His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 147

Chapter 147

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Shi Guang hiccupped out, throwing a glance over at Lu Yanchen unconsciously. As usual, that man was entirely composed, without a single bit of stir on his face.

She replied indifferently, “Can’t remember.”

Chu Mubei chuckled out, “What do you mean by ‘can’t remember’? How can you not remember something like having a boyfriend before or not? How old are you? Unless, you were in a relationship when you were in primary school!”

“YOU’RE the one who had a relationship in primary school.” Shi Guang mumbled back before looking at Lu Yanchen with the side of her eyes. He was still tapping on the table surface with his finger initially when he suddenly stopped and raised his head, looking at her frostily.

Her long eyelashes lowered as she found herself shifting her gaze away uncontrollably, as though she had just lost in a war. Biting her lips, Shi Guang could only lament at herself for being too useless.

She could not help but utter out once more, “I’ve had one. But, I was young back then, without foresight. However, who hasn’t met with trash when they were young?”

With that said, she looked at Lu Yanchen as though she was trying to pick a fight. His gaze was cold, but he still wore a nonchalant expression on his face. Hence, she could not guess his emotions at all right now.

The moment he heard that, Chu Mubei chuckled out, “Seems like you and Old Lu are on the same boat then.”

Shi Guang turned her head at him, asking puzzledly, “The same boat? What do you mean by that?”

Chu Mubei lowered his volume. “He’s just like youhaving a trash for a first love.”

Shi Guang’s eyes widened in disbelief as she looked at Chu Mubei with incredulity. What did he just say?

‘Lu Yanchen’s first love was a trash?’

‘Was he referring to me?’

If not for the fact that she had asked Lu Yanchen in the past whether he had been in any relationship before her, she might have thought that Chu Mubei was referring to another woman!

But, Lu Yanchen had replied her with certainty, and she had truly believed that there were no other women before her as well!

Shi Guang frowned before turning around to look at Lu Yanchen. His face was still nonchalant as ever, cold as though he had heard nothing in the slightest.

She clenched down her teeth, really wanting to ask him how in the world she was trashy. Back when they were together, how had she ever let him down? He was someone who was extremely possessive, forbidding her from speaking even a single sentence more to her male classmates. She listened to his every demand, putting nothing in her eyes except for him other than

In any case, he still broke up with her abruptly no matter what.

Suddenly, Shi Guang felt a ball of rage brewing in her belly. With nowhere to vent, she could not help but remark coldly, “Looking at the way Young Master Lu is, it seems like he should be the one who is a trash to others.”

She was holding onto a cup and had an urge to splash the water within all over Lu Yanchen. However, she bore with it and drank a mouthful of water to try and quench that fiery rage.

Although, as she did that, she was glaring at Lu Yanchen’s seemingly laughing yet unamused expression with a pair of widened eyes. In return, he rubbed his chin lazily while looking at her.

Chu Mubei looked over at Shi Guang from the side of his eye, then at Lu Yanchen. He misread the tension firing between their eyes as sparks.

Because of that, he chuckled, “No way man! That first love of Old Lu was truly trash. Say, for someone like her who is so ugly and with such a bad character, it was her good fortune for Old Lu to have taken a liking to her”

For the entire duration after that, he was just spitting out bad stuff about Lu Yanchen’s ex-girlfriend all the way till the door to the private room opened, with the attendant serving the hotpot and the dishes.

Shi Guang’s face turned really terrible as she glared at Chu Mubei. “Have you met her before?”


“Have you understood her as a person?”

“No way!”

“No for both, then why do you say that she’s someone ugly and with a bad character?”

“My guts.”

“And my guts tell me that you’re trash.”

Chu Mubei, “”