He Is A Nymphomaniac.
OngoingBook 1 Chapter 520

    He Is A Nymphomaniac. Book 1 Chapter 520

    Volume 1: The Rich Brat Chapter 520 Saviour..

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    "Rhehaaaann!!" The man shouted and took a huge leap, pouncing straight on Rhehan. The bullet which was aimed to hit Rhehan's head, instead hit the man with painted face's shoulder. 

    Before Rhehan could realise it, he had already fallen on the ground all safe and sound, with another man covering him up. Rose gaped at the two men in shock and quickly got up, bending downwards. The man with painted face who was on top of Rhehan earlier, fell sideways and held his bleeding shoulder. 

    "Ohh! Gosh! T... Thank you so much. Are you alright!" Rhehan immediately stood up and took a knife from the counter. He then bent a little and scraped away the half stuck bullet on the man's shoulder.

    Rose had then almost tied a piece of cloth on the shoulder, when the man with painted face shrugged away her hand. 

    "Do not worry about me. They have known your whereabouts. Go back to your resort immediately and take the earliest flight. Just leave from here. Leave!!!" The man shouted. 

    "No! We can not leave you like this. And by the way who are you?" Rhehan looked at the man in confusion. 

    "Yes! Let us take him to a hospital!" Rose looked at the bleeding shoulder.

    "Do not forget we have steel bodies. Take this hint and leave. I am fine. For Rhehan's sake, run away now!! Take this bike. I need to see that you guys are safe at home earliest." The man said looking at Rose, getting up a little and looking for the man who tried to shoot Rhehan. He handed over the keys to Rhehan and sprinted away, in the direction, where he had seen the shooter. 

    The crowd and noise all around the beach, did not bring much attention to what was happening between the three people. 

    Rose immediately got the hint and held Rhehan's hand. "Bullet can not penetrate our bodies. He is fine. But we need to protect you. He will manage. Let us go!"

    The girl forcefully pushed Rhehan's hand with all her force, making him to leave the party. Rhehan was yet constantly looking at the sprinting away man who just saved his life. "What was the hint? Who is he?" 

    "Even I do not know. But master Lee and all his disciples, including myself believe that our bodies are made of steel. So he is someone from them. That is all I know!! I will drive the bike!!" Rose quickly sat in the front taking the keys from him, pointing Rhehan to sit at the back.

    "Huh?" Rhehan frowned.

    "Trust me!! Just tell the authorities to tighten the security at the resort, and we are leaving the earliest!" Rose switched on the ignition of the bike, as soon as Rhehan sat at the back. She accelerated the bike almost making it flying in the air, while Rhehan made the call to Raol, explaining him everything. 

    Rose knew that Rhehan would never drive at a very fast speed, considering that she was sitting behind him. That is why she had to take the charge and eventually driving the Harley bike at a speed to 170km/ph. Rhehan was stunned to see the speed, but nevertheless he knew, the girl would not listen, when it comes to his security.

    He was still wondering about the man who saved him back there. Who was he? His voice did sound familier! But not extremely familier at the same time. But Rhehan was sure he had met that man before! He simply could not just get the opportunity in all the darkness and noise, to figure out who the man was. 

    "How do you think Davis got to know, about our location?" Rose shouted amidst the gurggling voice of the bike. 

    "He is a strong man. And also way more powerful and resourceful than me. He must have figured out that the whole Paris thing was a hoax!" Rhehan shouted back in the girl's ears

     "Oooff!! When will all this just end?!" Rose rolled her eyes, taking a sharp right turn. The thirty minutes distance was covered by the girl in exactly 13 minutes. 

    Soon they had entered the premises of the resort, heading towards their villa, when Rhehan's phone buzzed. 

    "Yes Raol." Rhehan spoke, getting off from the bike. 

    "Sir! I have tightened the security further. Please, I already requested you to not go out alone without the guards! Your flight is due in another five hours. You have a good sleep till then. The security will have a good check! " 

    "Alright! Thank you Raol." Rhehan sighed. He looked around and saw atleast a twenty heavily armed guards, standing around the villa. Rhehan wondered if their were twenty guards, just outside the villa, how many guards he might have appointed all across the resort. 

    "We have a flight in five hours. You can rest in the meanwhile." Rhehan looked at the agitated girl, who did not reply to him. 

    They both ententered the villa and Rose started packing all the stuff at the speed of lightening and in just another fifteen minutes she had changed her clothes, packed everything and was ready to leave. 

    "Relax!! Relax! I know you are worried. There are a few hours left. Till then let us just take some rest." Rhehan sat on the bed and made the girl lie down on the bed too forcefully. They both did not speak anything further to each other amd hugged each other, whike lying on the bed. 

    Rhehan was still thinking about the man who had saved him and dozzed off to sleep in just few minutes, probably due to effect of alcohol and excessive eating. Rose's head was lying on top of the man's chest and a tear dropped dowm from her eye falling on his chest. She shuddered thinking, what would have happened if that unknown man would not have saved Rhehan at the nick of time. More tears fell down from her eyes and she hugged the sleeping man more tightly.