He Only Married Me To Show Her That He Already Moved On Chapter 93

    Chapter 93: Chapter ninety-three: Epilogue ( A new deal of forever)

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    Gabriel's POV:

    I woke up late this morning because of the 'extreme activity' that me and my wife did last night, which made my body drained and exhausted. 

    She surprised me again by wearing a red laced lingerie, that made me drown into the pool of lust and desire, like the first time I saw her wearing it in our honeymoon night, five years ago. 

    "Good morning Daddy!"

    A wide smile instantly crept on my lips when I see my first daughter, our four years old Princess Marielle, running towards me. I just came out from our room and headed immediately downstairs to see my family. 

    "Oops!" She jumped in my arms and I twirled her around. "Good morning, my baby." she giggled when I give her a pepper kisses all over her cute and chubby cheeks. 

    "Ahh... Daddy.." she keep on struggling from my hold but I continue to kiss her. The sounds of her giggles seems music to my ears and always melting my heart. 

    "Where is your beautiful, mommy?" I asked her as I walked towards the kitchen with her in my arms. 

    "She's in the kitchen and cooking my favorite chocolate pancakes." she answered excitedly while clapping her hands. She also loves chocolate like her mother. 


    "Yes, and I'm helping her, Daddy. Look." she patted her stomach, and that's only the time I notice that she's wearing a little pink apron. 

    "Wow! I didn't notice that earlier. You look like a little beautiful chef on that, baby."

    She giggled. "Thank you, Daddy. I want to be a chef someday like mommy."

    "Ohh.. but how about being a businesswoman like daddy?"

    "Daddy, having my own restaurants someday is also a business, right?" I chuckled when she furrowed her eyebrows on me. 

    "Yeah, how silly of me? That's what I'm saying. And why do you want to become a chef?"

    "Because I want to be like mommy. I also want to cook delicious food for you, for mommy and for Nathan."

    "Hmm.. that's great. Don't worry, Daddy will support you with that." I kissed her forehead. 

    "Yeyy..!" she squealed in excitement. 

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    "Very good, baby." I saw my wife in the kitchen. She's holding a wooden turner while playing with our three years old youngest child, Prince Nathan who's sitting in the kitchen counter. 

    I put Marielle back on the floor as she wants to join her Mom and brother's conversation. I leaned my shoulder on the doorframe and watch my family interacts with each other. When Madi saw me standing on the there, she give me her sweetest smile that makes my breath hitched for a second. And I want to kiss her and devour all of her body again, if it's not just for our kids around. 

    "Hi, love. Good morning. How's your 'sleep', tonight?" she asked with a wink and emphasized the word 'sleep'. 

    I just smiled and shake my head while walking close to her. I hugged her from behind and put my head on her shoulder. 

    "Honestly love, I didn't sleep well last night, because you made me wild and crazy in bed again. And I won't mind being sleepy and tired the next day, as long as I can taste your body again and again tonight. Yumm!" I whispered and slightly bite her earlobe. 

    "Gabriel Wilsons! The kids are watching us!" she whispered through gritted teeth. I chuckled and turned her around. And without any words, I brushed my lips with her in a sensual and teasing way. 

    "Eww! Daddy, why do you always eat our mommy's face?"

    I stopped kissing her when we both heard the squealed of our four years old daughter. She's covering her eyes with her one hand while the other is on her brother's eyes. Her mother suddenly burst out of laughing while I am still looking at her. 

    "Princess, I'm not eating your mom's face. That's we called kissing." I explained to her with amusement in my voice. 

    "No, that's not kissing, Daddy! Kissing is just like this!" and she uncovered her brother's eyes and give him a quick and loud kiss on the forehead. 

    But that's not the thing that registered on my mind, it's the name of my silly sister. 

    "See? That's what we called kissing, right baby Nathan?" she turned to the little guy. 

    "Yeah! Bad Daddy!" and then our little guy glared his eyes on me. 

    "Oh, my sweet Jesus!" I just tapped my forehead, while Madi is still laughing beside me. 

    "Just don't eat our mom's face again like that!" Marielle pouted and furrowed her eyebrows. 

    "Okay, Okay. I won't do it again. I'll promise." I chuckled and put my hands in a surrender position. I just Madi into a tight hug and also to hide my now grown member in between my legs. I made sure she can feel my desire that she awakened again inside me. 

    "Oh God, Gabriel! You're such a horny pig!" she whispered. 

    I chuckled at her reaction but I just give her a peck on her lips, before pulling back. She continues her cooking and I lifted my Nathan and play with him on the table while waiting for our breakfast. 

    Seeing my family with this simple and usual activity in the morning, filled my heart with joy, overflowing happiness and love for them. And when I think back of the past, and the happenings five years ago. I thank God for giving me such trials in my life, and somehow, I don't regret offering Madi my stupid deal. Because if it's not for that deal, I would've never known a certain Madielyn Davis-Wilsons in my life. 

    The woman who made my life meaningful, the one who give me the two most special gifts in my life.. our two children who completes our family.. and the woman I love and will love until forever. 

    And in this journey of my life, I recognized that the real happiness isn't something large and looming on the horizon ahead, but something small, numerous and already here. It's the smile of the people I love the most, a simple breakfast that cooked by my wife, the sound of my children's laughter.. and the happy family that I have. That's how I can describe my happiness, as a father and as a husband. 


    Madi's POV:

    After breakfast, we decided to bring the kids to the park. It's sunday today and the kids were so excited to meet their friends and playmates. 


    We both chuckled when our daughter squealed in excitement after Gabriel put her down on her feet. She run towards our favorite spot while Nathan is following behind her with his small steps. 

    "Be careful Princess, baby Nathan is following you, sweety."

    When we finally settled the blanket and our snacks, the two kids started to run and play around with their friends. We stayed in our seats and just watch them squeal, laugh and run after each other. 

    "I love you."

    I turned my head to see my husband. He's staring at me with a smile on his lips. 

    "I love you, too." I answered back with the same smile. 

    He pulled me and lifted me onto his lap. I put the back of my head on his shoulder and let a loud sigh. 

    "You're going to be a father again." I said glancing up on his face. 

    "Oh God, Really?" he looked at me, surprise and excitement written on his face. 

    "Yes, I'm two months pregnant and you're going to be a father again." I answered grinning and kissed the tip of his nose. 

    "Ohh... thank you, love. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you." I giggled when he peppered me wet kisses on my face and on my neck. 

    He hugged me tightly after that. "Who would have thought, that this devil in Chicago's business state has two angels in his life. And it's going to be three after seven months." he said looking down at me. He cupped my cheeks and smiled before he kiss me in a sweet and passionate way. 

    "Thank you, love for this wonderful family that we have."

    I scrunched my eyebrows. 

    "No, thank you, love, for making this family wonderful. And for showing us your love and care every day."

    He give me a lingering kiss on my forehead. I closed my eyes to feel this moment. Because this is one of the moment that we will reminisce in the future, when we get old and when we can no longer do anything, but to smile and hold each other's hand. 

    I am Mrs. Madielyn Davis-Wilsons, married to Mr. Gabriel Wilsons. My former boss who offered me a deal to marry him and to pretend his wife just to show his ex-girlfriend that he already moved on from their past relationship. But after three years, he fell in love with me and offered me again a new deal. 

    A deal of being with him in sickness and in health.. and a month after...he married me not for any other reason, but to show me how much he loves me.

    THE END...


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