High School Dxd

High School Dxd Chapter 122

119 Tatsuyas Memories My Journey

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It was morning time, I-Tatsuya was sitting near my sister who had been asleep in the bed, and we currently were in the Main Household...

I heard a knock on the door, to which I replied come in...

The person who stood before me was my aunt, and I was pretty sure why she was here...to give me the explanations that I needed,

"Listen, Tatsuya-san, there must be many things on your mind and I believe I must answer them" she speaks with depressed voice, I then told her...

"Aunt, Father...I mean Tashin-sha Yotsuba is no more, speak freely I am all ears to you" I told her the truth, now I wanted to hear that as well...

"When you were in your mother's womb, your sister and I stumbled upon the secret of your father, I am pretty sure you know what it was...my sister broke, only to realize that the man she loved so much was a monster.

She asked me to do the unspeakable, to kill you in the womb, because she can't possibly do it, in order to stop your father from growing any further, I put a stone in my heart...and did what your mother told me to, to kill you in the womb...but I was a woman as well, I couldn't possibly kill a child who wasn't even born, so I crippled you instead and sealed your powers instead...

Even after you were born weak, you were happy...that was fine, but your father saw through what we were doing, so he increased the distance and communication between me and your mother...

Then a year later, Miyuki was born, but unfortunately your mother died while giving birth to your little sister...the next was my turn, in order to stop Tashin-Sha Yotsuba from growing any stronger, I destroyed my own womb and made sure that I can never have the privilege of becoming mother...

Still, I had failed in a way because Miyuki was about to be sacrificed, but then you returned and saved her...

I cannot thank you and apologize enough for what you have done"

My aunt got on her four and bowed down entirely...I was a little shocked to see her expression, I picked her up and spoke, "Well then aunt, no harm done...now that he is gone, you need to become the leader of the 'Yotsuba' clan or what remains of it"

Hearing me say this she became stunned, she asked me, "What do you mean me? The next heir is you Tatsuya-kun, after all you regained your powers and everything-"

I cut her off in the middle and then continued "That night when father was about to kill me, he said, you are no longer a 'Yotsuba', and I took that firmly, indeed I am no longer a 'Yotsuba'...I am.."

I then remember something, a day before the battle against my clan, Issei said something to me..."I can't have you title less, Tatsuya, I want to give you one"

"Issei Hyodo-san, it's not needed"

"It is, actually you know what, and I will give you the same titles as mine...from now on you are a Hyodo as well"

With determined eyes I look straight towards aunt and speak, "I am a member of the {DxD} alliance, and member of the Issei's faction, my name is Tatsuya Hyodo, I hope it does not bother you"

I did not have nor will have any regrets, because in the end, even my father told me to follow that man, and I will do so...

My aunt only smiled, after which she walked away...

"I know you were listening Miyuki" I said in a little higher tone, because I figured out she was eavesdropping instead of sleeping,

She looked up, she had been crying as well...perhaps my departing is the reason, she looked at me and said, "Onii-sama, won't you come back?"

"Sometimes, life throws you a onetime chance, that chance is this- me joining the alliance, if I can grow stronger and protect my dear, and then I will do anything to do so"

I pulled Miyuki closer and hugged her, she was still crying but it was time to depart..."Become stronger Miyuki, so that you can be the heir and the hope of the Yotsuba clan"


I left the place, and walked near the grass field where Ziarmoith was sitting, and on top of him, Issei...


"Family and friends call me, Ise" he said with a bright smile,

"Yes, Ise-san" I too replied with a smile as I got on top of Ziarmoith as he began flying, at that time I asked something to Issei, "Ise-san, Zeref-san can heal anything right?"

"Yes, as long as a person isn't dead, he can heal anything"

"Do you think he can heal my aunt?"

He did not asked what was the matter with my aunt, he only replied "Why not"

He continued, "I need to ask a favour Tatsuya"

"What would that be?"

"First let me ask you, do you posses any gear?"

"I do not"

"Good I want you to co-exist with a Divine Blessing"

"A divine blessing? Just like a scared gear? Why me?"

"Because sensing your skills, I will term you the 'Brain' of the {DxD} alliance; you will formulate new spells for us that's why you need that 'Divine Blessing'"

I did not argue any further and asked, "Which divine blessing?"

"It's called [Innovate Clear]" [1]

"I see, looks like my journey has just began"

"It is"


Present time,

Miyuki and Tatsuya and finished their lunches and she was about to leave but then she asked something, "Issei-sama, is usually alone, where is his girlfriend?"

Listening to this Tatsuya's eyes became cold and distant, "I cannot tell you the specifics but I can tell you this much...she did something that, anyone's faith on the word of 'love' will disappear"

Miyuki never saw her own brother this angry,

He continues, "If I find her before anyone else, I swear I will eradicate her, everyone in the Issei's faction feel the same way"

"It's a taboo Miyuki, we created for ourselves, and we don't take the name Haruka Shirina"


To Be Continued: - Chapter 120: - For Today at Hyodo Residence- Part 1