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    Volume 1 Chapter 114 Pregnancy Days

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    I was already tired after the long trip. So, I decided to notify everyone in the morning. My mother was the first person whom I shared the good news. She was extremely happy, overjoyed and excited at the same time. My parents told us that they will visit us tomorrow.

    Next I called Neil.

    " Hello." His voice sounded sleepy. Maybe he's still in bed.

    " Looks like you haven't left the bed yet." I joked with a chuckle.

    " Mhmm. What's the matter? Why call so early?"

    " Just wanted to tell you that you're going to be an uncle."

    " Yeah thanks wait what?" His reaction changed swiftly, after realising the mistake he made.

    " Your sister is pregnant. We are having a baby." My chest literally puffed up. I wonder why I'm feeling so proud all of a sudden.

    " Oh my god! Are you kidding me? Is this for real?" His high pitched voice rang through my ear, making them hurt. " Mom! Mom!" I heard him yelling from the other side. He was keeping the phone away from his face as the voice was coming mildly which I'm grateful for.

    " YES!" I shouted loudly for him. But no response came. He was busy calling out for his parents. I think he's walking up to them. Air pressure is jamming on the phone speakers.

    " Mom! Dad! Come here!" Neil yells again. I was still holding the phone waiting for the reply.

    " Oh! What is it! Why are you shouting loudly?" It was my mother-in-law's voice. She scolded him for blowing his trumpet all over the house.

    " Listen guys, I got a big news. You two are going to be grandparents and I'm gonna be an uncle." Neil told them.

    " Is that true, Neil? You aren't joking right?" Mother-in-law asked him again. Her voice was shaking.

    " What the hell! Do I look like I'm joking? Theo is on the phone. He just informed me now. Here, talk to him if you don't trust me."

    " Is it true?" My father-in-law picked up the phone and asked.

    " Yes."

    " Oh! .... I think I'm gonna faint. I- I'll come by tomorrow" Father-in-law was paused before he could speak any further.

    " Tomorrow? I'm leaving already. Bye dad." This time I can hear Neil's voice clearly. He probably took the phone.

    " Neil wait!" His mother called out for him.

    " I'm gonna be there in few hours." Neil said.

    " Ok bye." I hanged up the phone.

    After that day, things begun to move quickly. Four months went by. But problems kept on coming. Stella insisted on continuing the work. In the beginning she went to the office. Later on she started working from home.

    Well I can understand her situation. She has nothing to do at home. So she might feel bored at some point. As long she takes enough rest and doesn't stress herself, I'm okay with it.

    On the other hand I did my best to spend most of my time with her. Even brought my work at home, did video conference meeting to avoid leaving for business trips.

    Sometimes I stayed up all night to full fill her demands. It was those sudden food cravings during pregnancy.

    One day she woke up in the middle of the night, around 1: 50 am and asked me to bring her cheeseburger.

    Now I don't mind buying food for her even if it's so late but cheeseburger? That's not the type of food she should be eating now. I had memorised all of her diet chart, so I knew which food to avoid.

    " How about something else? Hmm?" Once again I tried to confront her, hopefully she'll change her mind.

    " I said cheeseburger! God damn it! I want it now!" Like a fierce cat, she glared at me. Oh boy! My wifey is angry.

    " Okay, okay. Relax honey, I'll go get it for ya." I grabbed my jacket, still wearing my shorts and left the room. No more negotiations.

    One thing my dad taught me about the pregnancy. Never to argue with them. In this time they get cranky, their body becomes sore which is why we must not argue with them or make them angry. Always stay calm.

    At least that's all I can do for her. She's already going through a lot. From those morning sickness to having sore body, skin itching, not having any appetite and lot more. Every time I see her going to the bathroom and vomiting, my heart aches for her.

    It's really painful to see her in this state. I feel so helpless. The only thing I can offer is my company. I would rub her hand or pat her back gently. Sometimes I rubbed her feet with my palms so that it won't get cold.

    On the fifth month of her pregnancy we got another big news from a close friend.

    " I'm gonna be a dad! Haha! See! I am also having kid." What's with these idiots yelling over the phone? My ear is literally pressed on the screen. No need to be so damn loud.

    " Luke, were you competing with me? You got married which was very sudden and now you're having a kid. This is the biggest surprise of the year, I'm tellin' ya." I released my irritation when kinda made me feel great.

    " I'm so excited." Can't believe he's in the same spot as I was few months ago. Things move so fast.

    " Yes I can tell that by your voice." I was smiling.

    " Can't wait to see my baby and yours too. Since I'm the godfather." Oh shit. I almost forgot that this goofball is the godfather.

    " I think I should ask someone else to be my child's godfather."

    " What the f.u.c.k?! You can't do that. I literally begged you for it." Luke's voice made me laugh so freaking hard. He's acting like a kid. I wish I could see his face. Maybe I should video call him.

    " More like whining." Another sarcastic comment from my side.

    " You're so mean." His voice sounds kinda down. Guess I should stop bullying him now.

    " Fine then. Make me the godfather of your kid." That's the only thing I can ask. After all I'm his best friend.

    " Yo! Done." He agreed happily without a single word. My eyes are getting little watery. Is this how you feel when your friend makes you the godfather? I wonder, if I'm overwhelmed by his honest feelings.

    This year is going so good after all. I can't wait to see my child and spend another blissful year with my wife.

    ~ to be continued

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