said, “Never expected those generals also would like to flock together.”

    Yan Chen said excitedly, “Now those media all went crazy! Click! Click!They were pressing the shutters like crazy! Mo Fei, you are in trouble.”

    “What trouble?” “Asked Mo Fei.

    “Weren’t you the last one to perform? They’d run out of film when it’s your tune.” Yan Chen looked worried.

    Mo Fei smiled indifferently, “Don’t worry. I Mo Fei am so handsome. It’d be their loss if they don’t take photos of me.”

    “Speaking of which, I kind of find it weird. You know, they have always turn their noses up on such competitions. General Shangguan comes for his grandson and General Zheng comes for his granddaughter-in-law. But who does General Zheng come for?” said Yan Chen, confused.

    Mo Yi saw that Yan Chen was looking at him, saying sullenly, “Why are you staring at me?”

    Yan Chen then said with an innocent tone, “I am waiting for your answer!”

    Mo Yi then said coldly, “I don’t know.”

    Yan Chen, “…”

    Mo Yi then lowered his head to wipe his Tianxin Bishui Sword, then asked, “Did General Zheng come alone?”

    Yan Chen blinked and asked, “What do you mean?”

    Mo Fei shrugged his shoulder, “Yiyi means if you saw Zheng Xuan around.”

    On hearing Mo Fei’s words, Mo Fei’s face immediately reddened.

    Yan Chen nodded and said, “Zheng Xuan also comes, right beside General Zheng.”

    Mo Fei touched his chin, thinking, “Since he could crawl out of his bed and come here, he should be almost recovered already.”

    Yan Chen then looked at Mo Fei, confused, “But what is he doing here?”

    Mo Fei shook his head and said, “Actually nothing serious. He just got a mass of bruises all over during a fight with a sixth level star beast and nearly died.”

    Yan Chen couldn’t help making a screaming sound.

    Mo Fei cast a glance at Yan Chen blandly, saying calmly, “But since he could have survived, it means it’s nothing serious. So, don’t worry.”

    Yan Chen shook his head and said, “I’m not worried about him. I’m just thinking, he was beaten by a level six star beast yesterday. I am wondering if he is the asshole who has won the Hundred Fight King Championship.”

    Mo Fei nodded. “Yanyan, you are so clever. Bingo!”

    Yan Chen rolled her eyes. “But it can’t be him! During the Top 100 Championship, he was even behind Su Rong. How could he ever be that talented asshole who won a hundred fights?”

    Mo Fei: “……” Mo Fei then thought to himself: Has Su Rong offended you or what? Do you really have to belittle him like that?

    Though all seats were taken, there were still spare ones for the three generals anyway. The college offered headmaster’s seats for three generals in the first place.

    Zheng Xuan looked around, as if he was searching for what, looking quite anxious.

    Seeing that, Zheng Hong said crossly, “Stop looking! The crown princess is the last one. It’s still early. Take it easy.”

    On hearing him, Zheng Xuan immediately withdrew his eyes and behaved.

    Shangguan Mingde looked at Zheng Xuan with great interests, asking sarcastically, “Xuan, I heard you broke up with Xu Zihan?”

    Zheng Xuan nodded and said, “Hmm.”

    “Your grandpa ever told us that you won’t marry anyone else except Xu Zihan. Since now you already dumped him, does it mean you are gonna stay single for the rest of your life?”


    “If so, your grandpa is talking nonsense.”


    Shangguan Mingde, “…”

    Zheng Hong, “…”