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    Chapter 829: Dirty Thoughts

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    GDK 829: Dirty thoughts

    Han Shuo was finally reunited with Han Mu and Han Shui. He was between laughter and tears he learned about Han Mus misdeeds from Han Shui, and especially when Han Mu rebutted by saying that he had inherited the excellent trait of his.

    Han Shuo thought that he was excellent at sex. But after hearing about Han Mus accomplishments, he immediately felt that he paled in comparison. Han Shuo did not know if he should be glad or angry about it.

    From now on, you better exercise more self-control so you dont create even many troubles! Also, dont touch ladies that you should not, those young ones especially - they usually dont have a rational mind. And Han Shuo lectured Han Mu on and on.

    Han Mu was sitting upright and still with his head slightly lowered as though he was ashamed of his misdeeds. In his mind, however, he completely disagreed with Han Shuos lecture. He secretly peeked at Rose as he thought, You ask me to exercise self-control while you bring a beauty by your side to satisfy your urges. How hypocritical!

    The body of the Five Elite Zombies contained Han Shuos Blood Essences. They were all produced by him and he knew exactly what they were thinking. When Han Shuo noticed that Han Mu was having dirty thoughts about him and Rose and that it was getting more and more explicit, Han Shuo suddenly turned angry. He shouted, You perverted bastard, what the hell are you thinking? I do not have that kind of relationship with Rose!

    Rose was there for amusement and she found it very interesting that Han Shuo would be lecturing his son. She was shocked by that sudden furious shout of Han Shuos and she was no longer amused. Her face immediately turned dark and she started glaring at Han Mu.

    Erm I forgot that Father can read what Im thinking Han Mu scratched his head embarrassingly. He hastily apologized to Rose, Im sorry, so sorry. Although I know my Father well enough that he would have done something, I shouldnt have imagined the two of you getting it on. Sorry! Please dont be angry!

    You have a filthy mind! Rose turned even more furious, stood up from her seat, and shouted. I have been beside him for so many years but he had never done anything inappropriate to me. You need to get your disgusting brain cleansed!

    How is that possible?! Han Mu was astonished. He looked at Han Shuo and mumbled for a moment before he asked in a low voice, Father, have your ability in that aspect waned because you have too many women? Han Mu then scratched his head puzzlingly and thought aloud, But that shouldnt be possible. Father is fantastic at that. He should be able to handle more.

    Rose was embarrassed and livid. She cursed under her breath and left with a red face.

    Young fella, getting more and more unruly arent you?! Han Shuo grew furious after hearing Han Mus offensive words. He angrily shouted, You are grounded! From now on, you are not allowed to leave a step from Celestial Pearl until youve learned your lesson!

    What? Noooo! There arent any decent-looking beauties in the Pharmacy. Even the only good-looking one belonged to Father. How am I going to live?! When Han Mu heard that he was going to be grounded, he immediately started to plead pitifully. He repeatedly claimed that he will listen to Han Shuos words and will not mess around anymore.

    Han Hao, you will watch over him! Han Shuo instructed Little Skeleton. He knew that he must not be lenient to the stubborn little womanizer.

    Han Hao nodded coldly and cast his emotionless eyes at Han Mu before saying, You better behave yourself!

    Han Mu knew that Han Shuo was very loving and merciful to him and his brother, and therefore wasnt particularly afraid of Han Shuo. Little Skeleton, however, had been leading and disciplining them since they started out in the Netherworld and Little Skeleton had been strict towards them. Therefore, he was more afraid of Little Skeleton than Han Shuo. Han Mu immediately turned silent after reprimanded by Han Hao. He turned to Han Shui, Han Tu, and the others with pity-looking eyes, hoping that they will plead for him.

    Han Mus brothers, especially Han Shui, however, were all wearing schadenfreude smiles.

    After lecturing Han Mu, Han Shuo took a deep breath and calmed his mind. He politely asked Little Skeleton, How did your trip go?

    I went to the leader of a godhunter faction living in the Fringe who has good relations with Baum. He has promised me to get McKinleys divine body from Baum. Rest assured, Father. Although that person is greedy and puts personal profit before everything, he is very capable. Given that he dared to accept my money, he must have certainty in delivering his promise. replied Han Hao.

    Thats great! If we can get our hands on McKinleys divine body, hehe, the Ethereal City is gonna have a new City Lord! I originally planned to leave for the Fringe as soon as all of you are present. But now, I think well wait and see, said Han Shuo smilingly.

    Father, what are you going to the Fringe for? asked the surprised Little Skeleton. It was then that he first learned of Han Shuos destination.

    As there were no outsiders with them, Han Shuo openly informed them of his plans. He also told them that his family clan was being ousted in the City of Shadows and they needed to evacuate the City eventually.

    After listening to the whole story from Han Shuo, Little Skeleton pondered silently for a moment before he suggested, Father, if youd like to stay in the City of Shadow, we can go there with you and help you kill those people. Given Fathers strength and with our assistant, taking down the entire City of Shadows should be no problem!

    Hell yeah, City of Shadows or Hushveil, we aint afraid of them! Han Huo immediately agreed. He shouted, That dotard called Walla-ss is courting death. We might as well go there and kill them all, then Father will be the City Lord of the City of Shadows!

    After hearing Han Hao and Han Huos words, the other little fellas immediately voiced their agreement. It appeared that after all these years on Elysium, they have become more and more combative.

    Han Shuo forced a smile and shook his head. He explained, That wont work. Although Wallace is wary of me, Im still good friends with other members of the Sainte Family. I cannot betray them. Also, Little Water and Little Wood wont be able to live in the Darkness Dominion because of the energy they cultivate. After taking a short pause, Han Shuo put on a faint smile and continued, But most importantly, I feel that the City of Shadows is just a little too small. Our House of Han needs a much bigger space to grow. Hehe, the Fringe is much bigger than the City of Shadows and Ethereal City. It is also filled with powerful experts. That is the place where the House of Han should be!

    The Five Elite Zombies smiled and nodded after listening to Han Shuos explanation while Han Hao remained silent but his eyes started glinting.

    Okay! Han Hao nodded.

    Alright, now that the five of you are finally reunited, go underground and practice the Penta-Elemental Undead Formation! Han Shuo instructed the Five Elite Zombies. The Penta-Elemental Undead Formation could exponentially increase the firepower of the Five Elite Zombies. The power unleashed by the Formation will also get stronger as their strengths improved. The Five had obtained a significant improvement in strengths during the last fifty years. Han Shuo believed that the current Penta-Elemental Undead Formation should have no problem killing a highgod.


    Ten days went by. While Han Shuo was cultivating, through his demon general, he suddenly discovered that Baum was receiving a highgod.

    With one thought, Han Shuo summoned Little Skeleton who was training the Five Elite Zombies deep underground. When Han Hao surfaced and entered the gymnasium, Han Shuo immediately started describing to him the appearance of the highgod.

    He is a henchman of Polo. He must be there for McKinley's divine body! said Little Skeleton confidently after hearing a description of the person.

    Han Shuo was elated. He smilingly exclaimed, Finally! before he gathered all his attention and carefully monitored the activities in the City Lords manor.

    As soon as the person stepped into the manor, he was summoned to meet in Baums secret chamber. The secret chamber had layers upon layers of defensive boundaries, among which was space edict boundaries that were beyond miraculous. It would be impossible to sneak inside without being detected even with a demon general refined from a highgod soul.

    However, it doesnt worry Han Shuo for he knew that the highgod will be carrying McKinleys divine body. The highgod will eventually exit the secret chamber and leave the manor house. If he carried McKinleys divine body, he could follow the highgod using the demon general.

    After observing for a moment, through the demon general, Han Shuo sensed an intense space-time fluctuation coming from the secret chamber. Evidently, Baum had ripped apart space-time in the secret chamber, perhaps withdrawing McKinleys divine body from a space-time fissure.

    Han Shuo had searched the manor house using his demon generals many times before but had discovered no sign of McKinleys divine body. After thinking about it, Han Shuo guessed that Baum might have hidden the divine body in a space-time fissure in another dimension. As a cultivator of the edict of space, this would be the most secure way of storing things.

    And the fact proved that Han Shuos guess was spot on. A moment later, the space-time fluctuation gradually died down. And around ten minutes later, that highgod henchman of Polos came out with a massive bag. He quietly left the house through the backdoor.

    Baum, behind the windows of the highest floor of the highest building, stood silently as he watched the person leave his manor. From his face, it appeared as though he was somewhat worried.

    He will exit the City right away. There are energy towers of Baums everywhere. We cannot take the body directly. Lets exit the City as well, Han Shuo said to Little Skeleton.

    Father, we cannot kill that person. If he is dead, Polo will know that I did it. Also, there is honour among godhunters. Besides, when we join the Fringe in the future, Polo will be a useful asset to have, said Little Skeleton as he looked at Han Shuo.

    Han Shuo was amazed. He chuckled and said, Haha, look at you, so mature in thinking. Of all my kids, you are the only one that can let me sleep peacefully at night!

    Those words of Han Hao proved that he was a prudent person. It seemed that it wasnt by luck that Little Skeleton became so successful in the world of godhunting over in the Death Dominion. It was a son like him that could make Han Shuo feel at ease. He thought that in the future, he should delegate some important tasks to Little Skeleton.

    Dont worry, Father, I will make sure to teach them well! Little Skeleton seemed somewhat embarrassed after receiving praise from Han Shuo. He made a somewhat awkward faint smile. It was much like the smile that Han Shuo wore in the usual days.