Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 347

Chapter 347: A TUBE OF BLOOD

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That night, Mu Liang punished his wife greatly.

So what if he couldn't go inside her?

His fingers were enough to make her senseless.

Before she fell asleep due to exhaustion, Mu Lan wondered if she could even survive after he had his "treat" after her recovery.

The next day, Mu Lan and Qi Ying went to the Lu Research Center with panda eyes. Hugo was driving the car. Two other cars were following them. They were the bodyguards hired by Mu Feng.

Seeing her tiredness, Qi Ying asked Mu Lan for the third time, "Xiao Lan, are you sure you are alright? I think you should probably get some rest."

Mu Lan yawned and said, "Trust me, if it wasn't for my check up, I wouldn't come here. I could've visited Xue Lin after I got enough sleep."

Qi Ying didn't say more. Soon, they reached the Lu Research Center and went to the VIP section. Lu Feng was waiting for them at his office.

He saw the familiar faces and smiled while saying, "Hello, ladies, I have been waiting for you." When he sa