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    Chapter 812: Destroying The Space Barrier

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    GDK 812: Destroying the Space Barrier

    There were eight elemental energies, namely - Light, Darkness, Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Lightning, Death, and four edictal forces - Space, Destiny, Life, Destruction. A great majority of Elysians cultivated in those Twelve Fundamental Forces.

    Edictal forces were considered more mysterious than elemental energies, while the edicts of space and destiny were the most abstruse of edictal forces.

    For all his life, Han Shuo had rarely ever fought cultivators of those two edictal energies. He wasnt particularly familiar with their attack methods. It was when fighting Baum that Han Shuo finally discovered that fighting a cultivator of space edict would be a great pain in the arse.

    The space around Baum would constantly twist and distort. Although he appeared to be standing right before Han Shuo, Han Shuo couldnt be sure if it was an illusion as he felt as though Baum was in another material plane. This made attacking Baum very difficult as Han Shuo could not lock onto his target.

    Han Shuos flying swords would often accidentally fall into the fissures in spacetime created by Baum. If Han Shuo had not reacted quickly enough and his connection to his flying swords not strong enough, he would have lost all the seventeen flying swords forever in the first few seconds of the battle.

    The distorted spacetime had also greatly obstructed the sensing power of his consciousness. In normal circumstances, as long as Han Shuos consciousness had locked onto a person, no matter where or how the person conceals his aura, the person will not be able to escape from Han Shuos senses. But Baum was an exception. Even if Han Shuos consciousness managed to lock onto Baum, the constantly twisting and distorting spacetime would quickly make Han Shuo lose track of Baum.

    And sometimes, although Han Shuo saw Baum standing right in front of him, his consciousness could not detect his presence. It was as though the person standing in front of him was just an illusion.

    As Han Shuo was unable to lock onto Baum, the firepower of the seventeen flying swords were significantly diminished. The layers of space edict barriers Baum deployed also posed great impedance to the flying swords, which means Han Shuo had to exhaust more demonic yuan than usual, even though he couldnt inflict Baum any real harm.

    It was a very frustrating situation for Han Shuo. Although he was filled with a tremendous amount of power, he could neither put it to use nor convert them into menacing attacks that would land on Baum.

    The energy of Cauldron Spirit was wildly whirling in Han Shuos body while his consciousness was spread out into countless strands, attempting to locate Boam. The whooshing seventeen flying swords were obstructed by the spacetime fissures and they were prevented from orbiting in their correct trajectories. Han Shuo and his flying swords seemed to had lost themselves in the boundlessly vast space.

    Han Shuo was feeling frustrated as hell, but City Lord Baum the Ethereal City wasnt feeling any better.

    The seventeen swords were wreaking havoc in the distorted spacetime he deployed. Everywhere it whooshed, it would spread its intense corrosive power and chilling aura. Baum had no choice but to use his own divine energy to keep the edict of space under his control. He forcibly ripped more fissures in spacetime to defend himself against the seventeen flying swords.

    Normally speaking, after Baum deployed a distorted spacetime and used his divine energy to tear fissures in spacetime, anything that fell into the fissures would forever be lost in the edge of the boundless universe. Returning to Elysium, or any material plane, will be impossible.

    However, the seventeen flying swords were not following this natural law!

    Every time that a flying sword fell into a spacetime fissure, it would miraculously manage to find its way back. This was inconceivable to Baum. Even a mighty god that fell into the spacetime fissure wouldnt be able to escape from it easily, and a lifeless divine weapon will forever be gone.

    However, somehow, the seventeen flying swords controlled by Han Shuo could do it again and again!

    Every time the flying swords entered a spacetime fissure, they would rapidly turn around, escape the fissure, and continue to shoot at Baum no less ferociously. It forced Baum to keep on distorting and tearing spacetime using his divine energy to prevent the flying swords from getting closer.

    He wasnt having an easier time than Han Shuo!

    What made Baum even more spooked was that it seemed as though Han Shuo could detect his location in the complex and confusing spacetime-discontinuum area Baum formed. The seventeen flying swords would always manage to find him somehow. It forced Baum to travel back and forth through the cracks in spacetime to evade the attacks.

    Baum had linked ten dimensional tunnels in this spacetime-discontinuum created, allowing him to travel to various corners of the universe within a short time. Although he appeared to still be standing in the same place, he had, in fact, traveled to places unfathomably far away from Elysium through the spacetime fissures. He could have traveled across different material planes countless lightyears away before returning to Elysium while appearing stationary. And yet, somehow, Han Shuo could still lock onto him almost immediately. This was simply inconceivable to Baum!

    Baum was becoming more and more afraid of Han Shuo!

    While Han Shuo and Baum were causing each other immense headaches, Rose, following Han Shuos order, had gone off to finish Vern. The two had had a battle earlier and it was clear to Vern that Roses strength was greater than his. When he saw that Han Shuo wasnt defeated by Baum in an instant, he immediately turned on his heels and tried to escape.

    But what a pity, Rose just wouldnt give him the chance. She started attacking Vern the instant Han Shuo attacked Baum.

    Vern was absent-minded for just a fraction of a second. But by the time he came to his senses, Rose had already got to him. He was again trapped in absolute darkness before he could react. Roses ferocious attacks also started bombarding him.

    Vern could not feel more regretful at this time. He thought, Why didnt I run just then instead of staying and watch? Now Im fucked! This terrifying bitch has got me again!

    Vern was no match against Rose. And this time around, Rose used her full strength against Vern. She even allowed herself to suffer light injuries in exchange for causing Vern severe injuries. With that, the situation turned even grimmer for Vern. He received plenty of new wounds all over his body in no time.

    After fighting Baum for what seemed to be ages, Han Shuo, who still could not effectively destruct Baums defenses, was feeling distressed and thwarted. Even though he had fought countless formidable experts, never before had Han Shuo feel this way - to be filled with power but unable to use it. Even fighting Hofs, who was also a late-stage highgod, Han Shuo could fight unrestrainedly and use Cauldron Spirits energy to his advantage.

    Against this cultivator of space edict, however, Han Shuo could not form the Ceaseless Pain sword formation using his seventeen flying swords all throughout the fight. If he loses focus for even the slightest time, he would immediately lose track of Baum and his presence will no longer be detectable. This made Han Shuo feel very helpless and annoyed.

    When Han Shuo was so annoyed that he was about to start cursing, he received a message from Cauldron Spirit, Master, let me help you!

    You can destroy this annoying spacetime barrier?

    He has merged ten small dimensional tunnels in that area. Through the dimensional tunnels, he could repeatedly travel to locations light-years away from Elysium and return in no time. Thats why your consciousness would suddenly lose track of him.

    Cauldron Spirit continued to explain, Master, dont you forget that the inside of the Cauldron is made of an independent dimension. I have even made many smaller dimensions for my demon generals in it. My understanding of the edict of space cannot be poorer than his! Also, back then when the Exalted Demonlord created a tunnel between the two universes, He had relied upon my understanding of spacetime. Breaking this spacetime barrier will be no problem!

    Alright then, you go ahead and try! hastily transmitted the elated Han Shuo.

    I need to take back the energy from you, or I might not have sufficient energy to do it, explained Cauldron Spirit before Han Shuo immediately felt the energy in his body rapidly returning to Cauldron Spirit.

    Just as Han Shuo felt power draining away from his body, Cauldron Spirit abruptly flew out from Han Shuos body and turned into a dark radiance that shot straight for the space edict barrier made by Baum.

    In all of a sudden, hundreds of bright dark shadows shot out from the Cauldron of Myriad Demon and spread in every direction towards the spacetime barrier. Even the seventeen flying swords were maneuvered by Cauldron Spirit. They were whooshing towards seventeen different directions.

    Baum, who was feeling just as horrible as Han Shuo, immediately felt that an intense fluctuation traveling across the spacetime discontinuum he created. The waves miraculously concentrated at the dimensional tunnels he made using his divine energy and induced resonances at the weak points of his dimensional tunnels.

    Baum who was in the middle of traversing through one of those tunnels was greatly alarmed. He knew that only a cultivator of space edict with similar or greater strength than his could locate the weak points of his dimensional tunnels. However, Han Shuo clearly did not cultivate in the edict of space. How is this even possible?! thought the appalled Baum.

    It was at this point that Baum really started to panic. A person who could precisely locate the weak points of his dimensional tunnels could also easily do the same thing if he were to attempt escaping by ripping apart spacetime. In other words, Baum could be stopped from escaping.

    That is to say, if Han Shuo were to gain the upper hand in this battle, Baum might not end up with just slight injuries - he could lose his life!

    Baum started to regret it. He regretted landing himself in such a terrible situation for such a minor matter!

    Shortly after, Baum detected that all the weak points of his dimensional tunnels were struck by a burst of energy. Before he came to his senses, a violent rumble sounded from every direction. His dimensional tunnels were rapidly collapsing. Baum was panic-stricken and he hastily evacuated from the dimensional tunnel, lest he is pulled to the edge of the universe. After all, he wasnt the Overgod of Space who could travel to any dimension with just a thought!

    Just as his spacetime-discontinuum completely crumbled, a miserable shriek fell into Baums ears. In a flurry, Baum lowered his head to look. He saw that Vern has been slain!

    Seeing the slaughtered Vern collapse on the ground lifelessly, Baum knew that all his struggles had been in vain. However, he secretly felt glad about Verns demise because Han Shuo will no longer have a reason to continue fighting him.