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    Chapter 811: If I Say Youll Die Youll Die

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    GDK 811: If I say youll die, youll die!

    The bizarre binding energy emitted from the yellowish staff held by that old man had paused time for Vern and Rose.

    The bizarre energy had also affected Han Shuo. It took two seconds before Han Shuo came to his senses and he saw that Rose and Vern who were in the middle of a fight had abruptly been separated. Roses domain of divinity had also disappeared.

    Han Shuo immediately realized that he had also been affected by the time pause. He was astonished. He turned to look at the old man gravely and shouted, Identify yourself!

    It took Rose and Vern a few more seconds before they too realized what had just happened. Rose would have been able to kill Vern in just another moment if she was not interrupted. She was rather annoyed that she was inexplicably frozen in time for a few seconds and that she was prevented from killing her prey.

    On the polar opposite to Rose, Vern, whose life was saved just inches from death, was overjoyed. He exhaled a sigh of relief, turned to the old man wielding the staff, and hastily said, Thank you, Lord Baum!

    The old man named Baum kept a calm and unperturbed face. He nodded his head slightly and indifferently said, Vern, perhaps its time for you to return. I dont think you are capable of arresting that person called Han Tu anymore.

    Vern forced a smile and replied, I understand. I shall return and inform my superior of matter. Lord Baum, sorry for the trouble.

    Its Ok, replied Baum.

    Han Tu, and you, youngster, this is not over yet. Akaji City will not stop pursuing the matter! Just you wait! Vern tried to appear tough although his heart was still trembling in fear. And you, woman, what is your name? I will remember you!

    Rose couldnt be bothered to answer him. She remained silent as she stood beside Han Shuo.

    You think you can get away? Han Shuo coldly groaned and shouted, If I say I want you dead, then youll die! Nothing will stop me!

    Upon finishing those words, Han Shuo started marching towards Vern step by step. His eyes, however, were fixed on that old man called Baum.

    Baum bunched his brows as though he was unhappy about Han Shuos disrespectful attitude. He looked at Han Shuo and in a soft but firm voice, he said, Im the City Lord of Ethereal City. We do not allow fighting in this City. Gentleman, no matter who you may be, you should respect and abide by the rules of this City while you are in the City

    Why didnt you show up when Vern and his men tried to kill Han Tu just then, but abruptly came to interrupt when Vern is about to die? If your duty is to prevent fights, then you dont seem to be doing your job well! sneered Han Shuo.

    Baum possessed late-stage highgod strength and cultivated in the mysterious space edict. In normal circumstances, Han Shuo wouldnt be willing to make such an enemy. However, based on observations, Han Shuo could tell that Baum and Vern were acquainted. It seemed to Han Shuo that Baum was trying to protect Vern.

    Han Shuo was not afraid of offending Baum for Earth Elite Zombie. Although Baum could freeze time, he cannot do so for an extended period. Han Shuo was previously affected by the time-freeze because he wasnt expecting it. Han Shuo believed that by taking certain precautions and defensive measures, it wouldnt be easy for Baum to time-freeze him again.

    Fights between midgods happens on every corner of Ethereal City. I cant possibly stop every one of those fights. However, I can detect battles between highgods through the sensor towers deployed around the City, explained Baum calmly while his eyes locked tight on Han Shuo.

    Baum could sense that this person was rather unusual. The demeanor he carried shouldnt be found on an ordinary midgod. A person with the guts to challenge the City Lords authority would either be a fool or a formidable expert possessing extraordinary strength.

    Obviously, Han Shuo belonged in the latter group!

    Bull fucking shit! Han Shuo scoffed disdainfully at Baums explanation. He let out a slight groan and his footsteps towards Baum and Vern abruptly accelerated. Cauldron Spirits energy was injected into his body in an instant. Omen Invincible Body was also deployed.

    Baums heart jolted and he thought, Oh crap. He brandished the yellow wooden staff in his hand and a pulse of miraculous energy emanated from the staff. The energy had altered the law of spacetime. A boundary of space edictal energy enveloped Han Shuo.

    A split second later, Han Shuo found himself unable to move as though space had frozen. Following that, a wave of energy was traveling towards his consciousness, trying to freeze his thought.

    Han Shuos consciousness suddenly split up into hundreds of thousands of strands and swam around his brain. They formed a vortex that devoured the wave of energy targeting his consciousness. Before that bizarre energy wave could form any resistance, it was shattered by the continuous attacks from Han Shuos whirling consciousness.

    After the threat to his consciousness was neutralized, Han Shuo immediately sensed that every cell in his body seemed to be frozen in ice. He could also sense that his body was frozen in midair as though he had been turned into a living statue. It was a very strange feeling and Han Shuo did not like it.

    The energy of the space edict boundary filled every inch of the region but Han Shuos consciousness managed to avoid being frozen. Immediately, he activated every cell in his body. Every one of them would explode, disintegrate, reassemble, and repeat.

    The Omen Invincible Body was as though an ignited gunpowder. An astonishing amount of defensive energy erupted. Soft but clear cracking noises sounded from all over Han Shuos body and stopped with a final loud Crack! Han Shuo managed to regain full mobility.

    In the next instance, Han Shuo sensed that the spacetime boundary had shattered like glass. Fissures visible to the naked eye appeared in the space around him before they rapidly fused and disappeared.

    It was as though nothing had happened and Han Shuo was still marching towards Baum and Vern in a callous face.

    Rose, Earth Elite Zombie, and Vern shivered after the loud cracking sound. They knew that something must have happened between Han Shuo and Baum. However, as they were affected by the space energy barrier, they werent sure of the details. They cast bewildered gazes at Han Shuo and Baum.

    Vern who originally planned on leaving immediately, was elated when he saw Han Shuo ignored Baum's advice. Instead of hastily running away from the danger zone, he stayed and watched, hoping that a calamity will befall Han Shuo and Rose.

    Vern knew just how powerful the City Lord of Ethereal City was. Although Baum usually doesnt interfere in anybodys business, his strength was unfathomably great. Vern wouldnt dare hunt Earth Elite Zombie in Ethereal City without first seeking Baums approval and presenting his City Lords token to Baum.

    When Vern saw that Han Shuo dared challenge the might of the City Lord, and when he saw that Baum seemed annoyed, he again saw a glimmer of hope in capturing Earth Elite Zombie.

    After destroying the space energy boundary, Han Shuo continued marching towards Baum step by step. He deliberately released the intimidating aura of the Cauldron Spirit. While staring fixedly at Baum, he shouted, This is between me and Vern. You have nothing to do with this. Are you sure you want to stop me?

    Baum seemed troubled and indecisive for he knew that a person who could break free from his space edict boundary in just three seconds definitely had the strength to fight him! Baum knew that if he were to fight Han Shuo, it would most likely end badly. He might even suffer injuries!

    A cultivator of space edict usually wouldnt perish in a fight, as long as they stayed vigilant. To them, it was bad enough of an outcome to suffer injuries. Although Baum was wary of Han Shuos power, he wasnt concerned about losing his life as Han Shuo did not show overwhelmingly superior strength.

    However, for an expert at the realm he was, suffering injuries would be a very painful thing. As Han Shuo got closer and closer, Baum started to seriously reconsider if he should fight Han Shuo for Vern.

    Vern seemed to have noticed Baums hesitation and hastily advised, Lord Baum, this is the Ethereal City - your City. As the City Lord, you should be tough against an outsider so bold and reckless to challenge your authority! Vern did not know what was the relationship between his City Lord and Baum, but from Baums reaction, it became clear to him that they werent all that close. He started to worry that Baum might just let him die because Han Shuos strength was too mighty.

    Verns desperate words had pushed Baum off the fence. He had finally decided. As the City Lord of Ethereal City, he must fight to maintain his prestige!

    If you must kill Vern, you can wait until he left Ethereal City! Baums gaze at Han Shuo slowly turned more intense as he said, As long as he is in Ethereal City, I am going to stop you!

    Rose, kill that guy for me. I will hold back this old man! instructed Han Shuo calmly after getting an answer from Baum. He did not want to give Vern any chance of escaping.

    Upon finishing those words, the Demonslayer Edge appeared from his palm while the seventeen flying swords whooshed out. Han Shuo, with the sword in his hand and the seventeen flying swords, shot towards Baum ferociously. Han Shuo also deployed the Banner of Hallucination with his left hand to interfere with Baums vision and to stop Vern from escaping.

    After having worked with Han Shuo for centuries and having spent lots of time sparring with him, Rose knew his attack methods well.

    As soon as Han Shuo took action, Rose flew out with rapport and filled her long hair darkness divine energy. Under the guise of the Banner of Hallucination, her long hair slithered to right beside the escaping Vern. Yet again, absolute darkness abruptly enveloped Vern and caught him by surprise.

    As the seventeen flying swords started slicing him, Baum felt a substantial increase in pressure. He was forced to rewrite the edict of space using the wooden staff in his hand. The space around him started distorting as he seemed to have fallen into a space-time discontinuum. Dazzling radiance streaked past him as fissures torn and fused across spacetime.

    The flying swords were clearly shooting at Baum but somehow, a distortion in spacetime would appear and the swords would find themselves on the edge of crossing into another dimension. If it wasnt for the fact that Han Shuos consciousness was tightly connected with his flying swords and that he was masterful in maneuvering them; if Han Shuo had not withdrawn them quickly enough, the flying swords would have been consumed by the spacetime-discontinuum and Han Shuo would have lost all the swords.

    Dang, a space edict cultivator is indeed troublesome to deal with! thought Han Shuo.